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SUMMARY: Sesshomaru has strict expectations, and a vision of ideal for his chosen woman. Too bad Kagura doesn't meet any of them. Then again, someone once said that it is a person's faults that make them worth loving…

RATING: PG for coarse language and sexual references

PAIRING(S): Sesshomaru x Kagura

WARNING(S): Two-shot, swearing, extremely small smut-implied section (no actual smut though), long story, unbetaed.

GENRE(S): Lots and lots and lots of fluff, and this is why it is called attempted humour…

BEGAN PART I: Thursday, January 4, 2007

FINISHED PART I: Friday, January 5, 2007

Vision of Perfection: Part I

Sesshomaru studied almost lovingly the woman that lay beside him, curled up into a tight ball as she strived to steal his body warmth to comfort her through the chilly night air. The bright moonlight shone lightly on her ivory skin, darkened the red in her lips, and added strange violet highlights in her jet-black hair. It was a special treat to see it loose from its usual high bun, spreading in a fan-like formation around her head as a few stray strands stayed stubbornly upon her kimono-covered shoulders. A single clawed hand swiped away a few of Kagura's bangs from her eyes, revealing long and arched eyelashes that were like a curtain to her crimson orbs.

Sesshomaru had long ago decided that if he were to take a mate or have a permanent woman stay by side (which many, many powerful demonesses would gladly do), the said female would need to be his image of ideal…the perfect woman. Why would this be necessary? Because he, Sesshomaru - Lord of the Western Lands, the most powerful demon in all of Asia, eldest son of the legendary InuDaisho – had a reputation and image to uphold. Not just any woman would do! This female had to excel in all things – intelligence, strength, the feminine virtues – because, let's face it…how else will they put up with him?

His lips turned into a slight frown as he thought about those characteristics in the wind witch, and was a bit disappointed with the end result. Could she really be this far from his ideal fantasy?

Actually, she was quite far from it…extremely far, in fact. More like the wind sorceress doesn't meet any of his demands at all. Oh my, what a dilemma…

1. She must behave in a feminine and demure way.

"You fucking coward! Are you admitting weakness, you bastard?" Kagura fumed from behind her lethal fan as she glared wretched daggers at ever-stoic taiyoukai. He merely grunted, almost irritated by her childish temper tantrum. "I can't believe this!" the wind sorceress continues to yell, throwing a large white feather into the night air. "I take back any of the praise that I've given you, Sesshomaru." The feather transformed into its enormous shape, which soon the wind witch hopped onto not-so-gracefully as she flipped the lord off.

Behind him, Jaken fainted dead in horror at seeing someone showing such disrespect to his lord. Oh…was she going to get it now! Meanwhile, Rin stared, wide-eyed, at the colourful display of language that Naraku's rebellious minion had chosen and screamed with familiarity through the dead of night.

Sesshomaru stood, staring at the vastness and darkness in front of him, as if nothing was out of the ordinary. Although he appeared to be ignoring the protesting female outright, he was indeed still listening quite intently.

"You do have a beautiful face, Sesshomaru-sama," sarcasm dripped heavily from the crimson lips of the demoness as she hovered in the air, a typhoon of wind whirling around her and the small dysfunctional pack in her front. "In fact, it's so beautiful that I can't even look at it! Its mutiny and deformity makes it a wretched sight indeed." She smirked arrogantly at him before steering her large feather around abruptly and heading off towards the mountains, the wind blowing through her hair and ruffling her simple kimono.

The trio stood in silence, Sesshomaru with the barest hint of an amused grin upon his features, Jaken still unconscious to the world, and Rin having grown a sudden admiration for the wind mistress, her new-found idol (besides Sesshomaru, of course).

"I think she's angry at you for not helping her kill Naraku, my lord!" Rin stated obviously, her eyes closing into half-moons of joy. "She showered you with so much praise! I think she loves you, Sesshomaru-sama!" The little girl laughed gleefully as she twirled around in large circles, her arms spread out as she spun and spun and spun.

