Woot! Writers block is over so it would seem. Although this is only some tiny poetic ramble thing, but hopefully The Lake House has inspired me enough to write down all those other story ideas from various tv shows etc. that have been flying around my head for ages... Anyhow, I watched The Lake House tonight and thought it was beautiful so here is my small contribution to the fanfiction category... :)

This is a small poetic kind of rambling piece that revolves around Kate's pleading thoughts as she waits in hope for Alex to read her letter that she wrote to save him.

Disclaimer: The Lake House and its characters do not belong to me. Enough said.

One chance
I can help you
I can save your life.

I can save you and me, so wait.

Please wait.

Time, that which separates us, which keeps us apart
Time is the gift I can give to you.

It ended forever ago, but wait... for if you wait, I can give you more time to wait.

And then we can be.


Listen as I call and scream "I love you" through the barrier of time
It's Valentines day.
Be mine.

There you go, I hope I didn't waste your time! Feedback (kind or constructive) welcome:)