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J James
S Sirius
R Remus

J – We should play a prank tonight.

S – Why tonight?

J – Just, because.

S – You are so smart James.

J – You don't have to tell me, I know I am.

S – I was being sarcastic.

J – I knew that...

S – Yeah, of course you did.

J – 'cause I'm smart!

S – James? You should really learn the meaning of 'sarcasm'!

R – I see notes, what's up?

S – James thinks he's smart.

R – Oew, that is a problem!

S – Uhu.

J – Guys? I can actually hear you.

S – Well, actually you can't, 'cause we aren't saying anything.

R – He's right, you know. O my god, Sirius was right!

S – And what exactly do you mean by that, Moony?

J – I think he fainted...

S – Hah hah hah...

J – What's funny?

S – Prongs?

J – Yes?

S – I wasn't laughing.

J – Yes you were!

S – No, that was sarcasm too.

R – We must try to find a book 'what's sarcasm?' for him, Sirius.

S – You didn't faint!

R – No.

S – Great! Than you can help me to think of a cool prank for tonight!

R – Why?

S – Because James isn't helping.

J – ...?

S – Nothing Jamsie, way too difficult to understand for your little brains.

J – Well, my little brains came up with the idea of playing a prank tonight, you know.

S – Oh yeah, that's right...

J – So, you stop insulting the size of my brains, thank you!

S – You are right. I mean, you can't help it.

J – You're dead.

S – Really? I thought it would feel quite different, more like... cold and... I dunno... dead-like.

R – Dead-like? Padfoot?

J – He really has that really cool way of describing things, don't you think Moony?

R – Totally!

S – I'll just take that in a positive way.

J – Yeah, you do that.

R – We're all so friendly!

J – We are!!

R – Padfoot? Why are you staring at Amy Leung?!

J – He's in l-


R – Really?! In love!!

S – No! I'm not!

J – Hey! Don't go snatching away the paper in the middle of a sentence!

R – Sirius and Amy sittin' in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!!

S – Shut up!

R – So it's true?

S – NO!!

R – Oh, really?

S – Drop it will you?! I wasn't staring at her and I am not in love with her and I would never be caught kissing in a tree with her!

J – You seem rather offended...

R – He is in love!

S – Am not!

R – You are!

S – No! I'm not!

R – Yes, you are!


R – ARE!

J – Why do all of our notes include this yes/no pieces?

R – Because Sirius is stubborn.

J – Yes, that would be it.

S – I'm not!

J – here we go again...

R – You are stubborn, Padfoot!

S – Am not!


J – Okay, we've gone over that part! Believe it or not, it's kinda boring.

S – Well, we aren't here to keep you entertained, are we?

J – Aren't you?

S – Very funny Prongs.

J – Thanks.

S – I'm not even going to react to that.

J – Good for you.

S – I'm bored.

J – Who isn't?

S – Snivellus, he seems pretty occupied with this stupid lesson.

R – Hey! Let me have the parchment, will you?

J – You had it!

R – And again a smart remark from Prongs! Put your hands together, people!

S – I feel so sorry for that piece of parchment.

R – What piece of parchment?

S – The one Snivellus is currently writing on.

J – Well, I feel sorry for this piece of parchment too.

S – At least this piece is able to breath properly.

J – Padfoot, parchment doesn't breath.

R – One point for James! That brings you guys 1 – 1!

S – Are you counting the times we were right?

R – Kinda, yes.

S – How thoughtful of you!

J – Sarcasm right?

S – Right James.

J – Just checking.

R – Oh look, somebody threw something at Snape.

S – Snivellus?

R – No, the other Snape...

J – There's another Snape?!

R – Can we get back to the topic please?

J – You mean potions?

R – No! Somebody threw something at Snape!

J – It looks like a shoe...

S – It is a shoe...

R – I know that shoe...

J – Padfoot, why are you missing a shoe?

S – Well, you know, sometimes you just have this feeling... that you have to throw a shoe at Snivellus.

R – And how exactly are you going to get it back?

S – Yeah, didn't think about that.

J – You don't think at all.

S – I do!

J – Oh really? What potion are we making?

S - ...Moony?

R – Yes?

S – What potion are we making?

R – Polyjuice potion, Padfoot.

S – Ok. Thanks.

S – Prongs, we're making polyjuice potion. (At least, that's what it's supposed to be.)

J – How cleaver of you. Of course you didn't include Moony in this, did you?

R – Include me in what?

S – Nothing.

R – Nothing?

S – Nothing nothing...

R – Nothing nothing?

S – Noth-

J – Guys?

S – Hey! You snatched the paper!

J – Be clad I did.

S – Why would I be clad?

J – Otherwise this whole piece of parchment would be filled with nothings!

S – I got an idea!

R – Oh god.

J – I'm afraid to ask, but... what's your idea?

S – Let's throw notes at Snivellus!

R – Why would we do that?

S – What do you think?

