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About Bloodbound…


Please be nice and do not report this chapter as not being a chapter. I know it's not a real chapter but I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank the reviewers who reviewed my story (duh) and readers, of course. THANKUTHANKUTHANKU etc.

It's not finished and I have to be honest (not like I can lie about it anyways), as you can see I haven't updated in centuries.

And I am REAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLY sorry aboet (heh, aboet ) that. It's kinda bad of me to keep people who bother to read it and/or review waiting for like.. 4 ever.

Aaargh! I just haven't written in ages and my inspiration is close to non existent at the moment. I do still read other people's stories (which by the way sometimes makes me feel like the crappiest authoress ever because they're pretty darn good) and sometimes review it as well 'cause I know how much I like it when someone reviews and vice versa as well I guess.

So the question remains, am I ever going to continue? I really don't know. I'm not getting anyone's hopes up only to disappoint them later on.

All I can say is I'll try. It would help if anyone got any ideas or perhaps be interested in helping me continue?

Anyway, thanx a lot for now and BYE!