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SUMMARY: Sesshomaru has strict expectations, and a vision of ideal for his chosen woman. Too bad Kagura doesn't meet any of them. Then again, someone once said that it is a person's faults that make them worth loving…

RATING: PG for coarse language and sexual references

PAIRING(S): Sesshomaru x Kagura

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BEGAN PART II: Friday, January 5, 2007

FINISHED PART II: Sunday, January 7, 2007


Kagura may not be an intellectual or an expert on many things, but she had an abundant of knowledge when it came to useful subjects, such as self-defence.
These were life-saving pieces of information, and the inu lord would rather have his future woman to smart in the things that were important than knowing random knowledge taught in books.

Vision of Perfection: Part II

6. She must have patience and honesty.

"Sesshomaru, do you have any fucking clue how long I waited for you?" the kaze mistress seethed as soon as her eyes could make out the vague figure of the tall and muscular body of the Lord of the West. His amber eyes rolled at her comment, and blatantly ignored her complaints. "Where in the seven hells were you?" Her bare foot tapped impatiently against the rugged secret path that they always met at during the night. Her crimsons orbs glowed with a tad of annoyance as her lips were turned into their usual scowl.

"I had a run-in with my little brother and his pack," came the stoic lord's reply. Kagura was quiet for a moment, her gaze starting from the top of Sesshomaru's head to the leather soles of his shoes, searching for any signs of injuries. Sesshomaru scoffed in disbelief once he realized why Kagura was analyzing him. "Rest assured, wind witch. This Sesshomaru will not be injured by a pathetic half-breed; as a matter of fact, he was unconscious after I had left." This was said with a proud smirk, dazzling the young kaze youkai so subtly that her knees became weak.

She stumbled against the thick and rough trunk of a nearby tree to steady herself. "Of course," Kagura replied with a flip of her hair, her lips upturned in a coy smile, "the great and powerful Lord Sesshomaru could never be beaten by a half-breed…but then, tell me, oh mighty youkai, why you haven't kicked Naraku's ass yet."

Sesshomaru growled, his eyes darkening in slight anger at her snide accusation. "It would be a lot simpler if you could just tell me where Naraku's location is. Then, I will defeat him." The dark-haired female laughed lightly, although for all that it was worth, it was a completely fake sound of mirth. Sesshomaru was puzzled at why Kagura's previous cheerful mood was suddenly plunged into a sour one, her eyes having been clouded with a certain hopelessness and losing the normal fire that he admired so much about her.

"I can't tell you, Sesshomaru, since I don't know where it is myself." The controller of the wind leaned back almost bonelessly against thick and burly trunk, her hand tucking her fan into the sash of her kimono tightly, as she lowered her head almost in pain. "Besides, I thought you could do anything, my lord." Sesshomaru snorted at the implied sarcasm.

It was quite obvious to both of them that she was lying, but Sesshomaru wisely kept his comments to himself. The taiyoukai felt a sudden – but gradual – onslaught of a salty smell waft through the cleansed night air towards his sensitive canine nose, and frowned in disapproval.

Was Kagura…crying?

He closed the small distance between them, the index finger of his only remaining hand hooking underneath Kagura's chin, forcing her gently to look into his eyes. A glassy film covered the surface of her eyes, signalling that the tears were being held back. "This is the side of you that only belongs to me," Sesshomaru stated in a comforting manner as he kissed Kagura's smooth forehead firmly but softly. One by one, the tears fell, sliding down the swell of the wind controller's high cheekbones and falling at her chin. Sesshomaru lowered his head as he snaked his hand down to hug her around her petite waist, a tongue darting out to lick away the salty liquid drops.

Kagura gasped at the sudden close contact, but leaned into his touch trustingly. He hummed in approval at her submission as a faint taste of salt filled his mouth, his tongue and lips soon finding those of the kaze youkai's.

"You will wait for me, right, Sesshomaru?" Her eyes were pleading, needing to hear the answer that she was searching for.

"As long as it will take." His eyes didn't lie.

"Hmm…as will I." She wrapped her arms around his waist and held him tight.

They both knew that she was lying to protect him. They both knew that she was lying to protect whatever they had between them to be kept pure. And Sesshomaru was fine by that. As long as she was patient and willing enough to wait for him – and he for her – everything would be all right.

7. She must be able to please his own family – especially his mother.

"Okay, tell me again, why the hell are we doing this?" Sesshomaru ignored the screeching woman within his arm, who was currently struggling and squirming like a worm in his iron grip as they flew through the night air at such a quick pace that the surroundings around them became a fast blur. "Let me go, you overgrown dog!"