Sesshomaru remained silent.

"RIN!" Jaken cried, aghast at hearing such a proclamation. Apparently, he had regained his consciousness as soon as the human cried out "love" and "Sesshomaru" in the same sentence. "Do not speak of such foolishness, you ignorant imbecile. How could Sesshomaru-sama love a wretch like her? She acts like a man, for Kami's sake." The little kappa puffed out his chest in importance as he continued to lecture the naïve girl. "I should hope that you would never behave in that manner, Rin. It is most unacceptable. Women should behave as women were meant to behave: modest, quiet, patient, and understanding." His green three-fingered hand twirled his Staff of Two Heads absently as he rambled on. "Not screaming and swearing and showing a figure above her social status with that sort of behaviour. Why, she never even respected Sesshomaru-sama, and also…"

As his devoted and loyal servant continued to teach his ward about the expectations for women, Sesshomaru stood, stationary, as he continued to stare into the space which the kaze youkai had once resided in, and his corners of his lips turned up ever so slightly.

Yes, she was bold. It was purely ludicrous for women to be so open about their opinions – and when she had stated that he was indeed handsome, it was almost a shock. Not that Sesshomaru really cared if he was reminded about his outer appearance; actually, he welcomed the distraction Kagura provided.

She may behave too much like a man, but it was better than behaving like a normal woman, Sesshomaru had thought. She amused and impressed him with her quick wit and sharp tongue – and in all honesty, the great Lord of the West wouldn't have her any other way.

2. She must have a pleasant scent.

A lone couple sat side by side, pressed together, in a large green field of wildflowers and lush summer grass. Birds chirped joyously in the large branches of the oak trees near the edge of the meadow, the sky was a clear blue with fluffy snow-white clouds, and the sun shone relentlessly and brightly, its rays giving off light and warmth in just the right amounts.

It was a perfectly peaceful day, until…

"Do I disgust you?" Sesshomaru's face remained unfazed, as emotionless as usual, but he was shocked at Kagura's blunt statement. At the silence, Kagura clarified, "I meant if I disgust you because I'm born from Naraku…and because I stink of him." The wind mistress refused the meet the intense amber orbs of the taiyoukai, choosing to study her plain white fan with the bright and sudden dash of red near the bottom instead. She shuffled her petite bare feet unconsciously, the whiteness of her teeth contrasting suddenly against the darkness of her red lips as she nibbled the bottom lip nervously, awaiting his answer.

Sesshomaru stared at her mouth before subconsciously licking his own.

"You do not disgust me," Sesshomaru began in his monotone (but deeply sexy, Kagura had thought) voice, choosing his words wisely, "but Naraku does. You are covered in his scent every day – although it is not entirely your wrongdoing. You just reside in his presence for too long of a time to let your own scent dominate your body." Sesshomaru's eyes darkened considerably, possibly from both anger and jealousy. Kagura hoped it that the second emotion was more potent than the first. "However, if you were to leave that wretch, then I suppose your own scent would become more apparent," the taiyoukai added as an afterthought.

An awkward pause passed between them. "So, you're saying that I don't disgust you…but still do?" Kagura raised an arched eyebrow at him incredulously, clearing telling him that this answer was as good as him saying nothing at all.


"Well, that makes no fucking sense, now does it?" She snorted in irritation, before turning her head away from the smirking lord. The nerve of him! she seethed, her hands balling into tight fists. If I'm so sick, then why doesn't he just tell me outright? That cocky asshole, thinking he's so suave with his paradox answers…

"Of course, I would prefer you drenched in my scent instead…" Sesshomaru purred softly into the kaze mistress' left ear, causing her to shiver involuntarily as she verbally grumbled about how her body always betrayed her. The taiyoukai chuckled in amusement, and swiftly pinned her down onto the grass, using his body weight to hold Kagura down as he balanced himself on his right arm.

