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Summery: When Serena needs her friends the most they abandon her and accuse her. Faced with being alone and forced into a world that has no wish for her Serena must overcome her own fears and face the trials before her. When she comes back from summer vacation everyone gets a taste of just who Serena truly is...

Warning: Oh hey yeah! I forgot to tell you. This takes place before Darien and Serena hook up for the first time! Also don't be surprise if I throw in a lemon! ENJOY!

An Angel's Tear

Chapter One: The Silent Cries of the Broken


Serena stared at her 'parents' brokenly. She knew that since she had become Sailor Moon that her relationship with her adopted parents had become strained. Now it seemed to have crested. They were sending her away. They were even using lame excuses.

When her mother had threatened her about sending her to boarding school if her grades hadn't picked up Serena had immediately picked up her grades. Dramatically so. She was no longer in Miss Haruna's class. Instead she was in the prep classes preparing student's for high school exams. She aced her tests and had already finished all her homework for the rest of the year. Mind you there was only a week left but still...

"And we are simply tired of it. You never get up on time and you're always late. You have detention every day and you never take care of your responsibilities!" her mother sighed as her husband ranted. "I'm sorry it's come to this Serena..."

"You're lying," Serena stated flatly. "I haven't gotten one bad grade for six months. Heck I'll be in high school next year! Two years before I would have! I HAVE been getting up on time for six months. And my room is always clean and I do the dishes and my own laundry. I've taken perfectly good care of Luna. You simply found out that you're not getting any money from either the government or my inheritance. But since you wish to send me away, fine. I'll be leaving for the summer. I'll be emancipated as a minor by the time I get back."

"SERENA!" Her mother looked at the girl before her in shock.

"You know, I thought that it didn't matter that I was adopted. I actually thought I was part of this family, even if we shared no blood." Serena looked at her mother sadly and stood up. "I suppose I was wrong, but I won't make that mistake again. You know unlike you, I will always be there for you. Here's the money you need. Five Hundred Thousand, in cash. Have a nice life and I hope you are able to defeat your cancer mom. Yes, you may not want me for a daughter anymore, but to me you will always be my mother. Goodbye."

Ilene looked down at the envelope in shock. She looked up at the girl she had raised. As Serena had spoken she hadn't seen the little innocent bubblehead she had raised but a beautiful young woman who was hurt. Her husband had said nothing. He knew Serena's words were true. He had made the decision to adopt Serena, not only because of a request from a friend, but because he had expected money. When Serena had begun to get her weekly allowance he had expected to be paid as well, but he had been gravely mistaken. He would have absolutely no control over Serena's funds and would be receiving nothing. So he had forced his wife to let her go and send her away. After all she was not blood.

Ilene looked at the money then at her husband.

Picking up the envelope she handed it to him. "I hope you're satisfied now."

In her room Serena had finished packing. Luna sat watching her with a worried expression.

"You know I'm proud of you Serena," Luna stated quietly. "You've become such a remarkable young woman... your really brave and strong... your parent's may not see that but you're a very unique and special person. I'm not just saying that because your sailor moon either."

Serena looked at Luna for long moments.

"Thank you Luna, you don't know how much that means to me." Serena murmured.

Luna nodded and smiled. "Why don't we head down to the arcade before we go? You haven't been there for a while. I bet some nice Ice Cream will help!"

Serena smiled and giggled though her eyes remained sad. "You just want that bowl of hot cocoa and cream that Andrew always gives you!"

"Well it is delicious!" Luna purred and leapt onto her shoulder. "You know, everything will turn out just fine, you'll see."

"Thanks Luna," Serena smiled.

Serena ran from the house and headed for the arcade.

"SERENA!" Her communicator went off. "We need you like NOW!"

Sailor Venus shouted desperately as she dodged the Yuma. (I'm going to stick more with the Manga it's allot better then the anime!)

Serena panted and ran as fast as she could. She had been attacked and she and Luna had barely escaped. What was worse was that Serena had been defenseless. They were humans and that was it.

"On my... way..." Serena panted. "Where are you?"

"Damnit Serena pay attention!" Mina screamed. "Venus Crescent BEAM! SMASH! (Except for the attacks) We're at the park!"

"Got it!" Serena panted and lifted her hand. "Moon Prism POWER!"

"Serena can you make it?" Luna asked from her shoulder as Sailor Moon ran top speed toward the park.

