Many months passed, since I actually looked at this 'story'. But since I'm feeling quite uninspired I thought I'd try to make another 'chapter'.

Okay, same format as last time:

J: James
S: Sirius
R: Remus

J – Transfiguration is…

S – Boring… yeah, I know.

J – Just checking…

R – I had hoped we could quit the notes for today…

J – No, you hadn't.

S – What hadn't?

J – Sirius? Is that even normal English?

S – Since I was the one producing it, guess not.

R – So, thinking about the prank tonight?

J – How do you know about the prank?

S – Prongs? How do you think he knows about the prank?! He read all our notes!

J – He did?!

R – Please tell me you are having a bad day, 'cause you're acting… rather stupid.

S – As always.

R – Well, no. He doesn't always act that stupid. I really think that loud smack we heard yesterday was James' head against the closet or something.

S – No Moony, that was my potions book against Wormy's head…

R – Why di- oh never mind. Anyway, you still haven't answered my question.

J – What question?

R – These are notes… you can read back and find the question yourself.

J – It's more fun asking you again to irritate you. You are so much fun irritated…

R – If it hadn't been this silent in the class I would've cursed you…

J – You wouldn't be quick enough.

R – Just… wait…

J – Is that a thread?

S – I would be careful making the werewolf angry James… It's the time of the month after all.

R – You make it sound as if I'm having a bloody period…

S – Very bloody indeed…

J – Gross…

S – Sorry. OH!

J – What?

S – I know what we should do for prank tonight!

R – As long as it doesn't include me…

S – Oh, nevermind then…

R – Not funny… I don't even want to hear it…

S – It would've been a laugh though…

R – Up to the point when we all are expelled I'm sure! Loads of fun…

J – Right, if we're not setting a werewolf lose in the school, what is the prank?

S – How do you know I wanted-?

J – It's quite uninspired, Padfoot…

S – Oh… HEY! Are you saying my ideas are uninspired!

J – At the moment… yes.

R – He's kinda right. Besides you already let 'a werewolf' lose on Snape once.

S – Oh yeah, that was funny! I should've captured Snivellus' face in a picture…

R – No it really wasn't funny.

S – Sorry.

J – I haven't seen you looking that innocent since… since… you accidentally put Dumbledore's beard on fire when he was sleeping and we weren't able to extinguish it…

R – That wasn't pretty… but still… it was kinda fun.

S – I would've never thought holy Remus admitting he had fun as poor Dumbledore had to walk through the corridors with a semi-black beard…

R – Actually he wasn't that poor… he could've turned his beard back… he just… didn't.

J – It's a shame he stopped experimenting with colours after that.

S – HEY!

R – Hi.

S – No, I meant HEY as in… I have a plan!

R – I know.

S – Oh, right.

R – Well, what is your plan?!


R – Again?

S – No, the last time was… an accident. I mean… let's make it…


J – Remus? Pink?

R – Sorry… the mental image was funny though.

S – Pink it is…

J – Sirius? Why pink?

S - …because… the mental image Remus is seeing is funny.

R – That's not a real reason, you do realise that.

S – No.

J – Well, let's do it!

Sorry, it's a LOT shorter than the last 'chapter' thing. But I have to get some sleep… no HONESTLY I'm not sick for just thinking that. Or perhaps I am.

Anyways, anybody out there wanting me to continue?! And if I should continue, would it be notes… or should I tell the story of Dumbledore's pink beard in... well... a normal story-format? xD

I'm open to ANY suggetions... cause this story just doesn't make sense whatever happens to it.

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