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Tales of Symphonia: Troubled Times

Chapter 1: Back...

"I'm soooo bored!" whined a certain red head swordsman.

"Well, find a way to entertain yourself!" snapped the ninja sitting beside him.

"Sheena, maybe you can entertain me!" Zelos winked.



"Zelos, you're such an idiot." retorted Genis, playing with a deck of cards.

"I heard that, you little twerp!"

Well, it WAS peaceful back on Earth until a mishap happened. Lloyd, our Eternal Swordsman had transported the large group to Earth instead of Derris-Kharlan. And it wasn't only his group - it was about fourty five more survivors that had managed to survive the horrid Theron's grasp of death. Lloyd was still hitting himself on the head for mistaking it, because they were now trapped there after Origin mysteriously vanished after the transporting.

Nari, on the back of Starlitt - Yuka's mare - rode up, bareback, "C'mon, Zelos. Just because you're bored doesn't mean you have to torture everyone else. There's plenty to do around here! They have their own breeding grounds filled with animals! -It's rather impressive."

"I'm glad you think so." smiled a woman named Sabrina, who was Yuka's adoptive mother.

"I'm glad that you're glad because I truly am impressed." Nari nodded, smirking.

Yuka came running out of the house, ran up the large, steep hill, flying (Literally) past Zelos, Sheena, Nari, Genis, and Sabrina up by the same apple tree that had triggered their quest. A certain silver head Sage was charging after her, "I must see how this 'cell phone' works!!!!" Raine cried.

Yuka ignored her, still talking on the silver flip phone, repeating on the phone to her friend, "No, it's not a party, it's a mistake! ...Well, tell him you don't want to. ...No, it's not that hard!"


"Uhh...can I call you back? 'K. See ya later. Huh? Xylon? ...He's...not here anymore...yes, he, I can't tell you how...alright...yeah, just tell Zach I said 'hey'...okay...alright, bye." Yuka flipped her phone down, ending the conversation. She landed on the roof of their large barn, taunting Raine because she couldn't reach her.

"Just five minutes!"




"We're back!" chirped the ex-chosen from Sylvarant.

"I like the woods." commented Lloyd, "There's no screaming Zelos."

"Hey!" Zelos made a puppy face.

Kratos rubbed his head, already annoyed at returning so soon, and having to hear this racket. You'd think kids these days would quiet down after four thousand years...right?


Anna stomped over to Zelos, slapped him in the head, making him whine and wipe the look off his face.

Two girls approached the group, telling their mother that the survivors were now hidden in the woods in treehouses. One girl, obviously the oldest, with brown hair and green eyes looked at her mother, up at Yuka on the rooftop, and back at her mother, sighing as her younger sister explained everything before her, then she ran over and glomped Zelos, "I love Zelos!" (My sister really is a Zelos fan. But this isn't what they really look like) She had long brown hair and brown eyes.

"Gah! Can't breath!" Zelos gasped.

"Hey!" Sheena fumed, "He's taken!"

The girl backed off, "Sorry. Couldn't resist."

Sabrina sighed, "Oh, stop that, Hazel." and she turned to the older sister, "Myrtle, where's Mahala?"

"Still swinging from tree to tree." Myrtle blinked, "She likes the treehouses a little TOO much. I think she needs to take a chill-"

"I'm BAACCKKK!" rang a voice.

"Dang. She's back." Hazel frowned, snapping her fingers.

A girl with REALLY LONG brown hair and hazel eyes approached, followed by Luke, Irene, and their other dog - a syberuan husky named Crescent - coming out of the forest.

"Who's she?" asked Celeste, petting the horses along with her son, "I knew you had two 'big sisters,' but you never told me you had a 'younger sister.'"

"Yeah, she's always in the forest, working on stuff, and building stuff. That's my 'little sister', Mahala." Yuka informed.

"Nice ta meet ya." Mahala grinned sweetly.

"She looks like an angel, but she's really a devil." murmured Hazel.

"I heard that, ya know." Mahala glared.

Nari sighed, and ignored them, and turned her attention to a pair of twins and their sister, "You guys wanna ride with me? I'm gonna ride around."

The youngest, Athena, cheered, "Yeah! I want to!"

Rylan and Renne grinned, "Why not?"

"I'll stay." Zeki grunted.

Then, the three looked at their mother and father first, "Can we?"

Scarlett and Yuan raised an eyebrow, saying, "I don't see why not."

"Yah!" Renne smiled.

"Chirp, chirp, cchhhhrrriiiippp!"

"Lloyd, did you HAVE to transport that dam bird, too?" groaned an evil glaring Presea.

"Uhh...I didn't mean to!" Lloyd countered.

"Yeah, whatever." Genis shook his head, going back to his book while Yuka was now trying to fly out of Raine's magic area. "NOO! YOU ARE NOT LOOKING AT MY CELL PHONE!!! GENIS SAGE, RESTRAIN YOUR SISTER!!!!"

"How am I supposed to do that?" Genis questioned.


Genis sighed, and walked in front of Raine, waving a vase. Raine froze, staring at the vase and not who was holding it. Her left eye twitched as she chased down her brother, screaming all the facts of the vase. Rylan raised a confused eyebrow, "Someone still has yet to tell me WHY she's like that."

