Love's Will

Summary: Sequel to Syrus' Sacrifice. Syrus and Zane along with the rest of the hang have graduated. The couple is finally at rest in their mansion away from Camilla and the shadow riders, where they will be to live their own life...but will it turn out so happy? MPREG, Yaoi, INCEST

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Love's Will

Chapter One


Syrus and Zane Trusedale were happily living at their own mansion together as a couple. They had been together for over seven years now, and were married at that. But something was strange.

Lately though, Syrus has begun to get sick, and Zane is worried that something is wrong with Syrus. He asks Syrus to go to the doctor at least twice a day, but Syrus insists that he is fine because it always goes away before lunch time.

Still, Zane worries.

That morning, Syrus was rushing out of their shared room and into the bathroom to get rid of the remains of what he had for meals yesterday. Zane heard him retching in the bathroom yet again and sighed sadly and he walked down to the bathroom to rub Syrus' back comfortingly. It was beginning to become a morning routine for them both.

When Syrus was done, Zane took a piece of toilet paper and gently wiped Syrus' mouth. Syrus then brushed his teeth to get rid of the awful taste, and got changed into different clothes. Zane was with him the whole time incase something happened.

And it did.

Syrus began to sway and fall to the ground from a dizzy spell, and Zane caught him just in time. Syrus smiled up at Zane, but when he looked up, he saw double.

"Zane, why do I see two of you?" he asked.

"Syrus, I'm taking you to the doctor," Zane said. "Today. That's final."

Syrus merely nodded, sighing, too dizzy to say anything back. He merely snuggled into Zane for warmth before falling into sleep. Zane sighed and placed him back in the bed carefully and getting in next to him, hugging him tightly. He merely stared at the window. 'What's wrong with Syrus...?' he thought worriedly. 'Is he sick...? Or is it something... more?'

Syrus sighed happily in his sleep and Zane just had to smile at him. His precious angel. He was safe from Camilla and all the Shadow Riders out there. They had all been defeated by Jaden and his friends. Speaking of Jaden, he and Chazz were on their honeymoon. They had just gotten married a month ago.

As for the others, they hadn't really corresponded. Bastion's into some Science lab, and no one knows what happened to Hassleberry or Aster. So it was just Syrus, Jaden, Chazz, and Zane left. Oh, don't forget Alexis.

Alexis and Atticus still lived together but got separate jobs. Alexis was now the number one dancer in Tokyo, and Atticus was a famous singer with many CDs out in stores. Alexis was seeing someone that nobody knew of...yet. But hey, the world has had so many surprises for them, nothing could shock them anymore.


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