I was leveling up Sora's drive forms, and I just wanted tow rite about them, heh. I tend to be the kind of person that finds weird symbolism in stuff, and I have my current English teacher, Mr. Whyte, to thank for that (haha I'll laugh if he actually reads this one day).

Anyways, these are shorts on Sora's drive-forms. Not very long, just random. Enjoy.

Disclaimer: I'm not Square-Enix and Disney and so on...

The power of the brave: Valor Form.

In clothing that glowed a blazing Red, Sora was capable to act and move in ways that only the bravest would ever attempt. With powers lent to him by Goofy, the King's Knight at Arms, Sora was the strongest in that world, for the time being.

His time being limited, Sora wasted no time, moving quickly against the Heartless, delivering strong, fatal blows that he knew he didn't have the real strength for. He didn't care, this was so cool! His speed was quicker than usual, and he could nearly jump as high as he ever dared to dream.

The power of the brave, the power of the knight: the chance to be the knight in shining armor, to be the true hero.

Comming up: Wisdom Form.

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