Out-take #2

Can't Touch This

Tsunade was furious. Never had she been so offended. She had been through much, yes. Debts, hangovers, beating up the infamous perverted Jiraiya… But, no, never had she gone through such an incident as this one.

When she got her hands on that kid… She didn't care if he was Sarutobi's grandson--SHE WAS GONNA KILL HIM!

If she had known that the academy fundraising was going to turn out like this, she wouldn't have allowed it. No, no, she would've killed the one to suggest it on the spot!

The fifth Hokage glared at the massive banner hanging on the front of the Hokage Tower, as if her awesome ninja-y laser vision could send it to the depths of hell.

What did it say, you ask? Ha, ha, ha… That is a great question….

"Oi, Tsunada-sama. You're selling your sake?" A certain masculine voice lazily reached her ears.

"NO, I'M NOT!"

"Tsunade-sama, I just got the news! I'm so proud of you!"


"Tsunade-sama? Is it true?"


A wicked little giggle drifted over from behind the infuriated blonde.

She swiveled around slowly, an evil gleam in her eyes. Flames raged in the background.


The little brat just laughed and (wisely) fled the scene.

Tsunade immediately sped after him in hot pursuit.

"Thank you so much for your contribution to the fundraiser. I was skeptical at first since this is sake we're talking about here, but, actually, we've raised a lot of money-"

"GET THEM ALL BACK! I'M NOT SELLING THEM, DAMMIT!" she screamed as she rushed past.

Konohamaru was foolish enough to still not be scared. He cackled, clearly enjoying himself.

The laugh only fueled Tsunade's righteous fury, and she sent chakra down into her legs.

She ran faster and faster, closer and closer. Then --


She slipped on a banana peel.

Damn you, you little brat…

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