Spoilers: Catwoman (please forgive me but I don't remember the particular issue number). The dialogue is not taken verbatim. I've taken liberties with the original version.

Author's Notes: This is written after Infinite Crisis and when Bruce first returned to Gotham after his year-long absence, as well as his first visit to Selina and her new baby.

Thank you, Djinn, for the beta.

You cover your baby with a blanket and watch her sleep.


You sigh. "Bruce. I knew you'd be back someday." Gotham's hold on him is strong, and she's the reason he's back--not you.

He's hiding in the shadows of the small room, and when he steps forward, you see that he's dressed in the mask that used to drive you wild. Is that why he's visiting you as Batman?

He brings his hand out from behind his back, and you stifle a laugh at the sight of him holding a teddy bear.

"If the Joker could only see you now."

He smirks, and your heart skips a beat. Then you remember: he left you. Left without even saying goodbye. A full year has passed, and your life went on without him. Yet he returns as if he never left. As if he never broke your heart.

"She has your eyes."

"And her father's temperament, it seems." You can't help but bring up Helena's father, wondering if Bruce ever had dreams of a family with you. But when you search his face for a reaction, there isn't one. You knew there wouldn't be one.

You're not what he wants. You never were. This damn city has his heart. A city cruel enough to allow you to believe it could've been you nestling in his arms every night. A city that allowed you to dance on her rooftops, letting him chase you through her shadows, and creating dreams that she dashed when you began to care. Or maybe she noticed that he began to care.

"I set up a college fund for her. She'll have her choice of universities to choose from when she's old enough." He wants to make things right with you or maybe he just wants to alleviate his guilt. It doesn't matter. Your child deserves the best and so do you.

"Thank you, Bruce. I'll make sure she puts it to good use."

"I know you will. You'll be a good mother, Selina."

He moves closer, and you shiver, and you curse your body's reaction to him.

He reaches up to brush a stray lock of hair from your face, the palm of his hand settling against your cheek. You automatically turn into the touch, raise your hand to his, and suddenly you are filled with hope, just like all those nights up there above the city--just like that night he trusted you with his secret and showed you his face.

"You left."

He drops his hand and turns away. But he doesn't leave--just stands there like he's trying to summon courage. "I didn't know how to tell you."

"I understand. Really, I do. It's not easy to tell someone you're leaving town for a while. It's much better to let that person wonder what the hell she could have done to make someone she cared for leave her for an entire year without a word."

"That's not--"

You hold up a hand, stopping him. You know the world was more complicated then. That his son was nearly killed saving him. Bruce needed time to regroup. But you don't care. He left you, and you don't want to forgive him. You can't. It's better that he's not in your life. Better for you and the baby. Your baby. Not his.

You sigh. "It's all right. Really. It's not like you owe me an explanation."

"I owe you much more than an explanation."

"Maybe. But it doesn't matter. Not anymore."

He nods.

"Go home, Bruce."

And he leaves without a word, not that you expect him to say anything. Not that you still hope he will admit his feelings for you. Or that your heart still beats wildly when you remember your time together on the rooftops of Gotham, a whip in one hand and your bounty in the other, hoping beyond hope that he'd catch you yet again. Hoping beyond hope that your rooftop dance with him would never end.