"I'll have to, the girls need me." Serena huffed feeling as if she were going to faint.

"You can do it, you will do it." Luna nodded and watched as Serena charged up her Tiara as soon as she neared the park.

Leaping up she saw the Yuma pinning Mercury to the ground and sucking up her energy. The others lay crumpled on the ground.

"MOON TIARA MAGIC!" She screamed and let her Tiara go.

She landed and watched as the Yuma turned to dust then crumpled. Her whole body burned from the strain of running and having fought off her previous attackers. She had never felt so tired and hungry in her life but she ignored it.

"Are guys alright?" She huffed when she noticed the others stirring.

"Yeah but no thanks to you!" Rei snapped as she held her bleeding shoulder.

"What the hell were you doing? Eating fucking Ice cream!" Mina screamed. "Any later and we could have been KILLED!"

"No I..."

"Damnit Serena! What the hell do you think you were doing!?" Lita growled. "We really needed you. WHERE WERE YOU?"


"Oh forget it!" Rei snapped. "She was probably sleeping or pigging out or at the Arcade! You're such a bimbo Serena."

"No I..."

"I can't believe you Serena, you're so selfish! Mina's right we're all hurt and we could have been killed." Ami stated quietly. "I don't know what you were doing but it was wrong of you to forget about us so easily."

"But I..."

"Forget it lets go!" Mina tossed her hair and began to walk away.

"But I..." Serena detransformed and looked at Luna, "How could they think that?"

"I don't know." Luna replied softly.

"Luna I think you need to go get help. I can't move. I'm too tired. I just..." Serena fell forward and collapsed. Unable to move and to tired to even talk anymore.

"Don't worry Serena I'll get help," Luna murmured and ran off to find someone. What she found was Darien in the rose garden.

Leaping onto his shoulder she meowed and grabbed his ear lightly in her teeth and tugged. She then leapt to the ground and meowed again.

"Hey you're that girl Serena's cat," Darien exclaimed.

Luna meowed and tugged on his pant leg and darted away a distance and meowing again.

"Something wrong?" Darien asked and ran after Luna.

'Surprising he actually does remember her name.' Luna thought as she led him to where Serena was sprawled in her shredded cloths.

"Oh my god! Meatball head!" Darien exclaimed and kneeled down beside her. "What happened?"

"What do you think?" Serena grumbled tiredly. "I was attacked dimwit!"

"Well if you can still be angry at me your alright, what's wrong?" Darien murmured as he moved her so that she was lying on her back in his lap.

"Pushed my body too far," Serena groaned. "Tired and hungry."

"Hehe, Always about food huh Serena?" Darien Chuckled before swinging her onto his back for a piggy back ride. "I'll take you to the arcade then get you home."

"Don't have a home..." Serena muttered before drifting off.

Luna looked up at him worriedly.

"Your one smart Kitty, I'll help her out, but what did she mean about not having a home?" Darien wondered. "I bet you're the one who helped get her away from whoever attacked her."

He walked to his red sports car and put the sleeping girl in passenger seat and covered her with his jacket. He drove in silence to the arcade. He wanted Andrew to give her a once over and make sure she wasn't raped.

"Hey Serena were here. You can wear my jacket it should cover you up." Darien gave her slight shake.

Amazingly she awoke and put on the jacket before following him into the arcade.

"Hey Sere what will it be!?" Andrew asked as they approached the counter.

"Lots of fattening stuff... Two cheese burgers... two large fries and three slices of strawberry cheesecake... ummm... oh the Hot Cocoa and Cream for Luna and a Tall Chocolate double fudge malt... and some onion rings." Serena stated as she looked up at the list of food.

"Hey Serena something happen? You never normally eat this much, not even when your running super late." Andrew frowned.

"I got attacked, and I'm totally run down..." Serena explained. "I need the extra food to keep my metabolism balanced."

"Huh?" Andrew and Darien stared at her.

"I have a very high metabolism... It's why I eat so much and don't really gain any weight. My body is literally running overdrive all the time. That's why I sleep and eat so much. It hard to keep so... energized, without being hungry and tired almost all the time." Serena yawned. "Do you remember when I went on that diet over half a pound? Remember how I passed out? Well that was from half of a day of dieting. When I checked myself on the scale when I went home I had lost two pounds. When I don't eat I literally loose energy."