"Long story short: they were dumped as children, and she found the place where they were abandond, but she hasn't worn off of her craze." the human Noishe reported, not looking away from Regal's eye from a staring contest. (No, they're not lesbion or gay! No offense to anyone.)

"Oh." was Rylan unsatisfied answer.

"We've only been here for a month..." complained Mithos, "And we STILL haven't found Origin OR a way to get outta here. I need to shout this to the world: I HATE MY LLIIIIFFFFEEEEE!"

They listened to the echo of Mithos's voice and sweatdropped.

Kratos sighed, "I must hold on before I, too, go totally mad."

Anna poked him randomly.

"Too late."

"Oh, perk up. A have some recomended bottles of wine at the house. There's more than plenty. Get yourselves completly drunk, if you want." Sabrina grinned evilly.

Nari raised her hand, "I'm in!"

"Me too!" Zelos cried.

Everyone else looked at the teens on or near the horses and snapped, "None for you."

Rylan muttered, "Maybe if they get drunk enough, we should steal some for ourselves."

Hazel smirked dangerously and told the teens, "I think you guys should wait in the treehouses. It's not pretty when they get drunk."

"How do you know?" Athena asked.

"Lemme just say one thing: internet."

"What's internet?"

"An online thing on the computer."

"What's a computer?"

"A technology device that allows you to tap onto stuff that you can't normally."

"...I don't get it."

Yuka offered, "I'll show you sometime."

"Okay!" Athena smiled, getting on the back of Starlitt behind Nari.

"Be back. You guys ready?" Nari asked, looking back at Rylan and Renne sharing a quarter horse.

"Yeah." they chorused.

"Then let's go."

They tapped the horses gently on their stomachs with their heels, telling them to go forward. They went down the hill, automatically having the neighbors run up and ask, "Are you shooting a movie? Why are you dressed like that?"

Nari groaned, telling the others not to answer.

All she did was glare threateningly at them, and they nearly wet themselves, running inside.

Nari smirked victoriously, keeping the horses on their course.

"Well..." Lloyd looked at the position of the sun, which was heading downward, "I'd say it's about...6:32, so who's ready to get drunk?!"

Myrtle looked at her watch, shocked that it was, indeed, 6:32!

"Memememe!" Zelos smirked.

Colette twitched slightly, but nodded, "I haven't ever drinken..."

Sheena nodded, "First time for everyone. Wait - you have drank before! Back when I first became chief!"

Colette sagged her shoulders, thinking, "...I did?"

"Wow. She got REALLY drunk." blinked Presea.

"Well, c'mon." Kratos groaned, "I want to get this over with."

"Hey, am I still considered a child?" asked Mithos.

"...No, technicly not." Yuan shook his head.

"AWRIGHT!" Mithos pumped his fist.

"Drunk world, here we come." Anna sneered.


They didn't begin drinking until Nari returned, (out of the goodness of their hearts) and then they began. It was two hours later, and they were the most nineteen people you would've ever met. The nineteen as in the same Lloyd, Colette, Genis, Kratos, Raine, Sheena, Zelos, Presea, Regal, Noishe, Anna, Scarlett, Celeste, Mithos, Nari, Sabrina, Hazel, Mahala, and Myrtle.

They'd also been exchanging jokes whenever they did 'spin the bottle' and it landed on somebody.

Zelos spun it, and it landed on Anna. She giggled, "I remember one time, I think the first time Kratos and me had you-know-what...I became prenant with Lloyd."

Lloyd blinked, waving a shaking fist, "I did NOT know that!"

Anna then spun it, and it pointed at Mahala. She admitted, "The first guy I kissed was in kindergarten!"

Everyone laughed at that...for some strange reason. She spun it, landing on Nari. She groaned and said, "One time, I became drunk back when there were still strange animals on the planets, and I got so drunk, I couldn't mount my horse. It picked me up by the shirt, and dragged me home!


Outside, the four teenagers were gaping at how drunk their parents were. The jokes...were most disturbing.

Athena made a vomiting noise and coughed, "I can't take anymore. I'm going back to the treehouses to sleep."

"I'll go with you." Zeki twitched.

"Me, too." Renne srunched her face up.

"And me." Rylan groaned.

The four walked back to the treehouses, not hearing anything from their parents until morning. They reached the treehouses in the woods crawling with panthers and bears (which they really reside in my woods in my backyard) safely. They then heard a faint voice, and they saw a white glowing spirit - like a ghost.

"Rylan...Renne, Athena...Zeki..." it begged, "Listen to me."

"Origin?!" Athena gasped.

"Yes. Listen, I have not the power to transport you back to Symphonia. I won't have it for some time. The only thing I can tell you is this: tell your parents...someone has been constantly watching you." and Origin faded away.

"Origin, wait!" Renne pleaded, but he vanished.

"Well, I guess we'll have to wait until morning." Zeki sighed, "They wouldn't take it seriously with how drunk they are right now."

"Yeah." Rylan nodded.

They climbed up the ladders into their 'rooms' in the treehouse. They were unaware of two dark hazel eyes staring at them once they fell asleep.

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