'This was it.' Donna thought as she hoisted her carryon bag onto her shoulder at her gate.

"Okay, are you sure you got everything you need?" Kitty Forman asked.

Donna nodded. "I have my tickets, my passport, and a book to read."

"What about a snack?"

Donna smiled at Eric's mom. "I have a bag of trail mix."

Kitty nodded. "Okay good, now, you be careful there." She put her hands on Donna's. "and bring our boy back." The two smiled tearfully at each other for a minute before Donna turned to Jackie, Hyde and Fez. She was sad that Kelso hadn't been able to make it, but he was retaking the police admittance exam, and Donna was proud of her friend.

"You do realize that you're now the third wheel, right?" Donna asked Fez teasingly.

Fez just shrugged. "Eh, I'm used to it, and eventually they'll get used to me watching them make out."

"Yeah, that's not going to happen." Hyde said as he put his arm around Jackie.

Jackie just shook her head and looked at Donna tearfully. "You sure about this, I can help you write a letter to Eric instead. I'm really good with synonyms you know."

"I think this is something better done in person."

Jackie shook her head. "That's what you two always say." She wiggled out of Hyde's grasp and stepped forward to hug her best friend. "Be careful, okay?" She whispered.

"I will." Donna whispered back. She then let go of Jackie and hugged Hyde, Fez and then stepped away to have a moment alone with her dad. The others watched as Donna and Bob embraced and Donna promised to call as soon as the plane landed.

"I better go." She said finally, taking her ticket out of the front packet of her bag. "Don't get married while I'm gone!" She ordered Jackie and Hyde who smirked at her.

"We won't." Jackie promised. The gang waved goodbye to Donna as she boarded her plane.

Jackie watched as her best friend left to get the man of her dreams. She was so happy that Donna was finally doing something regarding Eric.

"Come on." Red said a moment later. "I want to get out of here before traffic gets bad."

Jackie was standing in the basement, Hyde was sitting in his chair and both Fez and Kelso were on the couch. Jackie was holding up two fingers.

"Two words."

Jackie nodded at Hyde and then put up one finger.

"First word."

Jackie nodded again and then opened her mouth like she was yawning.

"Uh, tired." Hyde guessed. Jackie made a face indicating her frustration; she then stretched her arms out and closed her eyes.

"Oh, you're sleepy." He said the word again. "Sleepy." "Sleepy Hollow!"

"Yes!" Jackie shouted.

Fez and Kelso pouted as Hyde pulled Jackie down onto her lap and kissed her.

"Why do you two always win at everything?" Fez asked.

Jackie shrugged. "We're just better at everything, Fez."

Kelso shook his head. "Well, what do you guys want to do now?"

The four looked at each other and smiled.

Donna walked into the camp where she would be teaching along side Eric for the next year. It was hot as the sun beat down on her light skin, and her hat did very little to cover her eyes from the rays. Squinting, she called out, "Eric!" Looking around at the blank faces, she called out again, "Eric Forman!"

"Where is that skinny dork?" Donna asked herself.

"He went home."

Donna spun around to the voice behind her. The man was wearing army gear and was cleaning his rifle.

"What did you say?" Donna asked carefully.

"Eric Forman went home." The guy repeated.

"He went home."

"Yup, about… six hours ago."

Donna glared as the sun continued to beat her down. She was going to kill that star wars loving twig if it was the last thing she did.

The Formans, Hyde and Jackie were in the living room of the Forman house when Eric came in through the kitchen door.

"Hey mom, hey dad."

"So, um, what's up?" Eric tried again when no one seemed to say anything. He watched as Jackie and Kitty shook they're heads worriedly while his dad and Hyde tried not to laugh.

"Oh god," Hyde said standing up, "This is the burn to end all burns."

"What are you talking about?" Eric asked, "What's going on?"

"You see Kitty, this is why surprises are a bad idea." Red told her.

"You're getting a party, Red, whether you like it or not." Kitty replied carelessly to her husband, she then turned to Eric. "Eric, sweetie, Donna's in Africa."

Eric laughed, "Oh wow, that's… you're totally not kidding are you?"

Hyde slapped Eric's back, "Nope," he said, "Congratulations, Forman, you officially have the worst timing ever." He then took a hold of Jackie's hand, "Now if you excuse me, we've got a wedding to plan."

"Wait, what?" Eric asked, completely bewildered.

Jackie raised her hand to show the huge diamond on her finger. "See!"

Eric shook his head, "But, I though you two hated each other."

"Eh, things change." Jackie said dismissively.

"Yeah, I turned her around." Hyde smirked.

