The blue glow

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Merlock watched the sun go down after a long days work. "I haven't seen Sarah for a long time. When will the time bureau finally give me an opportunity to see her again??" He pondered, while staring blankly into the coloured sky. Bindi was dozing of beside him. He cocked his head to look at the timeshifter. "She's so much prettier when she's not acting all envious of Sarah. I wish she would understand she will never become anything else than a close friend. My heart belongs to Sarah. When will she accept?" He sighed softly and stood up. Bindi awoke. "Merlock?" She asked sleepy. "We have to go home Bindi, I'm hungry and I think you should eat too." For once she didn't argue with him and just nodded. "Let's go." He got on his aircycle and Bindi took her usual place right beside him. He powered the machine up and off they went, into the purple/orange sky.

~In the meantime at Dr. Goodmans house~

"Gilian!! Stop with the cold, distant act, I know you want me!! Wanna go out on a date??" Dr. Goodman was trying another useless attempt to get Jillian Grey on a date, he had his goofy grin on again. "For the millionth, if not zillionth time Dr. Goodman: NO! Our relation is strictly business." Bernie's eyes began to shine. "I just love it when you say 'relation' Jillian, you make it sound so damn sexy!" "Dr. Goodman..." "You can call me Bernie.." "Whatever... listen.. I would prefer it if you called me Ms. Grey instead of Jillian, I don't call you Bernie now do I?" "She called me Bernie!" Dr. Goodman yelled out with an ecstatic look of happiness on his face right before he fell backwards for balancing the chair on two wheels. Flint had watched the whole event with amazement. "Tony, why does uncle Bernie act like that whenever Ms. Grey appears on screen?" He asked puzzled. Tony replied: "He has a huge crush on her, but seems to forget the fact that she really doesn't dig him." "Dig? She's not 'digging' him, how can you 'dig' in uncle Bernie??" Flint asked. Tony formed a sweat drop. -Sigh- "I mean he likes her a lot. But she doesn't like him that way." Flint still looked curious, but decided not to go on about it. Suddenly he remembered something. "HEY!! How's Sarah doing?? Is she still ill?" Flint asked. Tony nodded. "I'm afraid so Flint. She still has a fever, but I think she's doing better now." "After lunch, shall we go upstairs and keep her company?" Flint asked in his cheerful voice. "Allright, I think she'll like that." Tony replied with a smile.

~Sarah's bedroom~

Sarah was oblivious to the things happening around her, since she was vast asleep and was having a peculiar, creepy dream.

There was a bright, very bright blue/pink light surrounding her, forcing her to only peek through half closed eyelids. Slowly the light started to become less bright and when she could finally open her eyes totally, she found that she was in a huge bright space, standing on a iceblue marble floor. There were no walls, and she could only see some pillars, small and larger ones, with blue roses. They looked familiar but Sarah couldn't quite place them in her dream. She felt a presence and looked around nervously. Spotting no-one, she relaxed. After taking a few steps and finding the floor stable and secure, she started walking around.

Suddenly the sound of approaching footsteps could be heard. The brightness disappeared and soon there was a cold, icy atmosphere in the space she was in. Sarah tensed and whirled around to see who was there. "Still no one...." She wondered out loud. "H..Hello??" She asked. She was starting to get scared, but also felt anger rising within her. "Show yourself!!! Don't toy with me!!" She screamed in a small outburst. She could hear a chuckle that sent shivers down her spine. A cold hand was placed on her shoulder. Sarah yelped and jerked her shoulder away from the hand and started running. Her eyes were starting to burn, she felt like crying but couldn't. "This isn't real!!!" She yelled. All of a sudden the floor disappeared and she fell into emptiness. She screamed all the way, until finally something or someone had stopped her fall. She slowly opened her eyes one by one to see where she was now. The first thing she saw when she opened her eyes was the loving gaze and red firy eyes of Merlock. He had caught her in his strong arms. She blinked once and blushed a little. Just as she opened her mouth to thank him, she noticed a change. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't get anything come out of her throat. She started panicking and tried to scream, but soon realised that she had in fact lost her voice. She put her left hand on her throat and made a few attempts to make a sound, all in vain.

With a look of dispair she looked back into Merlocks eyes and her eyes widened with shock as she saw who was holding her. Merlocks loving gaze had turned into an icecold, mean smirk, his eyes firing with hatred, fangs showing as his face suddenly started to change. He threw her on the marble floor which mysteriously had returned. She immediately got up, feeling a little dizzy and she tried to get away from the thing that really caught her. But realisation came with a shock: she was frozen stiff and couldn't move a muscle. She couldn't make a sound, move or close her eyes. She felt herself being levitated off the ground and there was nothing she could do about it. Her heart was beating in an unnatural rate as she was turned around by the force that held her in a levitating grip. No matter how hard she tried to look away, there was no escaping it: she had to see what had happened to what at first looked like Merlock.

