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Demon's came out the woods, eyes burning brightly as they moved towards the small house. The large pitt bull outside howled and then tore the skin on his back to get under the back porch. Bobby glanced outside and knew it had started.

"Demons, coming quick!" He yelled as he moved for weapons. John came out of the kitchen, several guns in his belt, and bottles in his pockets. Sam came out of the bedroom, and Dean came from the hallway. Both were armed. John moved over to the front window and pulled the curtain back.

"Yeah, they are in back too. We are in for a fight tonight."

"Bring it on, I feel like killing something." Replied Dean.

Sam moved over to another window, and wished they had a few more hunters in the place. He watched his father move towards the kitchen, his arms loaded with weapons and ammo for the battle to come.

Bobby, had a stack of his weapons beside him, as he raised his window and sat down in the chair. The older hunter removed the safely and waited. Sam glanced around, and wondered if any of them would survive this. He moved to join his dad in the kitchen, leaving Dean and Bobby to cover the front of the house. The bedrooms had no windows to worry about.

As Dean took up the other window, he felt nausea rise, and swallowed several times. He didn't have to time for this now. 'Man, I can't let anyone get hurt. I'll be sick later.' He turned when he heard steps on the porch, and then a large bang on the door, and it flew open. Dean opened fire as it crashed against the wall, two demons stood there, and Dean just wrinkled his nose at the brimstone scent that drifted to his nose. Dean bent over and gagged, as Bobby jumped to his feet and moved and fired, slamming the door shut again. Then he moved back to the window. With the symbols and salt, they couldn't enter the place, but they could get close.

Dean stood straight and moved to the window, and seeing the eyes he fired. He heard the gun shots in the kitchen, and glass breaking. The smell of gunpowder didn't help his stomach either. He felt dizzy but he didn't care.


John opened the back door and blew the demon on the back porch off it when it fired both barrels at the same time. Then he broke the shotgun open and reloaded it. Sam was at the window, and he was firing over the sink. One came close, looking at him. Sam smiled just before he flung a glass of holy-water into its face. It howled and fell back, it's face steaming. Sam blasted it, and then took aim at the next one.

Sam turned as he saw his father fall. John was holding his shoulder, as he reached for his handgun. Sam fired over his dad's head. "Dad? Are you alright?"

John turned and just nodded. He had no time for injuries.


Bobby hurried over and pulled Dean away, as the window exploded, and glass flew. The demons were firing back. "At least they can't get in."

"No, they can't. Let's hope they didn't bring anyone who can."

Dean turned and fired at the now open door, as one demon in his haste tried to run inside. He burned as he stepped in. He fell backwards and burst into flames on the porch. Bobby reloaded as Dean fired off round after round. Hell must be empty tonight, thought Bobby.


Sam felt that light burst behind his eyes, and his head fire up. He heard the voice. 'Chose, Sammy. What will it be? Will you sacrifice your father? Dean wont survive this night. If you do what I ask, I'll call my children off. You can have what Bobby has offered you.'

Sam grabbed his head, and looked at his dad, and their eyes met for a moment.

'Go ahead Sam, it's easy. Just shoot him in the head. It's easy. Then your brother will live. You hold your brother's life in your hands.'

John turned back to the door, as it the yellow eyed demon rushed through it, throwing John towards the frig. John hit it and bounced off. It turned to Sam. "Do it Sam."

Sam turned towards his father, and raised the gun. 'Dean's worth the price.' He aimed, and began to squeeze the trigger, as John watched him. He held up a hand to Sam.

Dean walked through the doorway and aimed and fired at the demon. I have had it with you. Die you mother killer!" Dean rushed him, firing off his .45 and then drove his knife deep into the demons chest, and twisted it with strength of the posessed. The demon shoved Dean away, and Dean fell to his knees, as the demon smiled at Sam.

Sam tried to fire and couldn't move. His heart racing as he looked at Dean. "No! Don't hurt him!"

