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AN: Short Stand alone Fic

Summary: After Twilight he is Normal.

Look how normal he is, washing his face as he would any other day. Filling the shallow men's room sink with tepid water, then cupping his hands together and lowering them into the water as he leans forward. His face nearly touching the water itself as his hands break the surface and he starts to purge his face clean rubbing his hands over his face, feeling the callous on his right hand scratch against his cheek.

The soap dispenser is before him and he squirts a bare amount into his palms and rubs them together until the soap has formed a slippery lather. Cheap liquid soap seems inadequate and he denies the urge to grab a bar of the strong stuff from Ducky.

He closes his eyes as he works the soap across his skin and keeps them closed while he rinses, yet still when he opens them and looks sadly at the red tinged water his eyes burn. Turning away he shakes his head like a dog sending water flying across the bathroom before he grabs a wad of paper towelling and pats his face dry. Then he checks the mirror and sets his hat back on his head. Behind him a ghost stands with a look of distaste on her face.

" You just going to leave the bowl all bloody like that Tony? You are such a man sometimes." She snaps and he sinks his hand back into the red water and pulls the plug.

" Sorry Kate. But I'm going to take that as a compliment."

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