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Order 1: Death's Heir

Seras Victoria twisted the sheets of her bed in agony, in the midst of childbirth. She was all alone in her East London flat as her baby was pushing its way out of her. Seras let loose a scream and threw her head back, recalling of how she ended up in the position...

A week after her Master took her to bed with him, Seras discovered she was pregnant. She knew that her baby could not be raised in a place like Hellsing and contemplated what to do. She loved her Master very much but a child raised under Alucard's care would surely grow up to be a little hellion. And so in the dead of night, she had emptied the freezer of all the blood packs within, snatched up her Harkonnen and left Hellsing without leaving so much as a note.

Seras bit down, accidentally biting open her bottom lip. Maybe she should have stayed in Hellsing. She was beginning to think giving birth to a vampire was different then birthing a human. Go figure. Her stomach her bulged in a mere five months and now on the sixth month, with the moon high in the sky, Seras gave birth to her child. She panted madly and after numerous hours, the child slowly emerged into the world with a loud wail.

Seras raised to her elbows to see, praying it to be a boy, something to remind her of her left behind lover. But what she stared at was a tiny little baby girl with a little bit of black hair and quite the set of lungs. Seras smiled weakly and gathered her child in her arms and cradled her gently. "Ssshhh, ssshhh," she said softly, rocking the crying girl. "It's okay now. It's okay." The child slowly began to calm down, reducing her screams to sniffles, and she opened her eyes, showing Seras they were red. Seras gently wiped her off and cradled her once more.

The baby began to whine and give signs she would start crying again. Seras unbuttoned her pajama top and held the child to her breast. Her baby reacted positively, suckling noisily. Seras noticed, with a wince, that she was lactating blood. Well that's odd, she thought distantly, only a little sickened. After a while, the child stopped and began waving her arms in the air, searching blindly in the air.

Seras laughed a little. "Whatever should I call you," she said softly, having not been able to come to a decision over her pregnancy. If it had been a boy she'd have named him Dracul but this little girl had to have a nice name. Seras thought about it for a while. "Shall I call you Rayne?" She shook her head. "No that will never do. How about...Lena?" Again Seras shook her head. "How frustrating. What about...Katherine?" The child cooed loudly, placing her hands on Seras' chest. Seras smiled. "I guess you like that name." She cuddled her affectionately. "My little Katherine."

Katherine squirmed around for the next few hours before the sun began to rise. Seras, having forgotten about it momentarily, raced around closing the shades, blinds, and curtains and settled Katherine in her crib. But still Katherine wiggled restlessly and uncomfortably. Seras' eyes darted around the room. There was no way Seras was going to take the child with her into her coffin. Even though she didn't need air and couldn't die, Seras wasn't going to deliberately endanger her baby.

Instead, she stripped her coffin of its black sheets and draped them over the crib. Katherine's sounds almost immediately stopped and Seras could hear the child fade into sleep. Seras watched her, dead asleep, and then settled into her own coffin. She smiled affectionately and prepared for the long nights ahead...

Katherine grew rapidly at an alarming rate. In four years, the child looked all of eight and spoke as though she were thirteen. She was smart but not all knowing. And it was then she began to reveal her vampiric powers. She was able to read Seras' mind, easy enough and somehow manage to keep her mother from her mind. Seras' had seen her walk into their room and simply lift up a bureau draw with one hand and retrieve her plushie bat that was under it.

Seras was resting on the windowsill of a dark night when little Katherine toddled up to her. The young child was quite a beauty at eight years old. Her silky black hair, the color of Alucard's but with Seras' trademark spikiness, reached a little past her shoulders. Her face was rounded and cute like Seras' and she stared out at the world with crimson eyes that flashed like her father's. She had a temper to match Alucard's. Trying to get her to do something she didn't want to do was like fighting a war. She'd sit in one spot and if Seras tried to move her, she would kick, bite, scream, and flail until the exasperated mother gave up.

