The next morning Kaylee woke up and headed down stairs to get a cup of coffee when she heard the sound of a guitar playing on the porch outside the kitchen door. Taking her cup with her she headed outside.

"Good morning grandpa." Kaylee said when she recognized the older man. The older man looked up and stopped playing.

"Well good morning little one." He sat aside the guitar and stood to meet his granddaughter.

They hugged for a long time not wanting to let either one go. But when they did Kaylee's grandfather grabbed his granddaughter's hand when he sat back down.

"I'm sorry I missed dinner last night pumpkin."

"No worries."

"I did talk to your momma this morning."

"About what?"

Giving her a small smile. "About a certain core doctor."

Kaylee could feel a blush creeping up on her cheeks. "Your momma said that she could feel something between you two."

Kaylee rolled her eyes. 'ya, core proper' she thought. Then shook her head. "No grandpa. There's nothin' goin' on between us."

"But you want something to happen?"

"I fell for him. But he needed to look after his sister…"

"River right?"

Kaylee nodded. "They were having trouble. Simon and River almost left the ship a couple times."

What kept them?"

"Serenity keeps moving. It's one of the safest places to be."

"You have feelings for this young boy don't you?"

"Yes. He's sweet and kind. He's real good with his sister. He's smart. He makes me feel special."

"Do you love him?"

Pausing a moment and then knowing that she would be caught lying she told the truth. "Yes grandpa I do love him."

"Well, according to your mother that doctor wouldn't stop looking at you at the dinner table."

"I don't know what will happen between Simon and me. It's so complicated right now."

"Make it uncomplicated. You love him and your parents think that he loves you too. Go for it little one. You won't know what you have until it's gone." Her grandfather then squeezed her hand before dropping it and grabbing his guitar again. "Sing for me Kay. It's been a while."

"I don't know grandpa. I haven't sung since I was home last."

"Just try. You never know until you try."


He started to play and Kaylee sat up and watched her grandfather as he played. When it was her time to start she sang.

"Grandpa, tell me 'bout the good ole days.
Sometimes it feels like
this world's gone crazy.
Grandpa, take me back to yesterday,
where the line between right and wrong
didn't seem so hazy.

Did lovers really fall in love to stay?
Stand beside each other come what may?
Was a promise really something people kept,
not just something they would say?
Did families really bow their heads to pray?
Did daddies really never go away?
Whoa oh Grandpa,
Tell me 'bout the good ole days."

She watched as her grandpa played a little by himself before it was time for her to start again.

"Grandpa, everything is changing fast.
We call it progress,
but I just don't know.
And Grandpa, let's wonder back into the past,
and paint me a picture of long ago.

Did lovers really fall in love to stay?
Stand beside each other come what may?
Was a promise really something people kept,
not just something they would say and then forget?
Did families really bow their heads to pray?
Did daddies really never go away?
Whoa oh Grandpa,
Tell me 'bout the good ole days.

Whoa oh Grandpa,
Tell me 'bout the good ole days."

While Kaylee sang and her grandfather played, the crews of Serenity had entered the kitchen and were surprised to hear music. They all pecked out the window leading to the porch. Everybody was at a loss that Kaylee was singing.

"She can sing?" Jayne asked surprised.

"Apparently she can." Zoë answered not taking her eyes away from the young mechanic.

"She sounds amazing." Inara added.

Simon watched as Kaylee smiled as she sang. "Very beautiful."

Mike was confused that none of them ever heard his daughter sing. Then he remembered that she was very self conscious since she was little about singing in public. Even if it was in front of friends. "When she was little. Kaylee had wanted to share her talent with the whole town. She would sing at the town dances and was even requested to sing at a couple Weddings."

Mal was getting more confused about Kaylee by the minute. "Then why didn't we ever know she could sing? I n ever heard a peep of music come from that girl." Mal then looked at his crew and by their stunned faces knew that they never knew she sang either.

"Because a few months before she joined your crew she had lost her voice when she was singing at the town Valentine's dance. And people laughed at her. Including her friends. Mike noticed that all three men from the crew clenched their fist ready to hurt who ever would hurt such a sweet person. "Ever since then Kaylee never sang another song. She hides behind her abilities with machines and made that her main priority. This is the first time she sang since that night."

Then they heard Kaylee finish. Then she kissed her grandfather's cheek before grabbing his hand a pulling him out of his seat. She placed that guitar back on the holder and led him back to the house.

When the crew noticed that Kaylee was heading inside they scattered away in different directions almost knocking each other down in the process and all ran to get a seat at the table and tried to act as though they were busy talking about odds and ends before she came in and found out that they we're really listening to her.

Kaylee and her grandfather found them all around the table when they came through the door. Kaylee was a little worried about if they heard her outside. But the crew was talking with each other and acted as though they didn't hear.