J – Sirius?

S – Yeah?

J – Are you feeling alright? I mean, you just had a good idea!

S – I always have good ideas! Are you saying my ideas aren't good?!

J – Yes, I am.

S – That's cruel!

J – I know, that was the whole point! And besides, it's the truth.

R – You two are both so friendly!

J – No, we're not.

S – That was sarcasm again, Prongs.

J – Are you saying we're not friendly, Moony?

R – ...yes.

J – Thank you.

R – No problem.

J – And you say we're not friendly?!

R – I am friendly! If that's what you're trying to deny.

J – That's what I'm trying, yeah! Otherwise you wouldn't be sitting at this table!

R – Well, I'm just special than!

J – You're not!

R – I so am!

Guys, shut up!

J – Who are you?

Who do you think I am?!

J – I dunno!

The person sitting right next to you!

J – Sirius

No the other side of you!

J – Wormtail?

Yeah... don't you look where the notes are coming from?

J – Not really.

R – What're you doing Padfoot?

J – Err... Padfoot?

R – Padfoot?! Prongs, what's Padfoot doing?

J – I don't know!

S – What does it look like I'm doing? Oké, don't answer that... I'm writing!

R – To who?

S – Snivellus!

R – Why would you be writing to Snivellus?!

S – Don't get any ideas you! (Not like you could have them...) I'm not just writing.

J – You mean a prank?

S – Indeed!

R – We're in class!

S – So?

R – Won't he notice?

S – Probably, but he wont know it was me!

R – Why are you so sure?

S – Because I'm good at playing pranks, of course!

R – What are you going to do?

S – Just wait!

R – I don't wont to wait!

S – You'll have to.

J – Just tell us!

S – Why would I do that?

J – Because.

S – Very mature.

J – I'm not trying to be mature, Padfoot!

R – Maybe you would try.

S – yeah, you're twenty-four!

J – I'm 15!

S – Don't look at me like that!

R – Padfoot, 24 is a little old to be still at Hogwarts, don't you think?

S – No.

J – No?

S – Well, maybe... but for James it'll be a miracle if he's graduated at sixty-five!

J – At least I'll be graduated before you will!

S – When will I graduate than?!

J – You'll have to be around ninty-seven!

S – I'm planning to be dead by that time!

R – Why would you do that?

S – I don't like the idea of getting all rimply and stuff.

R – Good point.

J – So, are you going to show us what you're up to?

S – Yes, just a minute…

R – Well, hurry, class is over in 15!

J – Thank god!

S – How do you know that?

R – Know what?

S – That class is over in 15 minutes.

R – I normally look at the clock, that's where you can see the time, Padfoot.

S – What clock?!

R – The one next to the blackboard.

S – Blackboard?!

R – Yes, in front of the class.

S – Where's that?

R – The place where you're supposed to pay attention to!

S – Oh! That grey thing?

R – No, that's called 'a teacher'.

S – Is it that green thing than?

R – Yes.

S – Why do they call it a blackboard, looks pretty green to me.

R – Because greenboard just doesn't has the same ring to it... why would I know?!

S – You wouldn't.

J – Bazzaling!

R – What?

S – Bazzaling?


S – Love you too James.

J – I don't love you.

S – I through the note at his head!

J – Why his head?

S – Because it's big... and greasy... Oh look, it's stuck...

R – That's gross.

J – His whole being is gross!

R – And now what?

S – Just watch!

Five minutes later

J – That was great!

P – Who made that think explode?

J – Padfoot!

P – Thought so.

S – What's that supposed to mean?

P – You always let things explode, especially when Snivellus is close.

S – Actually, that makes me friendly!

R – Why would that make you friendly?!

S – He's a lot less pale now.

J – He's black, Padfoot... Nowhere near pale!

S – So? Suits his outfit!

J – True. True.

R – You send him to the hospital wing, Padfoot!

S – So?

R – It's just...

S – Do you care

R – No!

J – We should make a game out of it. 'who's number one in sending Snivellus to the hospital wing.'

S – That'd be me.

J – As if I couldn't think of anything.

S – 'cours you can't.

R – Maybe you should try to be a little more friendly towards each other!

S – He's right! Let's work together!

J – We already do, don't you remember the 'playing prank' tonight idea.

S – Yeah… only problem. We still need to think of something!

J – Well, transfiguration next and it's not like we need to hear what she has to say, so time enough to think about that.

R – First of all you need to learn how to think guys...

This is dedicated to Jet! Mon dear precious femmate! She learned me how to read and spell.. no just kiddin'... I don't even think any of us are able to read...

Just wanted to make clear; This is dedicated to her!! (Of all the stories you would have this one dedicated to you... you would be pissed wouldn't you?) But, you don't know the reason. She kept on reading short pieces out of it.. and made me continue writing. (Yeah! Writer's block on something like this! No actually, it was this that was produces why I was having writer's block.. or whatever...)


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