"It's too late, Sam. You had your chance." The microwave rushed at Dean, it was an old heavy one, and Dean couldn't get out of the way. The heavy microwave stopped an inch away from Dean, and fell to the floor.

The demon looked at Sam. "Not bad, you could do so much better with my training you." The demon raised Dean up, and onto the ceiling. Sam's eyes widened with fear, as blood began to show on Dean's shirt. John tried to move but couldn't, he watched the scene and wished he were dead. He couldn't deal with this again.

At that moment Bobby ran in, speaking some spell as stabbed at the demon with a bone knife made from the bone of a saint, with relics inside the hollow handle. The demon released Dean, as he fell against the wall, his black blood flowing down the pale shirt. He looked surprised at the blade, that Bobby pulled out and stabbed him again.

"I thought that was destroyed a thousand years ago" Said the demon whose yellow eyes slowly closed, as he exploded with a flash of black dust. Sam released from the wall, rushed to Dean. He pulled him into his arms, holding him against his chest.

"Dean?" John moved over slowly and Bobby checked for demons, as it grew quiet. But all of them were gone. John sat heavily on the floor beside Dean.

Dean opened his eyes, and looked up. "Sammy, did we get him?" Sam's lips quivered as he tried to smile, as a tear fell onto Dean's cheek. Dean was having trouble breathing, and he felt cold to Sam's warm hands.

"Yeah, we did. We got him for mom, and Jessica. We can now have that normal family life. You know, a house, jobs, girl friends."

"Yeah...sounds...good...Sammy. Take...Bobby...up...on ...offer. Name...one...Dean."

Sam put his hand on Dean's face, looked into the fading eyes. "Don't leave me Dean, please."

"I'd rather go this..way. Like..a warrior. Way it was...meant...to..be. Love..ya..Sam."

John was crying, and Sam could barely see Dean for the tears blinding him. Bobby leaned down, and touched Dean's leg. Dean looked at him. "Take care of...him."

Bobby placed the knife in Dean's hand, closing his fingers over it. The older hunter fought for control, as his tears begin to trickle down.

John reached out and took Dean's hand and pulled it to him, as he looked at his oldest son. 'This can't be happening, it can't end this way. We're the good guys. If Bobby hadn't killed it, we could have made a trade. It's all his fault.'

John stood up, and reached over and pulled Bobby to his feet, and punched Bobby in the jaw. Bobby fell to the floor, as Sam looked up.

"Stop it you old fool. Leave Bobby alone or else."

Dean slumped into Sam's arms, as Sam wrapped him tightly in his arms, burying his head face in Dean's neck. "NO! NO! no..., you promised always to be here...for...me. But you lied!"

John stood up, his posture one of an old man, as he walked towards the back door. He never looked back as he walked out into the night. Bobby watched him go, and then turned back to the hurting young man, how might well join his brother on the other side. They had to prepare.

Sam sat there rocking back and forth, his words muffled as Bobby just sat there, time had no meaning.


Sam reached for the glock at his side and picked it up. He glanced at Bobby, and put the gun to his head. He looked down at Dean's face. There was nothing here for him anymore. He would go where Dean was.

At that moment there was a glow behind Bobby. He turned around, as Sam looked up. A glowing angel stood there, looking down sadly at Sam. "Put it down Sam. Look." The Angel pointed to Dean, just as Dean's eyes opened and he took a breath.

"Dean! Dean! You are alive!" Sam broke out into a smile, and then he hugged his brother, as the angel smiled down at them, and looked at Bobby.

"They have earned this. But they don't need to fight anymore, other's will take up the fight. Sam's powers have been removed so they wont come after him again. Also Dean's."

"He has powers?"

"Yes, he just doesn't know it."

"Thank you, for helping them."

"I'm not the one you need to thank." The angel looked up and then at Bobby. Then the angel vanished. Sam looked up at Bobby.

"Can you believe it? Dean's alive!"

"Yes, I believe. How you feeling Dean?"

Dean sat up with help from Sam. "Like I just woke from a very bad nightmare. But it happened didn't it?"

"Yeah, it did."

The End...