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The next evening Alex, with Alexia in his arms, was at the airport seeing the former Sunnydale residents off. They were heading to Rome, to the new Watchers' headquarters.

They also had the newly called slayer, Taylor Huff, with them. She was only fifteen, but her parents gave her permission to go with Buffy and the others for training over the summer, but they made her promise to come back in the fall for school.

Other than the slayer bit, she seemed like a normal girl, interested in school, boys, music, and clothes. However, when she was introduced to Alex in the airport as an old friend to the Sunnydale gang, her eyes widened for a second, almost as if she recognized him from somewhere. Her parents also had a similar reaction.

Alex cocked his head to the side, a puzzled look on his face. He could not remember the family, but felt as if he should somehow.

Taylor saved him the pain of wracking his brains and silently mouthed the word "Kindred" at him.

Alex schooled his features carefully, not trusting himself fully to remain collected.

Taylor then mouthed the words "Herd," and "parents" at him and minutely jerked her head at the couple seeing her off.

Well, crap, he thought. Just when I thought I was done with Slayers, this pops up.

"Good luck Taylor," he said out loud as he shook her hand with his free one.

The girl grinned, knowing things that she shouldn't know but knew to keep quiet about. She then picked up her carry-on, hugged her parents and then got in line for the security check point.

"You take care of my favorite little girl," Buffy said, briefly holding the two year olds hand. "Take care of yourself Xander. I wish you would go with us. It'd be safer."

"You to Buffy," he said, choking back any annoyed stray thoughts. "We'll be fine here, far from any danger."

"Well, I worry, that's all," she said.

"Thanks for worrying, but we'll be fine. Tell the G-man hi for me," Alex said, using his favorite title for the cranky British Watcher. "And take care yourselves."

"Will do," Buffy said and nodded.

"Xander," Willow came next, smiling at her childhood friend. "I'll miss you," she said, then spontaneously hugged him.

"Bye Will. Stay safe, you hear," he said, trying to untangle his self from her embrace. Hugging on the astral plane had been one thing; there hadn't been any massive secrets between them at that point. Now, it didn't feel right, hugging her, after he had stolen her memories. Despite the necessity of it, he didn't like the fact that he had done it.

Willow and Buffy then joined Taylor in line, waiting to have a complete stranger inspect their belongings, making sure that nothing that could be construed as a weapon got on board the plane.

Tara and Dawn had stood back, letting the others go first, wanting a moment of privacy with Alex. Once they were convinced that the witch and two Slayers wouldn't overhear their conversation, Alex spoke up.

"Taylor knows about me," he said, informing them of that little nugget of information. "Apparently her parents are Herd. If you could get her alone at some point and make sure that her info stays sacred, I'd appreciate it."

"Crap," Dawn said, her eyes widening. "Just when you thought you'd be done with Slayers."

"No kidding," he snorted and adjusted Alexia in his arms, her head resting on his shoulder, having immediately taken to her father.

"T-take care of you A-Alex," Tara stumbled slightly over his name.

"I will if you do the same," he smiled. "Thank you for everything Tara."

"My pleasure," she said. "Alexia, you take care of your daddy," she then turned to the young girl, fresh tears in her eyes. "I'm going to miss you munchkin." With that, Tara kissed the child, briefly hugged Alex and walked away, leaving Dawn alone with him.

"Dawn-patrol," Alex began, but was cut off by a fierce hug from Dawn.

"I'm going to miss you like crazy. You email me and let me know how Alexia is doing. You promise?"

"I will. And always remember that if you need help, you call me," he said and pressed a card with his numbers and email on it into her hand. "Don't let them get you in over your head Dawn and live your own life. You don't have to grow up and become what they want you to be."

"I will," the teen said, disentangled herself from her old friend. "Tell Emily good-bye for me. Oh and that hottie guy, Cash. He alone would make the expense of coming back to San Francisco worth it." Dawn laughed at the stricken look on his face. Smiling brightly, she kissed his cheek, picked up her backpack and skipped away to join the others.

Alex stood there, watching them briefly go through security and then disappear deeper into the bowels of the airport.

"You ready to go home princess?" he asked his daughter, his beautiful, beautiful daughter.

Alexia's only response since it was easily past her bedtime, was to snuggle deeper into her father's arms.

Alex kissed her head as he too walked away, ready to start his new life with Emily and Alexia.

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