Resident Evil : Barry's Destiny


A tall bearded man stood near the front door of the Raccoon Police Department, in the middle sized city of Raccoon City. He turned the knob, and quietly walked in the large entrance hall. As the bearded man's footsteps were heard throughout the main hall, a second man, wearing the S.T.A.R.S. (Special Tactics and Rescue Service) uniform, sporting short brown hair got in by a side door. The last man was much younger than the former, alt ought both were in impeccable physical condition.

''Hey Chris'' the older man said to the younger guy.

''Hey Barry... Wesker just called an emergency meeting...'' The younger officer answered to his bearded co-worker.

Both men walked to a nearby door. After a rather long walk, they arrived to their destination. A shiny metal plate was neatly placed beside a wooden door. It read ''Main briefing room''. Barry entered first, followed by Chris.

Inside, three other colleagues were already sitting, but the captain was nowhere to be found. Barry sat near the two others, followed by Chris. Then the door slammed open, and a tall man wearing a black uniform and sunglasses to match walked in. He took place behind the front desk, and took a good look at the men in the room. Himself included, they were six.

Albert Wesker, the man with the shades, was the team captain. Most of his men would say he was mysterious, and very calm. Nobody knew about his personal life. Nobody even knew his birthday date, and most had never even seen his eyes, as he wore permanently his set of black shades. He had blond hair sticked back, and was fairly muscular.

Seated in the far back were Barry and Chris. Barry was a peaceful, normal man. One of the oldest member of the crew, Barry was 38 years old, and was father of two girls, Polly and Moira. Him and his wife Kathy were living a perfect life. Barry was in his 16th year in law enforcement, and was one of the most experienced men in the team.

Then, his friend Chris Redfield. Redfield had been in the U.S. air force for a few years, until he was kicked out for unknown reasons. He was then recruited by his friend Barry to be part of the newly-formed S.T.A.R.S. Team. Next to Chris, Jill Valentine. After spending her teenage in some rather illegal activities that included small-time theft, she joined the air force and met Chris. They became ended up being part of the same team in Raccoon City, after Chris had been kicked out of the army.

Then, the helicopter pilot, Brad Vickers. He was a nervous, and nearly unstable young man mainly interested in electronics and aircraft. He wasn't a bad gunman, but in a real fight, he would be too scared to think, so he ended up pilot.

Finally, there was Joseph Frost, the vehicle specialist. He was 27 years old, fairly muscular, and enthusiastic in his job. He was slightly distinct in his style, sporting a bandanna on his head. Cold-blooded and confident, he was in charge of the team's camera. Wesker started his briefing.

''As you may know, the Bravo team was sent yesterday to investigate on the recent murders that took place in the outskirts of the city, in the Raccoon Forest. Well, last night, we lost contact with their helicopter, and we believe they had to perform and emergency landing in the forest. Our mission his to fly around the zone, and rescue any survivor. No questions? Good, now let's proceed to the heliport.''

The group walked out of the room, and got up a flight of stairs. They reached the hatch to the roof, and opened it, revealing a dark-colored aircraft ready for takeoff. All six men took place in the helicopter, and Brad took the commands. Barry watched the building getting farther and farther until they were out of sight. He didn't knew why, but he had a strange feeling about that mission.

The helicopter flew over the zone at a low altitude. Suddenly, Jill spotted a large object in the forest. It looked like a helicopter wreck.

''Chris, look...''

Chris turned his attention to the area she was pointing with her finger, and saw the crash site. The captain instructed Brad to land in a nearby clear spot. As the aircraft's rails touched the grass, all of the men except Brad were out. The latter stopped the engine, and sat back quietly, waiting for the rest of the team to return.