The ever-contrasting couple flew through the twinkling night sky at rapid speed; Sesshomaru's flying ability causing small light lavender swirls of clouds to appear near his feet while his mokomoko-sama seemed to become larger as it fluttered in the atmosphere almost lightly, the moon giving it a peachy glow from its usual white. The inu youkai lord clutched his female stubbornly in his one arm, her small form having been thrown over his broad right shoulder, causing the young wind mistress to rest in the soft fur that was perched upon that shoulder. Her screams of fury were muffled by the furry thing, and to Sesshomaru's disappointment, she continued to pound his (aching, although he wouldn't admit it) back with her small – but powerful – fists.

"First of all, wind witch," Sesshomaru growled in a teasing manner as he adjusted her position on his shoulder, "I take offence to that comment – "

"Does it look like I give a damn?" Crimson orbs glowed with defiance. Sesshomaru ignored her with a small smirk.

"Second of all, you had agreed to this arrangement – "

"I agreed to nothing, you bastard!" Kagura continued to struggle in his hold, although she knew it was futile. "I never agreed to anything – and if I were, never to anything like meeting your mother. Kami knows – "

"Have you forgotten it so quickly?" Sesshomaru questioned with a raised eyebrow, amber eyes glowing with deep amusement. "You sure were quite certain about it last night when you were screaming my name and repeatedly saying Yes over and over." At Kagura's embarrassed stutter and the sudden relaxation in her body, Sesshomaru chuckled lowly as she succumbed to his teasing.

Regaining her senses, Kagura retorted, "Anything said in the moments of passion cannot be held seriously." Sesshomaru frowned.

"Is that so?" he inquired, thinking back to the numerous I love you's the wind sorceress had told him in their times of lovemaking. He felt the woman on top of his nod slowly. Sesshomaru felt his spirits dampen slightly, but made no further comments to the situation.

The duo arrived at the large and spacious mansion in ample time, allowing Kagura to admire the elegant presentation of the house, its tranquil and beautiful surroundings, and the horde of small youkai servants that greeted them at the main gates – led by the worldly beautiful ex-mate of the legendary InuDaisho herself.

Kagura swallowed in anticipation. Sesshomaru growled comfortingly, soothing her nerves.

"Well, my son," began Sessho-mama in a deep and powerful voice, her eyes seeming to glow with unwanted humour, "it seems that you have finally taken some time to visit this mother of yours. Tell me, Sesshomaru, how have you been?"

"I have been well, Mother." Kagura notices how painfully formal the two daiyoukai seemed to be with each other, and unconsciously moved her right hand over onto the handle of her fan that was tucked tightly into the sash of her kimono.

"And who is this that you have brought into my presence?" Sessho-mama raised an eyebrow with an incredulous expression (much like Sesshomaru often does, Kagura notices) and scrutinizes Kagura like she an unwanted disease that has suddenly invaded her personal space. Kagura growled, angered by her disrespect. Sessho-mama gave a tiny smile, deeply entertained at her foolhardiness. "Was this whom you were speaking of, my son?"

Sesshomaru nodded slowly, his head held high as he took a protective step towards his mother, daring her to make any implications of wanting to harm the wind witch. The female daiyoukai laughed daintily, the sound like twinkling bells swaying in the wind.

"Come in then, Sesshomaru. You might as well bring that woman with you, since we cannot exactly devour her," the silver-haired woman joked, a smile playing with her red lips. Kagura huffed as she went ahead, leaving Sesshomaru well behind. Unbeknownst to them, Sessho-mama found this all to be very amusing.

"My son," the older woman began with a slight sneer, "I see that your taste in women has decreased rapidly – either that or your requirements. What had caused you to pick up this over all the other eligible and powerful youkai?" Sesshomaru remained silent, while Kagura's eyes darkened in fury. The wind sorceress could already tell that this visit would not go smoothly…

Kagura had decided that she had behaved exceptionally well that day. She figured that if she had made no real snide remarks, never attempted to lop off inu lady's head, and didn't throw her tea in her face, then she did good.

For some peculiar reason, Sesshomaru's mother would never cease provoking the poor wind sorceress, insulting her attire, her bare feet, the way that she wore her hair ("I'm a dancer of the gods, you filthy hag! What'd ya expect I'd wear?!") and many other little details that normally would never have been noticed. For example, did anyone know that there was a proper way to hold and drink a cup of tea? Kagura surely didn't, and she was soon insulted and scolded quite harshly from the daiyoukai.