Kagura's ruby orbs glowed in alarm and defiance as she tried to wiggle her way out of the lord's grasp, but groaned throatily as she felt the powerful demon above her grind against her. He lowered his head slowly, purposely fanning his breath over her face, making her dizzy with the appallingly luscious scent of him. "You know, Kagura," he breathed against her awaiting lips, golden eyes scorching, "for every minute that you spend with me, my scent claims you – if only for a temporary amount of time. Shall we try to make it permanent?" He raised an eyebrow in question, the sides of his lips twitching upward slightly before snaking his pink tongue out to lick the base at Kagura's throat roughly for emphasis.

Kagura smiled roguishly as she wrapped both of her arms around Sesshomaru's neck tightly, roughly pulling him down to her for a kiss. "You'd better."

Sesshomaru happily complied.

In a way, Sesshomaru was indebted to Naraku for creating Kagura the way she was, for this was a perfect excuse to have his way with the demoness and mark her as his own.

3. She must not irritate him in any way.

"Sesshomaru, don't you ever sleep?" the groggy kaze youkai questioned with a roll of her drowsy eyes. Her nimble and calloused fingers clutched her large and closed fan tightly in her right hand, while the other continued to rub at both of her eyes, as if trying to chase the sleepiness out of them. "One would go thinking: what does he live off of? Surely the great Lord Sesshomaru isn't invincible." Kagura sneered sarcastically as she rubbed hardly at her left eye. "Kami-sama! I have never seen you eat, never seen you sleep, and you hardly talk at all. What the hell is wrong with you? Are you even youkai?"

Sesshomaru scoffed softly at the last comment and rolled his eyes at her unappreciated and unwanted sarcasm. "Kagura," he began in a drawl, as if speaking to an extremely slow and obnoxious person, "stalking is not an honourable thing to do. I would appreciate it if you would refrain yourself from supervising me every single day and night." This was said to the vast openness in front of him, as Kagura was always one-step behind the dog demon lord, his long legs enabling him to walk at a faster pace.

Kagura laughed loudly at this, but made no move to protest or deny it. The wind mistress knew he was right; that nose of his was as sharp as ever, always catching her scent and finding her hiding place as she watched him for hours, either it was Sesshomaru sitting on a boulder and watching his companions, or just standing and staring at the tree that she usually stood behind, Kagura watched without hesitation. The slight blush that graced her porcelain skin amused Sesshomaru greatly, who had slyly turned around to glance at Kagura when she was staring stubbornly at her bare feet to hide her embarrassment.

"Sesshomaru, why in the seven hells do you always insist on us meeting during nightfall?" she snapped, rebuking to claim revenge for her earlier humiliation. "Why can't we meet in the daylight? Are you ashamed of me? Are you so fucking busy with whatever you usually do that you can't even sleep or eat like a normal person to make time for me in the day? Is that it? Huh?"

Now, Sesshomaru hardly ever lost his composure; he was always in control of his emotions, always in control of the situation, and always in control of his actions and words. But Kagura always somehow managed to bring out the worse in him – the part that he doesn't want to deal with – and she always somehow makes him lose his temper.

Like right now, for instance.

"Kagura, it is most irritating that you speak so much," Sesshomaru growled threateningly at the young female behind him, but made no move to stop their progress. Sesshomaru didn't want to admit to himself that the thought of Kagura thinking that he was ashamed of her had offended him. What did she take him for? Doesn't she know that he has honour, and would not manipulate or take advantage of a person like some lowly coward? In all truth, Kagura's snide remark had somewhat insulted the almighty lord's pride.

"Well, it is most irritating that you hardly reply!" the red-eyed beauty retorted, clearly insulted as she threw his exact words back at his face. Sesshomaru nearly smirked at this.

The couple continued to walk together, this time Sesshomaru slowing down just a tad so that Kagura could keep up, and they browsed the scenery around them silently as they walked side by side, the knuckles of their hands often swiping pass each other gently, their touch lingering for longer than necessary. Their path was a long and narrow one, winding up and down like a snake, providing sharp turns and false routes that lead to nowhere. However, both Sesshomaru and Kagura knew this road like the back of their hand, since this was their "secret meeting place" that they always got together every single night.

