Love's Will


Happy Ending

It had been a week and Chazz was out of the hospital ward and back with Jaden and Syrus and Zane. Jaden was out for a while but he promised he would be back later, and for once, Chazz believed him.

Syrus and Zane were cuddled up on one of the chairs in the living room with Mizuki. Syrus was sitting in Zane's lap with Mizuki in Syrus's arms.

Chazz was sitting on the couch holding his and Jaden's new baby. Tamiko was up in her own room doing who knows what.

Syrus and Zane were talking quietly and Chazz merely stared out in space, waiting for Jaden.

"Please, you must let me stay with Chazz!" Jaden pleaded. He was up in heaven and just pleading with the Gods to let him have another life with Chazz. He didn't care what it took.

"I'm sorry, Jaden, but you must follow the rules. After you die, you can only be brought back as an angel and as such can spend a limited amount of time with your family," one of the Gods said.

Tears began to form in Jaden's eyes. "Please... I-I'll do anything..." he whispered, his voice cracking.

The gods began talking and whispering to each other. Jaden was almost on the ground in tears. One placed a hand on Jaden's shoulder, causing him to look up.

"We've never seen a spirit such as yours, Jaden," one of them said. "Because you love your family and your friends so much... we have agreed to give you a new life."

Jaden smiled slightly. "T-Thank you."

"Although... it won't be quite what you're expecting," Jaden raised an eyebrow. "You'll see..."

About five hours later, Chazz was beginning to worry. Jaden still hadn't come back and it was worrying him, as well as Syrus and Zane. But then they heard crying, and it wasn't coming from the babies... at least not they're babies.

"Where's that coming from?" Syrus asked.

"Sounds like upstairs..." Chazz said. "Up in my room." With that they bolted upstairs and Chazz opened the door.

Laying there on the bed, was Jaden... in some form. He was a lot younger, maybe two years old. A note lay beside him and he was now sleeping.

"Well... at least he got another life," Syrus said, sweatdropping. Zane and Syrus then began laughing. Chazz merely glared at them and picked up the note. It read:


We have agreed to let your husband to having another life. However, it wasn't the one you were expecting. Jaden will need your attention now more than ever. If you leave him alone for a short amount of time, he might cry and if he gets hurt even the slightest he could die...

Now, just so you know this form isn't permanent. In about one year he'll return to his normal self. He will remember everything as well.

The note wasn't signed.

Chazz sighed heavily and turned to look at Jaden, who was sound asleep, finger in his mouth. Chazz smiled slightly and picked him up gently in his arms. Jaden didn't wake up, but he stirred slightly and snuggled into Chazz, as if knowing he was there. Chazz smiled at this.

Syrus and Zane merely gaped at the baby Jaden that was nestled in Chazz's arms. "So... is he going to be like that for a while?" Zane asked.

"One year," Chazz said, rocking him back and forth in his arms. Jaden yawned and snuggled into Chazz even more, burying his face in Chazz's chest. "But at least he's here to stay."

Syrus smiled and giggled slightly as he looked at his best friend. "He looks cute," he smiled as he watched Jaden sleeping in Chazz's arms.

"But you're much cuter," Zane smirked as Syrus blushed, face turning as red as a tomato.

"S-Stop it, Zane," Syrus said with a blush.

"Aww Sy, you know he's right," Chazz said with a smirk. "You're just too cute."

Syrus was red all over. "Chazz! Knock it off you guys!"

They both chuckled and Zane led Syrus back to their room after putting Mizuki back in the crib.

They both lay on the bed, Syrus in Zane's arms nestled against his chest. "Well, it seems everything worked out for the best, huh Zane?" Syrus asked with a small smile.

"Yeah," Zane said with a slight smile, holding Syrus close. "We all had a happy ending."


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