"Farewell, Sesshomaru," called Sessho-mama as she saw her son and his "companion" off. "Please, do come again." Her son ignored her request, walking alongside the wind sorceress as they headed off back home.

"Well, that went well, didn't it?" came the sarcastic comment from the red-eyed beauty. Sesshomaru gave her a crooked, half-smile. Kagura felt herself go weak. "In case you haven't forgotten, InuYasha and I are already acquainted, so I hope that you won't be planning to drag my ass over to meet that damn brother of yours as well."

Sesshomaru snorted at her remark, but offered, "Mother likes you."

"Come again?"

"Mother likes you," he repeated, feeling slightly annoyed at having to speak more than necessary. "She thinks you are…courageous for defying her." At this, Kagura laughed throatily, doubling over as she clutched her stomach.

The Lord of the Western Lands smiled. Sesshomaru knew that any woman who fought with his brother and won and had somehow managed to charm his ever-hard-to-please mother in the process while putting up with him…well, he'd be insane if he were to let her go…

8. She must possess strength and power.

"You are completely absurd and careless," the great daiyoukai of the west scolded the bleeding woman in his arms, his delicate eyebrows furrowing in disappointment and anger. "How could you have let a demon like that inflict harm upon you? Purely ridiculous!" His one arm supported the injured kaze youkai effortlessly, having wrapped the majority of his limb around her small waist as he carried her, letting her feet dangle at least half a feet off the rugged ground.

"Well, I'm sorry for being so fucking weak!" Kagura spat out, clearly furious at her lover's admonishments. Sesshomaru tightened his grip on her when she struggled in rebellion, and his face twisted into a deep scowl in irritation.

"Do cease your movements, Kagura," he commanded in a don't-you-dare-argue tone of voice, a faint growl lacing with his vocal chords. "I will take you to a trusted healer, whom will dress your wounds." He looked down at her bosom, the cloth covering her breasts stained with a dark red. "It must have been most painful to receive an injury at a place like that."

Kagura huffed, wincing slightly when her body swayed the wrong way as Sesshomaru carried her towards their destination. "Well, I'm not you, Mr. I'm-immune-to-everything!" The inu daiyoukai smiled slightly, amused at the way that she referred to his immunity to purification powers, demonic poisons, and various other health hazards that would have killed an average demon – unlike him. "Besides," the red-eyed witch began in a complaining tone, "not everyone has armour or a breastplate like you. I, for one, depend solely on my natural defence instincts."

"Does that include having a hole through your chest?"

Kagura growled angrily at his light teasing. "Go to hell, Sesshomaru!"

He rolled his eyes. "I have already been there, if you have forgotten," he droned, referring to the disastrous visit to his mother when he was looking for a way to increase Tenseiga's powers. He flinched inwardly as he remembered how Rin had died by that wretched hellhound…but he was ever grateful to his mother for reviving her for him, since his inherited sword could only save the same person once. "Still, it was foolish of you to let your guard down with that youkai. You should be thankful that I was there to save you when I was." That was said with an arrogant and proud smirk. Kagura scowled again.

"Hey, I never knew that that bastard would attack me! Naraku had assigned both him and me that damn errand – we were supposed to "work together". And I was doing perfectly fine without your help, thank-you very much!" Sesshomaru scoffed at her pride, but made no comment.

"If I had arrived any later you would have been dead by now," he stated matter-of-factly. Kagura remained unnaturally quiet, the truth sinking into her reluctantly. She knew he was right, and deep down, she was secretly glad that she was allowed to live one more day to see and be with him again.

"My deepest apologies for being so weak," the wind mistress sneered with contempt. "I'm sorry for being such a burden, such troublesome thing to look after. I'm sorry for not being the strong and powerful woman that people like you need." She looked up at Sesshomaru, who – to her disappointment – just remained unfazed as if she had said nothing degrading about herself at all. He continued to look ahead of him, his arm wrapped tightly around her to carry her as he ran at a brisk pace towards the healer's den.

After a few minutes of silence, he spoke. "Do not say such silly things." He stopped gradually to a halt, concerned that if he stopped abruptly, the jerk of the force would put her in more pain than necessary. "You are strong, Kagura…maybe not in physical strength, but in mental and emotional strength." Unknown to Kagura, he was implying how her determination can both save her or almost kill her, how her cleverness has brought her out of tight situations, and how she never lost sight of hope, even at her darkest moments.

