Aids! Was it possible? The voice message from Sarah said he should get tested. But that couldn't be, he had always taken precaution.Maybe the government lied to keep down panic. Could one get it from a kiss? A touch? Damn it! He struck out and kicked the wall, and saw and felt the wall give, leaving a hole behind. He stood back, breathing hard, not from the exertion but from the fear. All this time, he thought it would be a demon, or some Supernatural thing that would take him out. He felt the sweat begin to run down his neck, and his face redden. What if he had it? That was no cure, only death at the end.

He turned and saw his brother come in the door, carrying a bag of take out. One hand held out the cup of coffee, and he reached out to grab it and then pulled back. His brother's look turned to puzzlement. 'I can't touch him, I can't risk him.'

"What's wrong? Do you have a fever or did you just wake up?"

"I just dozed off for a few minutes that's all. What did you get us?"

"I found this family restaurant down the road, and got roast beef, potatoes, corn, and pie for dessert. Even a mint afterwards if you eat your veggies." The food was placed on the table in their containers, and both brothers sat down.

"It smells good, but I am not hungry."

"Since when? I know it's not hamburgers, but it's red meat. If you don't want the corn, I'll take it." His eyes studying his brother, looking for the reason for this behavior.

"Okay Florence Nightingale, I'm fine. Just not really hungry. But I'll eat." He opened the top and looked down at the food, any other time it would have been great, but he was sure it would taste like dust now. He picked up his fork and took a bite. Looking over he saw his brother still watching him, but eating.

The food tasted more like sawdust, and he managed to eat half of it. He stood up, and glanced at his brother's empty plate. "Take my corn. I'm going to get a soda, I'll get you one too." He walked out of the room, and quickly moved around the corner, and out of sight he bent out emptying his stomach. He stood up, feeling shaky as he wiped his mouth, and looked up at the sky. "God, if you would just help me, I promise to do better." He waited but no reply, so he turned around, headed for the drink machine.


Sam answered the phone on the second ring. After talking for a few minutes and promising to stop by in a few days he hung up. They could use a break, and Bobby was a lot different from dad. He decided to check the messages, in case Dad had called.

Sam paled as he listed, he was staring at the tv, but not seeing the show. He heard the door open, and he turned slowly, worry and pain revealed in his eyes that he turned to his brother. Dean saw the phone and knew his little brother knew. "Sam..."