"The moon sure is lovely tonight," sighed Kagura blissfully as she looked up towards the twinkling navy-blue night sky. "And the stars too. You know, Sesshomaru – "

Her crimson eyes widened in shock as the lord had abruptly grabbed her hand (almost impatiently, she noticed) while he turned sharply around, eyes filled with a predatory gaze as he swooped down gracefully and captured her lips in a full-heated kiss.

Kagura didn't have any time to respond, however, since it ended as soon as it had begun.

"It is also most irritating when you look and sound so breathtakingly beautiful," growled the inuyoukai, his lips still near hers. Kagura smiled a genuine smile as she leaned into his velvety softness once more.

Although she may be awfully annoying with her constant chatter and inquiries, Sesshomaru would just have to admit that he could be just as equally annoying with his silences and odd replies. Somehow, they just balance each other out.

4. She must be able to read his moods with accuracy.

Sesshomaru knew that he was an emotionless bastard (okay, maybe not the "bastard" part…), and he openly admitted it to himself as well. It wasn't entirely his fault that he had ended up this way, sealing all of his emotions in a tight vault while building an almost indestructible wall of protection around it. He was raised this way, and this was the only way of life that he knew how to live – this was the only way of life that he knew how to survive.

What better way is there to live a life that you have made no emotional attachment to? If Sesshomaru were slain (not that he ever would be) tomorrow, would he leave the mortal world with regrets? He might not have, if he hadn't unconsciously grown so attached to that human child (and also to the little green annoying-kappa-toad-thingeemabobber, although the inu lord would not admit it). The only other person that he liked as much as Rin was his father, and when his father died, it nearly killed him in the process.

So, Sesshomaru had just decided to hell with emotions! He sure didn't need them.

Apparently that wasn't the case with today, however, since his entire mind and body was just raging and screaming and tearing with emotions, the bottled up rage, depression, happiness, shock, all flying and dashing at once and confusing the poor man to no end. They were like a bomb; when it exploded, all it did was cause destruction and devastation in its wake. Nothing recognizable remained. The Sesshomaru that everyone had known was gone for that brief moment – instead, this angry and hormonal beast replaced him.

Then again, he was in the company of the infamous wind sorceress, and Sesshomaru did say that she always brought out the worst in people – which unfortunately also included him in that category.

"Se. Ssho. Ma. Ru," Kagura almost whined, drawing an emphasis to each syllable of his ridiculously long name. He growled lightly at her, but made no attempt to reply or even glance at the wind witch. "What the fuck is bothering you now? Good Lord! Why are you always so pissed off?" The raven-haired, red-eyed goddess in front of him crossed her arms across her chest and underneath her breasts in a childish way, a lovely scowl adorning her face as her delicate brows furrowed down in thought.

After a long moment of nothingness, Sesshomaru finally spoke. "There is nothing troubling me." The female beside him snorted in a disbelieving fashion, a confident smile tugging at her lips. Sesshomaru ignored her in his own childish way. He didn't want to admit it (not even consciously), but he wanted her to nag and prod at him – Sesshomaru wanted Kagura to keep on asking him what the heck was wrong until he finally told her.

Who knows? Maybe the guy just craved attention once in a while. Well, if that was the case, then this was definitely one of those moments.

"Are you sure?" This time, Kagura sounded genuinely concerned. Sesshomaru almost felt a smile quirking from his lips. Almost. "You know, Sesshomaru, if something's botherin' you, you can tell me."

That's right…keep on digging…keep on nagging…

"Of course," Kagura began with a wave of her fan, smiling impishly, "if you don't want to talk about it, it's fine by me as well. I'm not good with this kind of people shit anyway." Sesshomaru growled again.

