Chief Webber smiled at her, "Dr. Grey just on time." and then he motioned to the new doctor, "I'd like you to meet our new doctor. This is Dr. Austin Smith."

"Hello Meredith." Austin said with a smirk. He watched as she stood her ground shocked to see him. He knew that she would.

"Hello Austin." Meredith said slowly.

Webber was confused. He thought back to just a few moments before. 'I never said Meredith's first name.' He looked back and forth between the two. "You know each other?" he asked.

Meredith looked at her old friend and boss. "Yes we do. We went to school and did out internship together in LA. But Austin I thought you were staying in LA?"

Austin walked closer to Meredith. "I was but it wasn't the same without you there."

Meredith blushed. "Well it will be good to have somebody that I know around." She felt uncomfortable with Austin because she remembered their last discussion before she left for Seattle.


Meredith was in the intern locker room packing her locker up, when Austin came in.

"Hey Meredith how was your last day as an intern?"

Meredith looked up and smiled at Austin. "It feels great to no longer be considered an intern."

Austin nodded then opened his locker that was right next to Meredith's. "It does feel great." Austin kept looking at her out of the corner of his eyes. "Meredith can I ask you a question?"

Meredith glanced at Austin who was still looking at her. "Sure Austin, What do you need to ask me?"

"We have been friends since we started here at this hospital and I was wondering since we're done with are interns if you would like to be more than friends?"

Meredith looked shocked at Austin. He was very attractive. He has a body of a God. But to Meredith, a hot body has nothing to do with how she feels. Meredith can admit that Austin has a great personality and an excellent since of humor, but she just couldn't see Austin as more than a friend.

"Austin, I would love to go out with you." Meredith started.

Austin knew that there was more to come with Meredith being a little hesitant. When she didn't continue he started her off. "But…"

"But, I took the job in Seattle. I moving back there and working in the same hospital that my mother works in. I'm so sorry Austin."

Austin smiled and stepped closer to her. He reached up and placed his hand along her cheek. "It's okay Meredith. When are you leaving?"

"Tomorrow morning."

Austin nodded then grabbed his bag. "Don't forget me." He hugged her tightly then left the room.

End Flashback

'This is going to be a long morning." She thought. Meredith knew that she was quiet for a long time and decided to start the tour so it would soon be over and she can get to Derek.

"Well let's go get you an ID card and start showing you around." Meredith nodded to Webber and headed towards the door.

"Good" Webber said. "When you're done with that Dr. Grey introduce him to Shepard and Burke. Dr. Smith will be working with Burke mostly today including later today."

"Yes sir." Meredith then looked back at Austin and noticed that he was giving her his flirting look.

'This is defiantly going to be a long day.'