Her eyes got bigger and the upcoming scream got stuck in her throat. She choked a little and gasped for air: there was it, right in front of her: the sight she didn't want to see. Merlock had grown larger than his usual length and he had the meanest look she had ever seen. The hate seemed to burn in his dark, red eyes. He laughed evilly at her and opened his mouth to show his fangs. She couldn't believe what happened next: the teeth started growing and he a danger aura surrounded him. The teeth turned a little yellow and his eyes started to glow as he continued turning in a huge, dangerous vampire. One tear of fear fell out of Sarah's eyes, but she still couldn't move. Her voice returned and she let out a hoarse whisper. " ain't you...I refuse to believe it!!"

His body started changing in a rapid rate now. His purple hair changed in blue and started growing, and so did he. His Victorian outfit changed as well. A long, black cloth appeared out of nowhere and slid up his back, attaching itself to the white shirt the changing figure was wearing . It was a long black, silken cape. The figure wasn't facing her anymore and still was changing.

All of a sudden everything went silent and the figure stopped changing. Sarah gasped for air and although she had her voice back, she couldn't scream or cry out loud. Another tear made it's way down her face as she was gasping, trying to remain conscious.

The figure stood upright now, appearing to be a very tall, large and mysterious but dangerous man. He turned around slowly, trying to build the tension to a peek. He turned around and Sarah saw a man with a msk in front of his face. She didn't have to think for long to remember who he was, she had seen him in a holograph before.

"The dark lord!" She whispered with huge, scared eyes. The hand holding the mask lowered and she couldn't believe her eyes. For the man with the mask, was not the dark lord... with a tremendous shock Sarah looked straight in the icecold face and red eyes of none other than Merlock. "Surprised? The figure said in an icecold, arrogant tone. He chuckeled again and Sarah remembered the chuckle she heard earlier. "It was you who laughed at me!! Who are you? I refuse to believe that you are Merlock!" The smile disappeared of the man's face. "Believe what you want, little one. You don't matter to me. Look behind you." She was turned around by the force that caused her to levitate and remain paralysed. There stood a tall, blue skinned boy in the same outfit as Merlock. Sarah had her hope back again for a brief moment. Until the boy turned around. A white, hateful faced looked at her. "This must be the true face of the dark lord!" She thought.

The boy spoke. "I am not as young as I appear, so don't be fooled little one. I am far more powerful than you could ever comprehend. He seems to have an interest in you, so I chose you to deliver a message to him. Tell him that I know who his loved one is. She will be hunted down by the uglinator, and so will all of the persons close to him be if he doesn't decide what he will do soon. The matter in which he has to make a decision will be presented to him soon enough. He must decide who it is going to be. His friends and love....or his blood. He can never match my powers so do not fight me, you, him or that caveboy or anyone else. For he will have to pay dearly for it, or his loved one. I can understand why he chose her though..." The dark figure said while looking Sarah straight in her eyes. In a flash he was in front of her and grabbed her chin. With one of his sharp nails he trailed down her cheek, leaving a bright red stripe behind. His eyes widened and he got a disturbed look on his face. He revealed one of his fangs in a smirk and his face closed in on hers. Sarah cried and tried to scream, only to realize that she had once more lost her voice. His tongue licked down the cut once and his red eyes lightened for a moment. "No..." Sarah thought.

In a swift movement he let go of her chin and backed off, licking his lips once. His evil smirk returned. "Now go, I no longer need you to be in my presence." He made a gesture with his hands and she was flung backwards, landing on her back with a loud thump. She got up as fast as she could and looked around with terror written on her face. But there was no one. Just the blue glowing space and the cold marble floor.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaah!!" Sarah screamed as she said up in bed, all covered in sweat. She immediately reached for her cheek, only to find it untouched. She jerked her head from side to side and discovered that she wasn't in the blue space anymore. She was home, in her room. She let out a sigh of relief and stared ahead with a blank look. Suddenly the door burst open and in came Tony, uncle Bernie and Flint. The moment she saw them she started crying.

Bernard ran to her immediately and kneeled down beside her, hugging her. "What is the matter Sarah? Why did you scream? Was your dream really that bad? Well don't worry because that's exactly what it was, just a nasty dream. We're here now."

To be continued....

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