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Chapter 14: Rescue Mission...

"I'm worried, now. Scarlett's soul is wandering, and hasn't been back for over two hours now." Yuan looked at his wife with worry.

All the other adults stood quietly in the room, after they'd sent the teens out. Mithos frowned, "Theron couldn't have done anything...could he've?"

Noishe shrugged, "It may be possible."

"But HOW is the question..." Sheena cocked her head.

Celeste hissed, "I know it's Theron. He's got Zeki, too. He's more powerful than Yggdrasill was. More powerful than Mithos. More powerful than all of us. Who knows what he could've done to her spirit. The only thing we can do is go back to his place, and bring Scarlett's body. Otherwise..." she trailed off.

Colette gravely finished, "She could die. Zeki, too."

"Well, let's not stay here much longer. On to Theron's!" Lloyd declared.

"...After we get suppiles." Anna dumbly reminded.

"Oh, yeah..." Lloyd rubbed the back of his head.


"You can't keep me here forever, stupid!" Zeki barked.

"On the contrary...I can keep you here as long as I like. Don't think I don't remember what Scarlett said that night in the woods. I know of her little 'prophecy'. Trust me." Theron sneered.

Scarlett's soul was laying on the ground, attempting to get up, but on her wrists were strange bracelets that shocked her, sending electricitry throughout her 'body'. She growled, "Theron, you know deep inside that this is wrong!"

Zeki had then just spotted her outline on the floor after hearing her voice, "Aunt Scarlett?..."

"Yes, kid." Theron rolled his eyes, "Your aunt isn't all-powerful know, is she? But...if your refuse to join me, I can shock you just as I can her."

He snapped his fingers, and Scarlett was shocked harder, sending her screams through the halls. Zeki winced. What should he do? He couldn't just join him, and betray his family, cousins, friends. Theron shocked her again. Zeki bit his lip, and narrowed his eyes in thought.

"Time's running out, kid." Theron warned. "I will tell you now, if you join me, I'll let Scarlett's soul go."

Zeki looked up, "Really? You'll let her go and leave everyone alone?"

"Ze...Zeki! Don't believe him! He needs me to be sacrificed to supposidly bring Jane back!" Scarlett yelled desperatly, "Yuan and the others are coming, I know it!"

"Silence, angel!" Theron shocked her, causing her to scream once more.

Zeki snapped, "STOP IT!"

"Well? What is your answer?" Theron droaned.



"You want me to WHAT?!" Yuka screeched.

Yuan had taken Yuka into another room right before they were ready to leave. Let's go see what they're talking about, huh?

"I need you to stay behind."

Great. Another Lloyd and Colette.


"Think about it. Theron needs Scarlett and you to be sacrificed. That's why you were sent to Earth, remember?! I don't want to put you in danger!"

"I am NOT staying!"


"If I'm nearby, you'd be able to actually protect me! YOU think about it!"

Lloyd twitched outside, " least Colette didn't do that."

"I did, though. I spoke in her place." Zelos grinned sheepishly.

"I didn't what, Lloyd?" Colette came up, carrying some supplies.

"Nothing, angel."

"Oh, okay."

So...Yuan finally gave in and hissed firmly, "If there is ANY sign that Theron's about to get you, I'm getting you out of there. Scarlett, too."

"Fine. Now let's go." Yuka nodded.

The group all got ready, and brought out their wings and Rheairds. Just as they were leaving, Ryan ran up to Nari and stated, "I'm coming, too."

"What?" Nari raised an eyebrow, slowly lifting off the ground.

Ryan brought out his wings, and fluttered up, "I'm coming. I'm sick of sitting around here and doing nothing while this evil dude's trying to take over the world!"

"I don't mind. As long as you're careful." Nari blinked.

"Take your own advice."

"Don't make me-"


Noishe ran past them, and took off on his Rheairds, "Ya'll are slower than Gnome trying to fly." he taunted.

"I'm gonna get you, Noishe!" Nari flew after him, catching up, and slapping him, causing him to reel in pain.

They flew as fast as they could, Yuan carrying Scarlett's body with him as they entered the Temple of Darkness from the back, where Nari had shown them. Yuan grumbled, trying to crawl through the holes, "This is tricky. I wish something hadn't have happened..."

"Don't we all?" Kratos sarcastically remarked.

Lloyd gaped and stared at his dad. Sarcasim? Wow, maybe he was finally lightening up. Yeah right, he scoffed.