"Hi Mommy," she squealed, clutching her plush bat under one arm and a blood pack in the other. Apparently, this night she was in Nice Mode, a rarity for Seras. The older Draculina turned and looked at her daughter, a smile lighting her face. "Hello there, Kathy. Do you want to join Mommy up here?" Katherine nodded eagerly and walked over to her mother. She put both hands on the windowsill and pulled her up using sheer upper body strength alone. She nestled in her mother's arms. "Will you tell me about Daddy?" she asked, looking up at her.

Seras sighed faintly. Maybe it wasn't such a great idea to tell her about Alucard in the first place but she'd been insistent to learn about her father. "Okay. What do you want to hear?"

"How he saved Sir Integra!" she cried. That was by far her one of her favorite Alucard tales. And so Seras regaled her daughter with the 'heroic' actions of the No Life King. She giggled when Seras told of how he'd killed all the men hired by Integra's uncle just to protect his new master. Katherine looked out at the sky. "When do I get to see Daddy?" she asked for about the thousandth time. "When you're older," Seras replied for about the millionth time.

"Will I get to work at Hellsing too?" she asked eagerly. "Perhaps," Seras said dismissively. "For now we have other problems." Katherine looked at her curiously. "What problem?" Seras sighed. "We have to enroll you in school." Katherine brightened immediately. "Really? Will there be kids like me there?" Seras shook her head. "There will be kids. But...not like you. Possibly next week."

"YAY!" Katherine shouted and performed a very intricate flip from the windowsill to the ground. Seras laughed. "Katherine, do try to contain yourself." She looked out as the sun began to rise. "It's time for bed, young lady."

Seras met with the Headmistress of Katherine's new school two days later while her daughter slept.

"Here at St. Mary's we follow a strict conduct of rules and regulations," Sister Laura said. "Does your daughter have any kind of behaviour problems?" she asked, looking through her thin spectacles. "No. She is very well behaved," Seras said but a memory cropped up in the back of her mind. When Katherine was a year old, Seras had bought a little kitten named Fluffy to keep her company. A month later, she found the thing with its neck snapped. Katherine had, matter-of-factly and straight-faced, informed her mother it had scratched her. She'd seemed very justified.

"Without provocation," Seras mumbled.

"What was that?"


Because of her appearance, Katherine was immediately bumped to third grade. Seras worried briefly aloud to her daughter how her rapid aging could be concealed but Katherine had informed her with 100 percent certainty that it wouldn't be a problem and that was that.

Katherine would start school next week.


Crimson eyes stared out behind yellow sunglasses at the ghoul army before them. Alucard bared his fangs and fired five times with the Jackal and soon the ghouls were exterminated. He walked the abandoned building and put a bullet in the head of the vampire. Alucard swept from the building to the waiting Integra. "Mission complete," he said, tonelessly.

"There was unnecessary fury," Integra commented.

"Your point?" Alucard asked and kept walking.

"She left us," Integra called out, stopping Alucard in his tracks. "Don't let her concern you too much when she left us without so much as a goodbye note."

Alucard growled and phased out of Integra's sight.

It had been four years since Seras left Hellsing. She had just vanished into the night without warning, without a goodbye. At first, Alucard didn't concern himself too much. He thought she'd come back after a while. But then six months passed and then a year, then two, then three. Every day, Alucard missed her tremendously. Steadily, his anger and sadness grew. Anger that she would dare leave her Master's watchful eye and sadness because he didn't have the lovely Draculina to torment, to tease and to love. She had broken his undead heart.

He set out after the second year to try and find her to no avail. She could have gone to the very outskirts of the bloody continent . No matter how many FREAKS he killed or people he threatened, none had seen or heard of a strawberry blonde with red eyes most likely toting a huge weapon.

As the sun rose, Alucard settled into his coffin, sighing with the emptiness of it. He wanted Seras nearby, to keep him warm, to keep him company. He settled into a restless sleep with dreams of a left behind fledging, a lost love...

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