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Chapter Six: One Who Knows Their Own Worth 2

Serena jolted awake. The familiar sensation of a Youma and the Dark Moon kingdom raced through her and something in the back of her mind echoed it. Something… was there in the back of her mind trying to make her remember it. Frowning she woke Luna and grabbed her transformation brooch. Tonight it would begin, the end of the scouts and the beginning of the warriors destined to protect the galaxy and earth.

"Moon Prism Power!" She whispered mournfully. This is the end and a new beginning. I am Serena and my duty and honor as the Scout of the Moon begins this night. I can never go back, it all begins from here.

"Go get them Sailor Moon." Luna whispered from the bed as she watched her ward and Tuxedo Mask leap off into the night.

"So I guess we don't get that break just yet huh?" Serena giggled a bit sadly.

"Guess not," Darien chuckled tiredly. "Tonight's the night huh?"

"Yes, it is the end of the Sailor Scouts." Serena sighed and landed on a building overlooking a theater. "Tonight will decide it all… there is no going back."

"You are strong Sailor Moon. You are beautiful and powerful, and one of the most amazing people I know. Don't ever let anyone take that from you." Darien hugged her from behind as they watched the scouts begin to duke it out. "Don't let them take it from you."

"I know, and I should have known then, but I let… I had to find myself. I AM strong and I AM so much more then they ever wanted to see. I am myself." Serena looked up into his mask and past that into his blue eyes that reminded her of the ocean and the skies. "I am Serena and my duty is Sailor Moon."

"Let's go." Darien nodded and released her.

"Moon Tiara MAGIC!" Sailor Moon tossed her Tiara as Tuxedo Mask threw his rose.

The rose was absorbed by the Tiara turning the magic into a brilliant gold, startling both of its owners. They watched as the Tiara blasted into the Youma and yanked it back from the portal it had created to escape. In a brilliant flash it was nothing more then dust.

"What the? MEATBALL HEAD!?" Mars snarled furiously. "What the hell do you think your doing here? You ditch us and then just show up? We had it handled!"

"YOU will be silent MARS!" Serena commanded imperiously, her eyes flashing with anger.

"Hey you can't talk to her like that!" Jupiter growled.

"I said be SILENT." Serena leapt from the building with Darien right behind her. "You have lost."

"What? But the Yuma's dust, you got it Sailor Moon." Venus blinked staring at the girl she had known for so short a time.

"You have lost. You have forgotten or perhaps never understood what it means to be a scout. This isn't a game. This isn't something you just do to get kicks out of it. This is life or death and not our own lives or deaths either. Every mistake we make as Sailor Scouts we put innocents at risk." Serena glared at them, "What I just saw wasn't a battle it was prancing around being idiots. Venus tell me something, when you were Sailor V and you fought alone did it ever take you so long to kill a Youma?"

"Well no." Venus frowned.

"You have lost." Serena took a deep breath. "You are lost and because of that you are no longer Sailor Scouts."

"Who do you think you are coming in here and just…" Rei growled.

"I am the First and Only Sailor Scout of the Moon. I am the leader and heart of the Sailor Scouts. This is not something I choose nor something I wanted, but it is something I have accepted. Yet all of you… you have not accepted what it truly means to Fight, to be a Scout, to be a Sailor Soldier. I am Sailor Moon and my duty is to this world and the Galaxy, can any of you say the same?" Serena stared at each in turn. "Are you all truly alone? This ends now. From this day forth till such a time you know and understand all that has transpired here this night you are no longer Sailor Scouts. I take from you the power of your planets and leave you to your Fates."

Cupping her palms before her she let her power build. Her brooch and tiara began to glow silver and her hair lightened and grew silver streaks. Every cresent moon emblem on her uniform began to blaze with the same glow. Her tiara vanished and a cresent moon appeared as she commanded her power.

Rei let out a startled yelp as flames burst around her and she de-transformed. One by one they each were reduced to their civilian selves. Serena watched all of this sadly and looked over at Mina and Ami. Those two had been uncertain in this confrontation and she could feel their remorse. She only hoped they understood and that she could and would forgive them if they asked.

"You are no longer Sailor Scouts and until the day you truly understand what it means to be one you will not defend this world." Serena stated flatly as her power dimmed and vanished.

"Who do you think you are!" Lita snapped. "You can't do this!"

"I am Sailor Moon. I am who I am, and no one can take that from me because I am stronger then I seem. I know my own worth, but do you Lita? I am the leader of ALL Sailor Soldiers within this Galaxy, and this is your punishment. You all betrayed me and this world, and that is not something that can go unpunished."

"What about you Tuxedo Mask! You came with her, who's side are you on!?" Ami demanded suddenly, speaking for the first time.

"I am and always be on the side of the Moon." Darien stated flatly, startled at how familiar the words seemed.

"Good luck to each of you." Serena gave a sad smile and turned her back, with Darien at her side she leapt into the night.

"SAILOR MOON!" Mina shouted desperately as the night consumed who had once been their leader.

"What do we do now?" Ami whispered sadly looking around at the deserted parking-lot.

The next morning both Darien and Serena ate breakfast in his apartment. Luna was with them and they were discussing what had happened the night before.

"They'll come around," Luna assured her charge.

"I know but that was hard Luna, and it hurt so much to see them again." Serena leaned against Darien for support.

"The question is what happens now?" Darien wondered softly.

"Zoisite was there. She saw everything and she will report it to the Negaverse." Serena gritted her teeth against the knowledge and the pain it gave her. "The inner scouts must choose. They must decide what they fight for and why."

"So you set it up so the Negaverse would know about everything? Your setting them against the Negaverse so they can choose?" Darien was stunned, he had never thought Serena could do something so close to deceit.

"I have no choice in the matter, this was decided a long time ago and agreed by Luna and Artimas and Central." Serena sighed, "Even the moon approves. They betrayed more then just me, Darien, they betrayed what it means to be a scout."

"You did the right thing Serena." Luna reassured her. "I am so very proud of you. You've grown into a fine young woman."

"Thank You Luna." Serena smiled and laughed. "You know what's weird? For the first time in my life I feel strong. I am Serena and I am strong and smart. I am myself and am wonderful, faults and all."

"You truly are." Darien agreed. "Just always stay true to yourself. It will never lead you astray."

"Right." Serena turned mischievous and grinned wickedly at Darien. "So what about shopping today?"

"Huh?" Darien blinked as the girl leaned toward him with a wicked look in her eyes.

"You did promise." Serena reminded him with a smirk.

"Yeah… I guess." He sweat dropped and looked at her nervously. "But we have to start training after that alright!"

"But DARIEN!" Serena wailed.

"Some things will never change." Luna sighed but was happy to see her charge relaxed and being herself. It had been a long time since she had seen the old Serena within the new one. Have fun you two.

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