Wallace and Gromit belongs to Aardman Animations and "Always a Woman" to Billy Joel.

"Merely a Penguin"
As sung by Wallace
To the tune of "Always a Woman" by Billy Joel

I rented a room out and Feathers moved in
He took Gromit's room and I should have guessed then
They hated each other from the start, you see
Feathers McGraw he was merely a penguin to me

I was in the red and my payments belated
Three pence in the safe; I was far from elated
Now Gromit he sensed the penguin's perfidy
That he was a thief; but was merely a penguin to me

A base of ops was his wish
For a heist and for me
To be the fall guy
I saw none of this at all
I saw rent pouring in
What a dimwit was I

He curried my favor and Gromit rejected
I fĂȘted the bird; Gromit left quite dejected
Next morning I thought Gromit was pranking me
For Feather McGraw he was merely a penguin to me

In the museum I woke
To the sound of alarms
And it seemed quite absurd
Feathers was stealing a gem
So we chased him and then
Gromit bottled the bird

The next day, we turned in the gem-burgling fool
He learned a big lesson in Hard Knocks High School
But he may return in probability
But I'm hoping like you that he stays in the zoo
He is more than a penguin to me