I'm back. Hi. Ok, here's the chapter.

In case you forgot, the Characters:

Hikari: Me

Akari: Kiesha

Kenkin: Griffyn

Link (Legend of Zelda)

Kakashi (Naruto)

#New Character(s)! #

Sora (Kingdom Hearts)

Moogle (Final Fantasy)


Setting: Science class again. This time were doing a science experiment with an ice cube.

Yesterday, I had entered Akari's name in a love calculator.

Hikari: Hello!

Link: Sup?

Akari: Wheee!!

Kakashi: ……

Kenkin: I like stuff

Hikari: Kakashi! Would you say something for once?

Link: Are you ok Akari?

Akari: I've got a little light headed since I jumped off a cliff and died

Kakashi/reads nasty book/ huh?

Kenkin: Can I jump off too?


Link: Gee, that's to bad Akari.

Akari: I know, I'm so pale, I go right through things and when people see me they yell "Ghost!!" …. Wonder why.

Kakashi: ……

Kenkin: Why does no one talk to me???

Hikari: UGH!!! That's it! I'm talking to Kenkin!

Link: Wait, you're a ghost?

Akari: Kenkin is boring…. By the way…. WHY DID YOU ENTER MY NAME ON THE LOVE…. Thingy magigy…

Kenkin: Disappearing Jutsu/disappears/

Hikari: No Kenkin! Don't go away! I need some one to talk to!

Link: I did what…?

Akari: tsk tsk

Kakashi: ……..

Link: I'm serious! What did I do?!?

Hikari: AHH!! GHOST!!

Akari/goes to Heaven/

Link: Great! Now I have no one to talk to!


Kenkin: Reappearing Jutsu/Starts a war. Throws ninja stars everywhere./ Summoning Jutsu/Summons Chief Toad/

Kakashi: OMG!! Shiriken!!

Hikari: WTF/Goes to find Akari/ AKARI!!

Link/unsheathes Master Sword/ Die Ganondorf's minions!!

Kenkin: Attack Chief Toad!!... Lightning Blade/Hits Hikari/ Shadow Clone Jutsu! Shurigan!

Link: HIKARI/looks at Kenkin/ you're going down…

Kenkin: Nu hu

Link: Yah uh

Kenkin: Nu hu

Link: Screw this! Die!

Kenkin: Go to Hell

Link: RAGHHH!!

Moogle: Kupo/head gets cut off by Link by accident/

Link: Sorry!

Kenkin: Wanna gang up on Kakashi?

Link: Hell ya!

Kakashi: Crap…O.O /runs like hell/

Kenkin: Lightning Blade! Get him clones!

Link: DINS FIRE!!!

Sora/magically appears/ WTF?!?

Kakashi: WTF!!! Shadow Clone Jutsu/They all run like hell/

Kenkin/throws sword at Kakashi and hit's his head/

Kakashi: Haha!! That was my clone!!!/gets away/

Kenkin: Damn!


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