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Harry coughed the water out of his mouth but more water gushed in as he gasped for air. He kicked out his legs but they felt heavy almost as if his feet were tied together. He wiggled his body while trying to fan the water out of his way with his arms.

Slowly, he saw a brown speck and watched as it grew grew bigger and bigger as he neared the surface. He realized it was a ship. He was saved! A voice inside his head, that suspiciously sounded like Snape sneered. If you can get to the surface in time.

His arms were sore, and his kicks were becoming weak, and the need to breathe burned his throat. He didn't have much air left in his lungs and all he wanted to do was open his mouth and take a breath. And he was almost there, and he could almost taste the air.

But he wasn't going to make it. With a gasp, he felt water rush in his mouth and fill his lungs.

Then the weirdest sensation swept over him as he exhaled the water out not through his nose nor his mouth, but somewhere in his neck.

He broke the surface.

Harry brought his hand up to his neck and felt gash marks on his neck. Three straight lines from right below his jaw to his collar bone on both sides of his neck.


He knew that voice. Harry looked up and noticed Draco Malfoy leaning over the rail of a three masted barque.

He noticed a man carrying three big boxes walking along the rail. He watched as the man swayed under the weight, and didn't seem to notice Malfoy only a few steps ahead. A screech broke out of his throat as he tried to yell out, "Watch out!"

Slowly, he saw Malfoy's eyebrows furrow and his mouth open to let out a yell as he toppled over the rail and fell into the water.

Without too much thought, Harry dived under the water. He felt a tightening in his stomach as he swam after Malfoy. The sight of the unmoving body sinking deeper and deeper into the ocean gave him a sudden burst of speed. He reached out his arms and wrapped them around Malfoy's torso, and swam as fast as he could to the surface.

Malfoy coughed up water as they broke the surface but gave no notion of waking up. The ship had sailed off, it's sails billowing in the wind.

Harry yelled after the ship. He waved his arm above his head trying to get somebody's attention but the ship grew smaller and smaller.

Frantically, he paddled after it while trying to keep Malfoy's head above the water, but trying to swim without drowning Malfoy was harder than he thought. The water constantly splashed in their faces, and when he pushed Malfoy above the surface, he would sink below it.

In the midst of trying not to drown, Harry found he could breathe underwater as long as he breathed through his neck, which was such an odd thought that he pushed it to the back of his mind and decided to think about it later.

Currently, Harry found swimming backwards seemed the easiest to keep them afloat and Malfoy from drowning. He had been swimming for what felt like hours and the lump in his arms had not stirred.

Grab his nose!

Harry blinked at the silly thought. Except, now that he thought about it, it sounded like a good idea. Grinning, Harry reached over and pinched Malfoy's nose between his thumb and forefinger. A few seconds passed but nothing. What if he was suffocating Malfoy?

Just as he was about to let go, Malfoy gasped, taking a big breath before coughing.

Malfoy moaned, his eyes fluttered before slowly opening. The sudden onslaught of light blurred his vision, but he could make out bright green eyes. "Angel?"

Harry grinned down at Malfoy before letting him go. Now that he was awake, he could very well swim on his own.

A series of splashes surprised him, and Harry had to take a moment to cough up the water and guard his face. Shocked at how childish Malfoy was and extremely irritated at how he was repaying him for keeping him alive, Harry opened his mouth to tell him off only to be confronted by an undignified Malfoy.

Malfoy had not been splashing water at him, rather, he seemed to be trying not to drown. The distinction only made at seeing Malfoy gasping for breath, the indistinguishable sounds that escaped his mouth, and his wide eyes frantically looking for something to grab on to.

It was in the next moment that Harry realized that Malfoy had decided he was that something to grab on to. Water rushed above his head as Malfoy clawed at his shoulders and head to stay above the water. It quickly filled his lungs as he gasped for air as he frantically moved his limbs to keep from drowning, and with a final push Malfoy was flung off.

He broke the surface and took a big gulp of air. "Malfoy?" he screeched as he looked around for the blond. Just as he was about to dive under, Malfoy shot out of the water.

"We can bloody well stand," Malfoy growled.

Harry blinked twice. He let his leg sink and felt sand rub gently against his skin. Gently, he pushed up. The water slid across his chest and leveled under his waist, revealing a very green hip.

"Are those... scales?" Malfoy said.

Confused, Harry tried to scratch them off only to find that the action brought pain. He slid his hand down his thigh to feel that the scales continued all the way down.

Hands grabbed his hip and the world tilted as he was flung over Malfoy's shoulders.

"You've got fins!"

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