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It was a dark stormy night. Elizabeth was stuck out in the storm with nowhere to go. She had been out on her daily walk and had gotten lost. The rain was pelting down and she was running through the woods trying to find shelter.

Her gown was ripping on the thorns and bushes and she was beginning to get frightened, when all of a sudden she saw a light ahead. It was coming nearer and nearer.

"Do you need help, Miss Bennet?" came the voice of Mr. Darcy.

In other circumstances she would have been quite angry to see him, but now she was in desperate need of help.

"No, I was rather hoping you would just leave me here to catch a chill," came her sarcastic reply.

He helped her onto his horse.

"What were you doing out here anyway?" he asked

"I got lost," she replied.

As the rain pelted down even harder, she huddled closer to him for warmth. However, they continued on in silence.

Elizabeth didn't ask him where they were going - as long as they were going somewhere dry, she didn't care. Soon they arrived at a magnificent mansion.

He helped her off his horse and led her into the front hall.

"Is this where you live?" she said, amazed.

"Yes…why yes, it is," he said in his stern sort of voice, a hint of softness playing across his lips.

He helped her inside as a maid rushed over to take their coats.

"Shall I take the miss up to get some dry clothes," she said.

He nodded and the maid gestured for Elizabeth to follow her.

She led her up a grand marble staircase and into a lavishly furnished hall. From there they entered into a guest bedroom, with richly decorated curtains and furniture.

"I'll be right back Miss," said the maid, "I am going to get you a dry pair of undergarments and a clean dress."

The maid looked at her sopping, ripped dress with disdain and then left the room.

About five minutes later she re-entered the room with a folded pile of clothes in her hands.

"I borrowed these from the young Miss Georgiana. They looked about your size, but I'm sorry if they don't fit exactly."

"Thank you. I'm sure they will fit fine," Elizabeth said, smiling while taking the clothes.

"Will you need any help getting them on, Miss?" the maid said.

"I'm sure I will manage," Elizabeth replied, hoping that the maid would soon be gone.

She looked down at the clothes, which were a shade of light red. There was a simple pattern of roses along the bottom of the gown and the cuffs fanned out at the end in a lovely shade of cream.

She tried on the dress and, although the dress was a little short, it fit fine.

She hung her clothes up by the stove and headed down the stairs to what she thought might be the parlor.

Sitting in the room was Mr. Darcy and his sister. He immediately stood up as Elizabeth entered the room.

"Miss Bennet, may I inquire as to why you were out so late?" Mr. Darcy said, concern showing on his face.

As she sat down, she immediately burst into tears. "It's Jane – she's horribly ill. She has a deathly form of pneumonia and we all fear she won't be able to hold on much longer. Our family can hardly afford the bills for the doctor and the medicine prescribed to her. How can it be to lose one's best friend and sister? I should dare not wish to know."

"Why are you here, if Jane is back in Longbourne?" Mr. Darcy asked.

"My family came to Lampton to look for a good doctor that we could afford. Money is getting low and Jane needs the medicine," Elizabeth said, losing focus with her mind on her family and Jane.

"I can see you're in no state to be moved at the moment. I will contact your family and let them know you are here, but for now you should rest."

Darcy called the maid and Elizabeth was led back to her room. When the maid finally left, she collapsed onto the bed and cried herself to sleep.

Downstairs, Darcy made arrangements for his manservant to send word to the Bennets at the inn at Lampton.

His manservant left into the pouring.

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