He brought Kagura up to his height, her feet now well above two feet from the ground. He planted gentle butterfly kisses upon her closed eyelids, her button nose, across her forehead and finally on her full, red lips. Sesshomaru grinned against her mouth as he listened the blood rushing through his veins in excitement to his ministrations as her breath quickened.

"I do not mind saving and protecting you, wind witch," Sesshomaru soothed in a caressing voice.

"I know," Kagura murmured, nodding slightly. Sesshomaru gave her one of his rare – and dazzling – smiles.

To Sesshomaru, Kagura was strong, and she has saved him many times. He protects her from the outer worldly dangers, while she saves him from his own demons – his own dilemmas. She is his saviour, the one who keeps him sane in his moments of instability. Without her, he wouldn't survive.

9. She must respect and honour him.

"Sesshomaru, you bastard! Get back here, you fucking asshole!"

"Yo, where the hell have you been? Do you know – "

"I'm sorry for not meeting your damn standards, Lord Se-ssho-ma-ru. You know what? Why don't you – "

"Argh! Kami, why are you always so fucking – "

The great dog demon lord of the Western Lands closed his eyes as he felt a sudden oncoming and painful migraine latch onto his head, pounding and thumping against his skull. The shrill yells and screams of fury that came from the energetic wind sorceress rang profoundly through his head, causing him to groan and rub at his temple in hope of curing this torture.

Sesshomaru was one person that rarely received headaches of any kind, since he had figured out that about ninety-eight percent of all predicaments or dilemmas had a very logical solution behind them, and you just had to have the patience and intelligence to find them behind the veils of deceit that they hide behind. Unfortunately, Sesshomaru has also found out that Kagura, his fiery wind goddess, belonged in the dreaded two percent of the equation – the part that was a problem, but did not have an obvious answer to it…if it had one at all.

You see, in all of his nine-hundred years of life on this earth, everyone that Sesshomaru has made contact with have all approached him with the uttermost respect that they could offer – and the ones that didn't never lived to tell about it. Even that human child, Rin, even though still young, knew to never cross the line with her guardian.

It seemed like that the only person who just didn't understand this concept of life was Kagura, whom walked and talked and flew around on that large feather of hers whenever she wanted.

To Sesshomaru, it was a most troublesome and irritating problem.

Jaken had suggested a numerous amount of times for Sesshomaru to just forget about that "man-like witch" (which in turn earned him a well-deserved bump on the head), and until now, Sesshomaru just couldn't see why Jaken disliked her so much – despite the fact of her rowdy behaviour.

Not that this caused Sesshomaru to love the kaze youkai any less! It was just…puzzling to the inu lord. He had always somehow envisioned his chosen woman to be…well, un-Kagura-ish. It wasn't that he didn't find Kagura's antics amusing or witty, for the matter; Sesshomaru welcomed the distraction that the female provided, and he somehow liked her "I'm-can-kick-your-ass-any-day" personality, and found it personally very bewitching and sexy.

But still, couldn't she show him just one ounce of respect every now and then? Kami, since when did –

"I love you, Sesshomaru."

"Hmm…I missed you too."

"When will I see you again, Sesshomaru?"

"I love you…I love you…I love you…"

His tall and powerful body shivered slightly at the memory of her gentle caresses, his lips tingling as he remembered the fire and passion behind her kisses, and the way that she seemed to fit just right against his larger form filled his upper torso with a kind of unrecognizable warmth.

Kagura's loving endearments now rang through the daiyoukai's mind, her sensual and soothing voice chasing the pain away as it replaced his once rigid posture into a relaxed one. A smile was tugging against his lips, and Sesshomaru surrendered to the sensation as a small grin took full form on his beautiful face.

"Yo, Sesshomaru!" the smirking wind mistress announced her arrival as she jumped off of her large feather and right in front of the youkai lord, a violent torrent of wind swirling around the couple. "What the hell are you smiling at?"

At his usual silence, Kagura shrugged casually before sitting beside him, resting her head on top of his mokomoko-sama as he wrapped an arm around her shoulder.

It was worth all of Kagura's disrespect and all of her troublesome comments if it meant that he'd in return receive moments such as these.

But, most of all, if he'd receive her kisses, her hugs, her caresses, her care…her love.