They had to take a few extra minutes to bring Scarlett's body through the tunnel safely. Then, they peered out through the ends of the tunnels, and no one was around. Nari guessed that they were all on a break in a large room near the deepest area. They should be safe...for a little while.

Yuan placed her body on his back, then ran with the others before hearing two seperate voices screaming. Both were familiar. They ran in the direction the screams were coming from, reaching a tunnel with a three way split. All the heads turned to Nari.

She sweatdropped, "Hey...this part looks new."

The others grumbled and shook their heads. Andrew suggested, "Try the Mana. Maybe we can find a trail."

They did so, focusing and concentrating hard. Athena chirped, "I feel it strongest coming from the right."

"Me too." Renne nodded.

"And me." Rylan agreed.

"Me as well." Mithos pointed, "Right, then."

"Let's go." Yuka walked towards the entrance, but was met with fire blasting out of the tunnel. She managed to summon her wings and jump out of the way in time. She cursed, for parts of the side of her clothes got scraped by the flames.

Then, they were met with someone they didn't quite expect.

Sheena held her breath, "Scarlett?"

The floating soul was crying, tears flying, the bracelets around her wrists. She cried, "Guys, break the bracelets, then I can get back to my body!"

Presea frowned, "Why are you doing this?"

Theron came up behind him, holding Zeki by the collar of his shirt. He was knocked out, and some noticable scraps were on her arms. Celeste had gasped loudly with horror, and Kratos hissed, "Theron. Let. Them. Go." in his if-you-don't-I'm-gonna-kick-your-ass tone of voice.

"What if I don't?" Theron challanged.

Genis bravely stated, "We may be individually weaker than you, but with all of our strength combind, we can kill you easily."

"Is that so? Well, I have your precious Scarlett and Zeki. If you kill me, who can give you the spell to brake the bond I have over her. If you kill me, I can swiftly get at this boy, too." Theron raised Zeki.

At that moment, the teen began to stir. He slowly opened his eyes, and realized what was going on, "Mom! The key for Scarlett is in his side pocket of his jeans!"

Celeste nodded, and spotted it.

Theron drew his scythe, "You would challange me? I am death itself."

Athena growled, "You're a disgrace to scythe-users. Shinigami(death spirits) may use scythes, but we represent life! Idiot."

"What did you call me?"

"An. Idiot." Athena slowly said, "Geez, are you retarded, too?"

Theron threw Zeki into the back to the wall, and dashed at the purplehead. She evaded easily, and drew her scythe. The others drew their weapons, but she firmly commanded, "No. This one's mine."

"Are you kiddin' me?!" Zelos frowned, "He'd kill you!"

"No, he wouldn't."

Celeste understood the firmness in her voice, and ran behind them, running for Zeki. But, she looked at her sister, who grimly informed, "He said he'd kill Zeki if I didn't help him."

"Well...when you put it like that, I'm glad you didn't." Celeste grinned. She kneeled by Zeki, and felt his pulse. He'd be fine. It was strong.

Kratos came over and healed his grandson quickly. Zeki opened his eyes and saw Celeste hugging him. He gasped, "'re killing me...can't breathe..."

Celeste let go of him, and looked him in the eye, "Zeki, did you find out anything? Did he hurt you? What did he do to Scarlett?"

"Mom, you're being to motherly." Zeki smirked, then saw Athena fighting Theron behind her. His eyes went wide, "Why is Athena fighting him?! He'll kill her!"

Zelos came over with Sheena, "That's what I said."

Celeste looked at them in thought, "I just...have this feeling that there's more to her than meets the eye. I mean, aside from the whole already being an Aurion thing."

Anna scoffed, "You're just now figuring that out?"

Her daughter stared at her in a do-I-look-that-stupid look.

Anna rolled her eyes, "Never mind."

"I will."

Meanwhile, Athena and Theron were in a evenly matched battle...which was very surprising. Athena swung her scythe and bellowed, "Heaven's Breath!" striking Theron critically. He reeled over in pain, and growled, "Who...who are you?"

Athena lowered her scythe from the final blow, and shook her head, "I am a normal twelve year old half-elf."

She turned her back. That was a mistake. Theron managed to bring his scythe up and slash Athena down her back. She turned, not even screaming. "What...was that?"

Everyone was staring unbelievably by then.

Yuan was the first to recover. He raised his weapon, and brought it down to Theron, but he teleported by then. Yuan cursed, then turned to his adopted daughter. "Athena..."

"I wanted to tell you sooner, but I knew you'd find out eventually." Athena smiled weakly. Gray wings came from her back. "I am Spiritua...reincarnated."

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