"Wow! I never new! I just thought you just liked to eat!" Andrew exclaimed as he came back with her Onion rings and malt and cheese cakes and Hot Cocoa and cream for Luna.

"No I burn up whatever I eat about an hour or two after I eat it. That's why I can eat so much." Serena shrugged as she began to chow down.

"Have you seen a doctor about it?" Darien asked with a frown. "That can't be healthy."

"They can't do a thing about it. My whole body is wired to run fast." Serena shrugged. "So I deal."

"Did the doctors say anything about it slowing down when you finish growing?" Andrew asked, bringing her burgers and fries.

"They said I'd either stabilize or die," Serena stated with a shrug. "I figure I'll stabilize."

"Does any one else have this condition in your family?" Andrew asked.

"I don't know. I'm adopted." Serena winced. "I take that back, I'm an orphan, and no longer have a home because my parents don't give a shit about me just my money."

Darien and Andrew stared at her in shock. First they discovered that she was adopted and then she cussed.

"Money?" Darien asked blinking.

"Yeah, my REAL father was a huge corporate boss dude. He owned like half of the business in the world... or at least had stalks in them. My mom wasn't a push over either; she was some princess of some sort and an heiress to hefty sum. I'm the richest fourteen years old in the entire world." Serena shrugged. "My parents adopted me expecting money and power. Needless to say when my allowance increased and they got nothing they were ticked and are kicking me out. They were going to send me to boarding school but I'm filing for emancipation. I probably will win, especially since I'll be a sophomore in high school next year."

"WHAT!" Darien and Andrew shouted.

"I took the high school entrance exams last week. The results placed me in about junior or senior but I can't skip that many grades." Serena shrugged. "Yum! These are great!"

"Wait! Miss if I get a C its the accomplishment of the year, is going into High school, not only two years ahead of her time, but is skipping freshman year! HOW!?" Darien demanded.

"Um here right down a really hard problem." Serena stated handing the two young men a pad of paper.

They wrote out a problem and she solved it within a minute.

"I'm not stupid. Just board." Serena stated with a shrug. "That was incredibly easy. Ah finished! Thanks Drew."

"No problem Sere." Andrew smiled. "Don't forget to stop by and stuff. Are you still going on that summer trip?"

"Yeah my flight leaves tonight in about three hours. Darien do you think you could give me a ride home and then drop me off at the airport with my stuff?" Serena smiled. "And I'll write you Drew. Tell Molly I'll bring back souvenirs and stuff."

"What about the others?" Andrew frowned.

"Don't say anything unless they ask... Their... Just don't mention me unless they say something." Serena sighed.

Andrew nodded and waved them off.

"Thanks Darien." Serena sighed. "At least my flight will allow me to get some good rest."

"Where are you headed?"

"Paris. I own an estate there and I learned the language last summer. I'll be back in time for school. It's a private flight so I'll be able to wait inside the plain till take off." Serena sighed and pointed toward her house where her suitcases were waiting outside for her. Artemis was sitting by the luggage as planned so that he and Luna could discuss some stuff before she left with Serena.

The two cats ran off while Darien and Serena were packing his car with her stuff.

"So you're nothing but a slut." Her father growled. "I'm glad I'll rid of you."

"I'm sorry sir," Darien looked up at this man who made Serena cry and put her in such danger, fury danced within his eyes. "But you must have the wrong young woman... because Serena is most certainly not a whore or slut. Nor would I ever date someone like that. Serena and I are friends and you sir are fucking dirt. You just tossed away someone with more honest goodness and integrity then you have in your palm. Come on Sere lets get you to your flight."

Serena nodded and hopped into the passenger seat with Luna. Artemis hissed and growled at her father before running off.

Darien drove her to the airport and helped her to settle down in her private jet before giving her his phone number and address and demanding her to keep in touch. With her Luggage loaded and Luna secured in her lap Serena looked out at watched as the sunset. Her heart slowly breaking as the large severity of her situation finally settled on her.

She was alone. Maybe not utterly, but Seven of the people she cared dearly for had shunned and accused her. They had tossed her aside like she was nothing but a dirtied rag doll that they had finished playing with. She could feel her heart slowly breaking, and watched in her reflection as silent crystalline tears slid down her cheeks as silent testimony to her inner pain. Clinging to her friend and mentor she let out a silent cry, a silent plea for the pain to end and for her free of her breaking heart. It was a silent cry of someone who had been utterly broken.


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