Here is a list of characters you can use as a refrence if it gets a little confusing. Hopefully it wont though :D And just so you know, it starts off somewhat retarded, but then we got more serious about it.


Princess - Shinji

Female Pauper - Yukimura

Tutor - Tachibana

Male Pauper - Kamio

Good Prince - Oshitari

Evil Queen - Kirihara

King - Kabaji

Evil Prince - Mizuki

Cat - Akutsu

Henchmen - Ryoma, Momo, Sengoku

Maid - Yuuta

Guards - Bobby Max, Taka, Sanada, Saeki, Kaidou

Pairings are KamioShinji and YukimuraOshitari (hey don't complain, there was almost KiriharaKabaji)

Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess named Ibu Shinji. She was a very lonely princess. Her father wanted her to marry Prince Mizuki. Prince Mizuki was an evil person who only cared about himself. If Princess Shinji were to marry him, then she would not only be living with Prince Mizuki, but his evil mother named Queen Kirihara. Queen Kirihara was even worse than her self-absorbed son. Poor princess Shinji wanted nothing to do with this dysfunctional family. The only thing keeping her out of a deep and dark depression was her close friend and tutor, Tachibana.

"Oh Tachibana, what ever shall I do?" Whined the depressed princess.

"Perhaps a stroll down in the commoner's market will take your mind off things. You always did ever so enjoy that." Came Tachibana's response.

"Yes, I agree. Go Tachibana; get the carriage ready, please. Make sure it's the one with the pretty red curtains, and the white horses. But they all have to be girls. I don't like boy horses. They scare me. What was the name of that one that did that thing? What was it he did…" Said Princess Shinji. Tachibana left so he didn't have to hear Princess Shinji mumbling about random stuff.

When they arrived in the commoner's market in the carriage with the pretty red curtains and the white female horses, they walked around until Princess Shinji spotted a little flower shop with a horticulturist working outside, who looked a lot like Princess Shinji.

"Oh my gosh!" cried Princess Shinji. "Doesn't that horticulturist look just like me?"

Tachibana escorted the Princess over to the flower shop to bless the worker with their royal presence.

"All hail Princess Shinji!" Cried Tachibana.

"Tachibana, please, you're embarrassing me…" