No Longer the Zeppo 2

By Shannon K

A/N: This is a sequel to No Longer the Zeppo, a BTVS/Kindred the Embraced crossover story. It might be best if you read the first story to understand where I am going with this story. It is set after the closing of the Hellmouth.

Xander is my primary focus in this story once again. I am not a true Buffy-hater; I just like the character of Xander more. Characters not from BTVS refer to Xander as Alex, as a way to show that he has changed, and is no longer the goof-ball that the Sunnydale people still associate him as being. Tara had not died in this story, though Anya has. I will admit to hating the character of Kennedy though, and in my universe, she's dead. This story should be consider AU because I had Xander move to San Francisco after season four and has become a member of the Gangrel clan and I changed/ignored/did not allow to happen in my happy world certain events. My goal was to give Xander a darker edge, while staying true to the character's spirit. If you find any thing that is horrifyingly wrong (especially when I describe San Francisco – I've never been there and am basing things off travel guides and stuff on the internet), please let me know or just chalk it up to my bizarre imagination.

I do not own, much to my displeasure, any BTVS or KTE characters you may recognize. I am just borrowing them for a bit and plan on returning eventually, though they might be a bit scuffed. The characters that you do not recognize are mine to use and abuse.

Warning: Potty language once again, along with descriptions of feeding/blood, drinking, sex, and violence. However, other than the language, I don't do overly graphic scenes – it's not my bag (sorry – I've been watching Austin Powers again).


"So what now," a tired and dirty Buffy Summers asked her mentor and friend, Giles. They had all just fought the battle of their lives. Many of the potential Slayers had died in the fight, despite the fact that their potential had been awakened by an incredibly powerful spell performed by Willow.

She was just happy to see that her sister, Willow, Tara (Willow's girlfriend), Giles, Faith, Robin, and Alexia had survived. Unfortunately Anya, Spike, Kennedy, and at least a dozen other Potentials had died in the fight. Buffy dreaded having to explain to Alexia, who was currently nestled in Dawn's lap that her mother had be killed by the Bringers she and Andrew had faced.

Giles had pulled the bus off the highway and into a rest stop. The survivors of the final battle sat at picnic tables in a shelter, looking exhausted, filthy, and kind of lost. They need a purpose and something they could focus on, rather than sorrow that they all felt.

"The Watchers need to be rebuilt," Giles said. "The headquarters in England are gone, but they do have places elsewhere. The offices in Rome are quite large. I was thinking of starting there to begin the rebuilding process. We also need to find the other newly called Slayers and offer them training. We also need to find Xander and let him know about Anya and Alexia. He has a right to know."

"But where is he? He totally disappeared three years ago. He could be anywhere," Willow said, her head resting tiredly on Tara's shoulder.

"He told us he was moving to San Francisco. He could still be there. Maybe you could try a locating spell or something to help us," Dawn offered, looking at the two witches with hope in her eyes. She missed Xander something fierce, despite his rejection of the Scooby-gang.

"I wasn't that close to him, so I don't know if I could do it," Tara said.

"I need at least a day or two to rest, magically speaking. The awakening spell pretty much drained me of magical energy," Willow whispered. She was wiped out. The energy it had taken to work the spell had tapped all of her reserves, leaving her pretty much power-less.

"Or you could always try the phone book," Faith said, as biting and as sarcastic as ever. She really didn't care what Red and B did, but it bothered her that they were quick about using magic to solve simple problems. Shit, they can do what they want, she thought to herself. She wanted out, away from the group and if she said anything, she would be further tied to Buffy, the Scoobies, and the baby Slayers.

"We don't have to do it today," Buffy reasoned, also looking tired herself. "We need to find a motel. We're all tired and need some sleep." The whole ordeal with the Turok-Han, the Bringers, and the First Evil had been the most exhausting thing she had ever experienced in her life. All she wanted now was a shower, dinner, a clean bed, and at least eight hours of sleep. Once those things were taken care of, she was sure that she could face things to come.

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This story will probably be slower in being posted because I don't have it completely finished (though it is thoroughly outlined) due to craziness over the holiday break and the insanity that is my life (my life is a soap-opera at times it seems). Please have patience. I would rater post something that is decent than complete crap.

Also, someone has to serve as a moral compass in the prologue, so I chose Faith. That character was always to tell it how it was, despite all of the obvious flaws that the character possessed. It could have been anybody that could have objected to always using magic; Faith just made more sense.