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His voice sent shivers down her spine. "Run."

Jack looked into his eyes to see that Riddick was no longer there. In his place was something feral and wild, and it wanted a chase. She hopped off the counter and ducked around him as fast as he could in the pitch black of her ship.

Where to hide, where to hide? Jack was running purely on instinct. A part of her wanted to be caught, but the other was afraid the animal Riddick had become. She cautiously made her way down the ship's unnaturally dark hallway.

Jack headed towards the kitchen and was just about to step in, when something stopped her. He's in there. She wasn't sure how she knew, or how he'd gotten there, but she could sense him. Cautiously, she backed away from the galley and moved to hide behind the couch. She crouched low and waited for a few moments. Hoping for any telltale sounds to give away Riddick's position. Jack knew it was pointless, but she had to at least try. Hearing nothing, she gradually stood up and edged out of the den.

She hurried on her way to her bedroom, and was almost at the door, when Riddick's body slammed up against her, pinning her back to the cold metal wall. His hands were everywhere on her naked flesh, kneading her breasts painfully as he sucked on her neck. She moaned his name and ran her hands over the taught muscles in his back.

Riddick growled against her flesh, his teeth nipping at her collarbone, as his mouth worked its way down her body.

Feeling bold, Jack tugged his ear between her teeth and nibbled her way up his freshly shaved head. Her teeth scraping along his smooth skin before she bit down on his head like she would an apple.

Riddick grunted in satisfaction as he pushed her off of him, slamming her against the wall again and making her head rattle. He feasted on her lips once more, sucking on her tongue and drawing mewling noises from her mouth into his. Jack's breath hitched as Riddick began to grind his hips cruelly into hers.

Breaking the kiss, he left a trail of teeth marks from her chin to her ear as he began to torment her lobe. "Tell me to stop, Jack." What was left of his rational side was trying to give her an out; letting her no he wouldn't force her, at least not right now. But if she kept responding to him like this and tried to beg out later, he might not have a choice.

But Jack saved him from that dilemma as she snaked her hand between their bodies, and firmly cupped him. Riddick hissed through his teeth as she began to massage him through the fabric of his pants.

"If you stop now," her voice was gruff with passion, "I'll fucking kill you."

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