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Chapter 1

"SG2 you have a go" Jack heard Hammond say as he walked into the control room. He looked through the window to see SG2 walk through the stargate. The team was now completely different to the one he had come to know over the years. A few months ago three of the four members had been killed off world. They had got into a fight with a bunch of Goa'uld and only one member had made it back. He had been so badly injured that he had been taken off active duty and still hadn't returned. Jack was beginning to doubt he ever would.

"Jack what can I do for you?"

"Looking for something to do sir"

"Where is the rest of SG1?"

"Sam's in her lab, Daniel's in his office and Teal'c is doing that kel'no'reem thing"

"Well you know you could do that report you owe me"

"Yes" Jack said slowly "I could do that"

General Hammond smirked and then walked out of the room leaving Jack with two options. Do the paper work or go and find one of his friends to annoy. He decided on the latter. He could go and bug Sam but she would just start talking science babble and make him feel not so smart and very bored. There was Janet but he knew a member of SG6 had been seriously injured off world and she would need to focus on looking after him. He knew he shouldn't interrupt Teal'c when he was doing the kel'no'reem thing. That left him with only one option.

- - -

"Hey Daniel" Jack said as he walked into Daniel's office.

"Hey Jack" Daniel said as he put down the artefact he was analysing.

"Whatcha doing?" Jack asked as he rested his head in his hand and his elbow on Daniel's desk.

"Translating the Goa'uld writing on this artefact" Daniel said and smiled as he realised why Jack had come to his office in the first place. "You're bored aren't you?"

"Insanely" Jack said.

"You could get that paper work done" Daniel said with a grin, he knew that Jack wouldn't do his paper work until someone actually made him do it.

"Yes" Jack said slowly "I could do that"

Daniel smiled and decided to take pity on his friend "You know what I've been at this for over two hours. Why don't we go down to the commissary and get something to eat?"

"Sounds good" Jack replied jumping at the chance for something to do and someone to talk to.

- - -

Sam walked into the infirmary to find Janet, when she couldn't see the her she went through to her office. She found her friend sitting behind her desk doing paper work.

"Hey Janet" she said as she entered the room.

"Oh hey Sam what can I do for you?"

"Thought we could go and get something to eat"

"Sure, I'm done anyway" Janet said as she got up and followed Sam into the hall.

"So?" Sam asked and Janet knew exactly where the conversation was going, but she wasn't going to make it that easy.

"So what?"

"You and Daniel had dinner last night"


"At his place"


"Not in public"

"Yes" Janet said smiling as Sam started to get rather frustrated.

"Oh come on Janet what happened?"

"We ate" Janet answered sarcastically.

"You know what I mean" Janet knew exactly what Sam meant and just gave her a look that answered the question.

"Did you guys…?" Sam trailed off and stared open mouthed at Janet as they walked into the commissary.

Jack noticed them both walk in and then the look on Sam's face, a look of shock and almost disbelief with a little bit of joy. They both went and grabbed some food and then joined him and Daniel at the table. Janet automatically went and sat down next Daniel. Sam sat next to him still looking shocked even if she had managed to close her mouth.

Daniel stared at Sam questioningly for a moment and then a look of realisation appeared on his face and he looked at Janet. She shrugged her shoulders and Daniel just gave her a knowing smile. Jack was seriously feeling left out of the loop when it suddenly hit him. Daniel and Janet had had dinner at Daniel's place last night. Alone.

Daniel had to hold back a laugh as realisation finally dawned on Jack and he took on a look of shock, disbelief and joy almost identical to Sam's. He shook his head and turned to Janet, leaving his two friends to recover in their own time.

"How'd she find out?" he asked in mock accusation.

"She asked"

"And you answered?"

"No I didn't say a thing" Daniel gave a small laugh knowing that Janet not saying anything would be all the answer Sam needed. She smiled at him sweetly and then went back to her food.

Jack and Sam still had the same look on their faces when Teal'c walked in a few minutes later. He sat at the end of the table and stopped when he saw the look on his friends faces before turning to Daniel and Janet.

"I take it that you both enjoyed your date last night then" he said bluntly and Daniel and Janet both had to laugh.

"Yes Teal'c we did thank you" Janet said through her laughter.

Jack and Sam seemed to recover simultaneously and Sam just laughed. Jack reached across the table and clapped Daniel on the back. "Way to go Daniel"

Daniel just rolled his eyes and continued to eat his food. Memories of last night came into his mind followed by memories of that morning when he woken up with Janet wrapped in his arms.

He finished with is food and waited patiently for Janet to finish hers. He suddenly felt the need to be close to her. When she had finished they both excused themselves and walked out of the room. As they left they heard Jack yell "Behave you two" followed by a sound they assumed was Sam swatting the back of his head and the "Ouch" that accompanied it.

- - -

Daniel walked Janet to the infirmary to find it completely empty. He knew there had been a seriously injured member of SG6 in there that morning. Apparently it wasn't serious enough to keep him in here another night.

"Where are all my nurses?" Janet said as she surveyed her unusually empty infirmary.

"They're probably taking advantage of the fact that there is no one in here, it is a rarity"

Janet just shrugged her shoulders and went and sat down on one of the beds "What am I going to do now?" she asked. It really was unusual for her infirmary to be empty. It had been relatively quiet in here since the incident with SG2 a few months ago. General Hammond seemed to have decided to cut back on the number of Goa'uld based missions and just let the teams explore a few unknown planets for a while. There had been the odd little run in with the Goa'uld and a few bumps and bruises, but other than that the infirmary had been very quiet.

Daniel walked toward her and put his hands either side of her. "I'm sure we'll find something for you to do" he said mischievously.

She smiled and he leaned forward and kissed her gently. It quickly grew in intensity and he wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her close to him. Her arm went around his neck and she ran one hand through his short brown hair. They both pulled apart slightly as they remembered where they were but their lips remained only a few inches apart.

He brushed a stray piece of her hair and back behind her ear. He had told her that he preferred her hair longer so she had opted to keep it that way. "Dinner again tonight?" he asked.

Janet nodded "Yeah sounds great. My place though, it's my turn to cook"

"Okay" he said as he kissed her again quickly "I have to get back to work"

- - -

"They're good together" Sam said she walked down the corridor next to Jack.

"Yeah they are" Jack said as he thought about his friends. They had looked good together long before they had realised it. He and Sam had seen it, even Teal'c and Hammond had seen it. The way they would unconsciously move closer together when they were in the same room. The quick glances or long looks they would share. The list was endless and Jack was glad they had finally figured out what everyone else had known for a long time.

"Jack?" Sam asked and he realised that whilst he had been thinking they had reached Sam's lab and he was now staring at the door.

"Sorry Sam, I was lost in thought there for a minute" It had taken them both a while to get used to being on a first name basis. Jack had finally decided months ago that they had known each other for years and were practically family. Using ranks and surnames actually sounded stupid, even if it was a shield. He had gotten used to it though and it was basically second nature to him now.

"I'll let you get back to work" he said with a smile. She smiled back and he felt his heart melt as it always did. "See you later"

Jack wondered the corridors in search of entertainment, more specifically in search of Teal'c. Since the Jaffa had finished meditating he felt no guilt what so ever in annoying him. He found the man in question also walking through the corridors.


"What can I do for you O'Neill?"

"I'm bored, want to go a couple of rounds"

"I believe it to be unwise for us to engage in another boxing match"

"Why are you afraid I'll beat you" Jack said with a grin

"I am not"

"Then let's go"

"Very well"