Woo! I'm back...again! I really like this chapter! I find it quite humorous. Someone gave me the idea for it, so thank you for it! You'll know who you are when it gets around to it:D Enjoy and R&R!

Hunter: Rubbing forehead, muttering swear words under his breath.

Shawn: Plugging ears. Not listening to your muttering. Looks up. Welcome back!

Hunter: Huh? See's the camera is on. Sighs. Guess what? We have a new segment of Tea Time with DX…thanks to the asshole, Vince McMahon.

Shawn: Hunter! He is our boss! You can't say those things!

Hunter: Oh…I can. And I will. I have many more, much worse, but I'll save you guys the time.

Shawn: Sighs and shakes head. But, our new segment is where we will have a guest on the show! So that means, longer episodes! Woo!

Hunter: Yeah! And Shawn won't tell me who it is!

Shawn: …Woo!

Hunter: Blinks. …Let's get on with the first caller. Pushes the button.

Shawn: What's your name?

Caller: Betty.

Hunter: Mutters. That's a boring name…

Shawn: Hm?

Hunter: What?

Shawn: What?

Hunter: Voice?

Betty: Can you answer my question, please?!

Shawn: Of course. What is it?

Betty: When are you two going to retire?

Shawn: NEVER! Laughs maniacally. Pause.

Hunter: Stares at Shawn, then turns to camera. Anyways…uh, I don't know. Hopefully not for a long time. I wanna be like Ric, wrestling for God knows how many years, and still be on top. I want to be that.

Shawn: Same here. As long as my back will hold out, I'll be there, doing what I love, every Monday night. DX will be around for a loooooong time.

Hunter: Nods and hangs up. Another great starter call. Let's check out this one. Pushes button.

Shawn: What's your name?

Caller: Veronica.

Hunter: Another girl, huh? Shrugs. What's your question?

Veronica: Who is your special guest today? We're all dying to know!

Shawn: That, Veronica, is a secret! But I can tell you, you will blown away.

Hunter: Nods. To tell you the truth, I don't even know who it is, like I said earlier. Shawn- Turns to him –won't tell me!

Shawn: Patience, my dear friend, patience!

Hunter: If it's Viscera, I'm going to be very upset.

Shawn: No! It's not the World's Largest Love Machine!

Hunter: Thank God. Hangs up. Next!

Shawn: This is our last one, people! Make it worth it! Pushes the button.

Hunter: What's your name?

Caller: Peggy.

Hunter: Looks around, slightly confused. Where are you guys living?! The 1800's?!

Shawn: Hunter! Turns to camera. Sorry, Peggy, he didn't mean it. Punches Hunter in the arm.

Hunter: Yes I did! I very much so meant it!

Peggy: …Starts crying.

Hunter: Eyes widen. Peggy?

Peggy: Triple H hates me! Hangs up.

Shawn: Turns to Hunter, tapping his foot.

Hunter: Peggy?! Peggy, come back! I didn't mean it! It was a joke!

Shawn: Tsk, tsk, tsk.

Hunter: Oh, shut up, Playgirl model!

Shawn: Glares.

Hunter: …Joking. Really. I am.

Shawn: You better be. Turns back to camera. Now…for the moment you've all be waiting for! Our special guest-

Hunter: Sits up a bit straighter. Intense.

Shawn: Glances at him. Stephanie McMahon!

Hunter: WHAT?!

Shawn: Take that Eric Bischoff! Telling me I'm not controversial! HA!

Stephanie walks out.

Shawn: Welcome, Steph.

Steph: Thank you, Shawn. Glares at Hunter.

Hunter: Slouches in seat, glaring back.

Shawn: Tension is in the air people. You can cut it with a knife!

Hunter: Why is she here?!

Shawn: Vince said that we needed a guest! And he picked her!

Steph: Smirks. That's right, Triple H, me!

Hunter: I got you fired! Why are you here?!

Shawn: Vince said we needed a guest! And he-

Hunter: I know what he said!

Steph: Well, HBK, let's get on with these questions.

Shawn: Right. Well, first off, do you ev-

Hunter: I got one. Why are you here?!

Shawn: Vince said we ne-

Hunter: Glares.

Shawn: Shuts up. Uhm…I'm just going to let you two talk this over…Scoots chair back and watches them.

Steph: You didn't think that I pass up this opportunity, did you?!

Hunter: I would've!

Steph: Well you're not Stephanie McMahon!

Shawn: Cuts in. That's good. Or else he would look really bad in that skirt.

Stephanie and Hunter look at him.

Shawn: Sorry.

Hunter: Looks back to her. Do you stalk me?! I got you fired so you could get away from me! Then you come and the GM of SmackDown! Then you come here! What is this hell I am in?!

Steph: You should've never messed with me, Hunter, way back in after your return. I am like a rash. You can get rid of me, but I will come back.

Hunter: What the hell does that even mean?! Gets up. I'm gone!

Shawn: Wait! Don't leave me here!

Hunter: Then come with me!

Shawn: We can't leave the show!

Steph: Laughing. Oh…Hunter, you never cease to amuse me.

Hunter: How about I amuse by sticking my foot up you-

Shawn: WHOA! Okay! We're done for today! Thanks for watching Tea Time with DX! Drags Hunter out of the room, leaving Steph there, still laughing.