The feelings are indeed mutual, my wind witch…

10. She must be able to make him happy.

It was nightfall once again, and somewhere beyond the forest, above the snowy peaks of the low mountain ranges that haunts the land of ancient Japan, a lone figure rode on an enormous white feather, her thin layers of the traditional Shinto dancing attire ruffling and swaying in the harsh wind as it blew through her bangs, the majority of her hair in a high, loose bun. Her fire-red orbs danced and sparkled as she relished the feeling of the wind passing against her body, seeming to glide over her form. Her destination was clear: the secret dirt path that she went to every night.

As Kagura glided over the quiet night air, thoughts of Sesshomaru began attacking the wind controller from every possible angle. But only one particular question lingered in her mind…

Do I make Sesshomaru happy?

Strange as it seemed, this had been haunting Kagura's mind and plaguing her soul at every opportune moment. When she slept, it lurked around in the dark corners of her chamber. When she ate, the question somehow got mixed in with the food, causing the wind mistress to lose her appetite as well as the food soon losing its taste. When Kagura spent time with Sesshomaru, it hid in his amber orbs, causing the kaze youkai to recline into a foul mood as she snapped and sneered at her lover, causing him much confusion. And now, when she flew in her little time of freedom, it hung in the way of her flight path like a huge mountain, its terrain and stature not allowing the poor demoness to cross.

It was most complicated, Kagura had decided, to take a lover that never showed any emotion whatsoever. The only person who seemed to be able to understand Sesshomaru's silent moods is probably that little green kappa…what's his name? Jaken. That's right. Of course, after waiting hand and foot on Lord Sesshomaru for centuries, well, one would probably pick up a few things from the stoic daiyoukai.

Kagura was most certain that Sesshomaru made her happy; whenever they were together, she felt a lightness that she never usually does. It was a good feeling, and she could only categorize it as joy, and maybe perhaps even to the extent of love. It was just the little things that he does – his looks, his knowing smirks, his caresses – that usually sent her mind reeling as this feeling of euphoria erupted within her.

But…does that also happen to Sesshomaru?

The wind sorceress soon reached the secret meeting spot, its dirt path so dark that if unnoticed, it would have been hidden in the darkness of the night. A single beam of faint moonlight showed the path to any unsuspecting demons or birds in flight, and it was all the light that Kagura needed to make a safe and smooth landing.

She jumped off her feather gracefully, catching it and placing it back into her hair. She female looked around at her surroundings, frowning to find the inuyoukai lord not present. She stood in the middle of the path for a while, waiting for him to arrive.

Suddenly –

"Look at what I have caught," came a deep and strangely playful voice as a strong right arm embraced the wind demoness from behind. Kagura sighed in relief, a smile appearing on her pretty and angular face, before she turned around to greet her lover and companion.

"Took you long enough." Amber eyes glowed in amusement and a strange tint of devotion also showed, causing the kaze mistress' head back reeling with a certain bubbly feeling. He tightened his hold around her waist to steady her.

"You have waited that long?" the smirking lord questioned, one eyebrow raised in curiosity.

Words escaped Kagura as soon as the truth hit her – full force.

Sesshomaru had a certain look to him every time he met with her, and strangely, he smiles more. Although, however, he does often harbour that annoyed look upon his handsome features quite often as well, but it would soon be replaced by one of his smirks from Kagura's witty and sharp retorts.

Yes, Sesshomaru may not always be happy in the presence of Kagura, but at least she could make the emotionless lord smiled. And the kaze youkai knew that it was enough for him - and for her.

"No, not long at all."

Kagura may not be the image of ideal – his vision of perfection – but that was why he loved her as much as he does. His clawed fingers raked gently through her black tresses, causing the female beside him to snuggle more firmly against his firm figure.

Sesshomaru frowned as he imagined Kagura as his vision of ideal, and had to admit grudgingly that he just wouldn't find her attractive like he does at all. Her rebellious behaviour, her sharp tongue, her blind determination, her foolhardiness, her sudden angry trysts – those were all the characteristics that made up the wind witch…his wind witch.

If a woman containing all of his standards and met them perfectly came to him, he'd still choose Kagura over her.

Besides, it was for these faults in the wind sorceress that he loved. It was for these mistakes that he admired and adored her. It was for these vices that he had devoted himself so loyally to her.

Sesshomaru decided. He would ask her to be his woman/mate when she awoke from her slumber. They could sort out their problems and differences later. Although they might not mix together right, the end result was still perfect. Opposites attract, and that's just what the taiyoukai and the kaze mistress were.

Opposites. And they wouldn't want it any other way.

All in all, Kagura was Sesshomaru's opinion of the ideal woman. She was his vision of perfection.

The End

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