Out-take #1

The Loveliest Kind of Family Reunion

"I-Itachi-nii-san!!" a tiny voice wailed.

The S-Class criminal looked down, gasping in surprise. Gazing up at him with an expression that reminded him of a mewling, lost kitten was a little eight-year-old girl. Her short, glossy hair caressed her cheeks in raven-colored waves, and huge onyx eyes widened even larger than before. They shone with large tears, and her mouth was shaped into a cute, little pout.

"Itachi-nii-san!!!" she repeated. Her tiny voice wobbled as she hiccupped, and her tears threatened to fall.

Itachi was at a loss for words. (After all, what could you say to someone as cute as this who caught you by surprise?) But he was able to utter a name.


The Uchiha wasn't sure what to do. Here was this little girl - his little sister - who he had thought he had slaughtered with the rest of their clan. After the event, he had been horrified when she was nowhere to be found, not even with his idiotic little brother, and had concluded that she had died with the rest. How could he have mistaken her for another of those idiots? After all, she was the one who loved him most, who understood him most. (Not to mention she was freakin adorable.) He had almost considered suicide but decided that she would have wanted him to live on.

"Saeko… What are you doing here?"

"I - I went to look for you! Cuz - (hiccup) - cuz -" The girl erupted into sobs.

With Itachi's stony expression now gone, he knelt down to his imouto's level. Hesitatingly, he opened his arms. The girl immediately rushed into them, and - though awkwardly at first - he wrapped them tightly around her. Her tears soaked his shirt, but he didn't care. Of course he wouldn't care. He was with his imouto now. His cute, tiny, adorable, little imouto. And that's all that mattered.

"What's wrong, Saeko?" he whispered gently.

The girl continued to sob and only shook her head.

Itachi waited patiently, holding her in his tight hug. Finally, after some time had passed, her sobbing subsided, and she pulled away from him.

The elder Uchiha stood, and he asked once again, "What's wrong, Saeko?"

After a few more hiccups and a couple of swipes at her runny nose, Saeko tilted her head so she could see at least a part of her aniki's face.

"I-I… You… (sniff sniff)"

Itachi waited.

"You… (sniff)"

And waited…

"YOU SUCK!!!!!!" she wailed.

And before the missing-nin could even mutter "Ho shnap," she kicked him at his (cough) family jewels.


And boy, did it hurt.

Now, being a man - even a powerful Akatsuki member kind of man - he did what all men do when they get kicked there.

He fell face down, and he didn't get up for a long, long, time.

A/N: This isn't the Naruto series I was planning on starting, but I was suddenly struck with inspiration. Heh heh.
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imouto - little sister
aniki - older brother