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Virtual Reality
By Silver Sailor Ganymede

Sometimes Mokuba worried about his brother far more than his brother worried about him. He knew he shouldn't, it would just annoy Seto if he found out, and he tried to convince himself there was really nothing to worry about, but in his heart he knew that there was something wrong.

Ever since Seto had lost that one game to Yugi he had been obsessed. Obsessed with winning, obsessed with becoming the best, obsessed with being perfect. Everything had to be perfect where Seto was concerned.

That, Mokuba supposed, was why his brother hated the real world so much. He had everything that most people would ever have wanted, but the world still wasn't perfect so Seto still hated it. That was the real reason he had changed Kaiba Corporation into a gaming company; it had nothing to do with that one fatal game of chess, nothing at all.

Virtual reality, Mokuba told himself, was perfect. That was why Seto loved it so much; it was everything reality was not. Synthetic beings and simulated landscapes could never be so flawed as the world around you, especially considering when you were the one that had brought those places to life in the first place.

Synthetic beings, synthetic smiles: Seto was becoming as emotionless as the characters he created for his games, as unreal as the holograms from the dueling discs he had designed. He had become almost alien to reality, nothing more than a cheap immitation of what he had been before.

Sometimes Mokuba worried about his brother, but he knew that worrying wouldn't achieve anything; Seto was far too obsessed with his own virtual reality to realise what was happening in the world outside him.