Mistletoe was one of those ridiculous traditions that Tamaki had read about once and clung to ever since. He made a great show of hanging a fresh sprig of it in the middle of the host club room and Haruhi had been skirting it ever since. She believed that the entire ordeal was a plot for the blond to mouth-rape her. Kyouya knew that Tamaki wouldn't dream of sullying his daughter in such a way.

It was inevitable that Tamaki would finally catch someone under the little plant. The twins had already had their show under it—and half the clubs clients were rushed to the nurse's office for fainting and blood loss. Hunny had giggled when Mori had walked under it with him on his shoulders and forced the taller boy to kiss his cheeks warmly. Haruhi was walking in wide circles around the room which left only Kyouya to be the lucky one caught in the center of the room.

Kyouya was aggravated. Tamaki had deliberately ignored his demand that garish Christmas decorations around the room be removed. With his head cocked and his hands planted firmly on his hips he waited for Tamaki to slink over to him like a chastised puppy. Tamaki did slink at first—until he saw what Kyouya was standing under. His face lit up and he strutted up to the other boy and smirked.

"Tamaki---" Kyouya's rant was cut off by warm lips covering his. His eyes flew open wide, but slipped closed as he surrendered to the onslaught.

"Go Tono!!" Hikaru cried. "Make him your Queen!!

A soft moan bubbled up in Kyouya's throat and his hands twined in Tamaki's hair. Neither boy paid heed to the audience around them. The twins pulled cameras from nowhere and began to film and take still shots. Hunny bounced up and down saying he 'knew it!' and Mori and Haruhi made out in the background.

When they finally pulled apart Kyouya smiled past all the uke flowers around his head and motioned his king towards the door. Tamaki didn't need to be asked twice—he was ready to give Kyouya a Christmas present he'd never forget.