"Okay everybody it's time to fly off this gorram planet." Captain Malcolm Reynolds said as he walked into the cargo bay and closed the doors.

It had taken a few weeks since they had crashed the ship on the planet. After they were released from the hospital, the crew started to do as much repairs as possible to the ship so it could be sky worthy again.

During repairs, the crew took on extra work around the ship. Jayne helped Mal on the outside of the ship putting back on the pieces that were falling off the ship. Inara painted the symbol that represented the ship Serenity on the outside, when that was done she helped River but everything back in order around the ship. Zoe helped by replacing food and supplies that were needed. She also did it so she could spend some free time alone so she could grieve over the death of her husband alone.

Simon spent his days reorganizing the infirmary and resting from his gun shot wound in the abdomen. When he's not doing that he thought about what he said to Kaylee when they were being attacked by the Reavers. He didn't regret it in any way.


Simon looked over at one terrified Kaylee and griped her hand in his. "My one regret is never being with you."

Kaylee looked surprised at first. He could tell that she wasn't expecting what he had just said. Tears were starting to fall down her cheeks. "With me?" She asked him not sure that she was hearing him right. "You mean to say like…sex?" Simon just looked into her eyes and smiled a weak but loving smile.

"I mean to say..."

Kaylee didn't even wait for him to finish. She pulled her hands from his and cocked the gun. "To hell with this…I'm gonna live.", and then started to shoot the reavers that had made it thru the blocked doorway. Simon watched with amazement as she alone took down five reavers; then watched as she stumbled back and down onto the floor. "Kaylee" he went straight into doctor mode he noticed the reason behind he collapse. Several poisoned darts were in her left side on her neck.

End Flashback

Now there was another regret that Simon Tam had now.

"I know what you now regret." said a soft voice from the doorway.

Simon looked over to his sister and smiled. "I'm sure you do mei mei. But please stop reading my mind." River smiled and walked over to were Simon sat on the stool.

"How are you feeling Mei Mei?"

"Better then you." She smiled at her brother. Simon just watched his sister's expression to see if she was lying. "I'm fine Simon. No more crazy girl."


"You know I saw Kaylee walk back into the engine room." She paused to watch her brother's expression then continued with her point. "With all the work that has to be done still maybe you can see if you can help her."

Simon looked at his sister then smiled at her. Getting up he held her shoulders. "You know I love you River right?"

River shacks her head.

"No matter what happens between me and Kaylee, you know you will always be important to me. You're my family forever and always"

River smiled. "You're such a boob"



mei mei- little sister

Gorram- damit