Kagura just laughed a dainty laugh and wrapped both of her arms firmly around the taiyoukai's waist, resting her head on his chest as she clutched him tightly to her smaller form. Then, without warning, she stood on her tiptoes and planted a soft and slightly wet kiss on Sesshomaru's left cheek, just above the magenta stripes that adorned his face.

Sesshomaru was a bit surprised, and he almost smirked at her as he stared down at her laughing face. She may not know what was wrong with him, but Kagura sure did know how to cheer him up.

And that, to Sesshomaru, was what mattered the most.

5. She must be intelligent and wise.

"I want Jaken-sama to teach me how to fight!" the pre-adolescent girl announced with a toothy smile as she chased the aforementioned green demon towards her tall and stoic guardian. Sesshomaru's eyebrows rose slightly at the request, and he stared at his small green vassal in questioning. Soon sensing his lord's intense gaze upon his head, Jaken stuttered and shook his head violently, clearing stating that he was never the one to place this ridiculous idea into Rin's mind.

"Rin," Sesshomaru began in his dead tone of voice, amusement just barely lacing the traces of his monotonous vocal chords, "what is with this ludicrous demand?"

Kagura stood beside the inuyoukai, her red lips upturned into a full grin as she watched with humoured eyes on the ongoing tension between the Lord of the West, his adorable ward, and his idiotic vassal. This was going to be interesting…especially when Rin scrunched up her face in deep thought, trying to find a good excuse to feed the almighty Lord Sesshomaru. She nearly doubled over in laughter as she saw Jaken's now beet-red face, clearly a sign of his nervousness at Rin's answer.

"Then I could defend myself when Sesshomaru-sama abandons us again and –"

Jaken cut in quickly. "You stupid child! Lord Sesshomaru has never once abandoned us in any way! It is only because of your slow walking that I am often left behind." He screamed violently, thus turning the already unhealthy colour of his face into a light purple from the lack of air. "Forgive her, Lord Sesshomaru, for Rin does not – OW! You ignorant fool! What was that for?"

The now maturing girl huffed in annoyance at the kappa as she cracked her knuckled threateningly, eyeing the slightly bruised left cheek of her baby-sitter with ease. She turned her attention back to her father figure. "Sesshomaru-sama, do you honestly think that Rin will be safe under the protection of him?" She pointed an accusing finger towards Jaken. "Rin needs to learn self-defence, my lord!"

Kagura found this all extremely amusing. She chuckled from behind her large fan.

"HEY!" Jaken protested, ready to defend against what Rin had said, "I can protect myself and you just fine. Why – "

"Oh, SHUT UP, Jaken-sama!" screeched the girl in anger as she punched him on the bruised cheek again, sending him flying at least three feet from her. "Oh, please, Sesshomaru-sama?"

"Rin, do you not think you should concentrate on your studies more, instead of experimenting with this nonsense?"

A snort sounded from the shadows underneath the large oak. All three heads turned towards the wind mistress, eyes curious with her reaction.

"Sesshomaru," her voice honeyed in a sultry voice, folding up her fan with snap, "at least let the girl know how to defend herself. Kami knows that studying scrolls and such won't help you in battle – unless it's about military techniques. They never did me any good." Red eyes rolled at this. "Come on," Kagura cooed softly, a slender hand landing comfortingly upon Sesshomaru's shoulder, "what's wrong with teaching Rin how to throw a decent punch?"

And with that sweet persuasion, Sesshomaru's defences crumbled.

The taiyoukai watched with a small half-grin as he studied how Kagura corrected Rin's sloppy posture, raised her small fists accordingly, and showed her to control her strength in each punch. He nearly chuckled when Kagura captured Jaken and used him as a "practice dummy" to strengthen Rin's accuracy and punches.

Kagura may not be an intellectual or an expert on many things, but she had an abundant of knowledge when it came to useful subjects, such as self-defence.

These were life-saving pieces of information, and the inu lord would rather have his future woman to smart in the things that were important than knowing random knowledge taught in books.

To Be Continued…

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