They weren't even inside her house before Hyde was kissing Jackie. He pulled her close to him and hugged her, pressing his body against hers. Once inside the door, he slammed it shut with his foot and kneeled down in front of her and started to unbutton her pants. Impatient, he left them crumpled at her feet. He kissed her on her panties before pulling them down, putting his face against her hot skin. She gripped his hair as he kissed her sex, feeling her heat. Hyde pressed his tongue between her folds, licking from the bottom to her clit. He swirled his tongue around, making her tighten his grip on his hair. He squeezed her inner tights lightly before licking them, kissing them, sucking on them.

"Steven," She murmured, "Oh god,"

Hyde stood up from the floor and grabbed Jackie, picking her up into his arms. He carried her up the stairs and into her bedroom, dropping her gently onto the bed. Impatient to be inside her, he undressed quickly, throwing all of his clothes around the room.

"Oh," Jackie said softly as she saw Hyde standing in front of her. The muscles of his skin contracted, the hair on his chest was glistening, and his dick was standing straight out, red and throbbing.

"That's for you." Hyde told her as he climbed over her, "Just for you." He lifted Jackie's shirt off and unsnapped her bra with one hand, flinging it across the room. His mouth went straight for her left nipple, flicking it lightly with his tongue as his hands explored her hot body. He then turned her over onto her stomach and lightly pulled his nails down her neck, softly down her backside and down her spine, making her shiver. He rubbed his hands over her soft ass, putting his hand between her legs, embracing her pussy with his hand, feeling how hot she was for him. Wrapping his arms around her and kissing her neck, he pressed his body against hers as he entered her slowly with his dick.

Jackie said nothing as he fucked her, fast and firm, pressing against her ass, holding her soft waist, instead she let the intensity build inside her like an ecstatic buzzing, shaking her to the core.

Hours later when Jackie woke up, she saw that she was alone and that all of Hyde's clothes were gone. Quickly she got up and put on her own clothes. The smell of marinara sauce wafted over her as she walked down the stairs towards the kitchen.

"It's the canned stuff." Hyde said as she walked in, "But I figured you wouldn't mind."

"No, that's fine." Jackie said with a yawn, "I don't remember falling asleep."

Hyde laughed, "Yeah, I'm pretty proud of myself for that."

Jackie rolled her eyes, "You weren't that good, I've just had a very long day."

Hyde walked over to Jackie and kissed the top of her head, "I am that good, admit it."

"When you admit that you like disco." Jackie challenged him.

"Good god no." Hyde flinched, "I'd sooner admit I thought Kelso was attractive."

"I knew it!" Jackie laughed.

Hyde glared at her, "That's it, no dinner for you."

Jackie waved his empty threat off and sat at the counter. "The water's boiling."

Hyde nodded as he put the pasta into the water, stirring it. "So, Forman being back is funny."

"You do realize that once she comes back she's going to kill him right?" Jackie asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Yep." Hyde said laughing, "That's what makes it so funny."

Jackie laughed with him.

Later that evening, after they had eaten and had another round of lovemaking, they sat in the Burkhart living room with a game of monopoly between them.

"Are you sure you don't want Marvin Gardens?" Jackie offered.

"Only if you give me Boardwalk." Hyde replied.

"But I have hotels on it!" Jackie exclaimed, "You're just mad because I'm beating you."

"Jackie, after years of playing this with you, I've come to the conclusion that you're always going to beat me; you're like, some monopoly Jedi or something."

Jackie narrowed her eyes at Hyde, "Was that a star wars reference?"

Hyde shook his head, "Nope."

"It was!" She said accusingly as she sat up on her knees, "You just called me a jedi!"

"Did not." Hyde denied.

"Did too!" Jackie laughed.

"No." Hyde said shaking his head, "I most definitely did not, you're crazy."

"You're crazy." Jackie said with a smile.

Hyde leaned over the board and kissed Jackie lightly. "Don't tell anyone."

Jackie shook her head, "Oh, I'm telling everyone." She got up and walked to the phone, "Starting with your best friend."

He tried to wrestle the phone away from her as she dialed the Forman's number.

"Mr. Forman," Jackie asked, "Is Eric there?"

"She was going to do that?" Eric asked after Jackie and Hyde had explained Donna's reasoning for going to Africa. "That's so romantic."

"You know what's even more romantic?" Jackie asked coyly, smirking at Hyde, "Calling your girlfriend a Jedi."

Eric looked up at Jackie, "Who called who…" he then looked at Hyde who was shaking his head. "You called Jackie a Jedi?" "That's almost makes up for Donna not being here!"

"See, I told you it would cheer him up." Jackie told a scowling Hyde.

"I said almost." Eric reminded her.

"Whatever." Jackie said dismissively.

Yes, yes, hundred trumpets, big parade, all that.

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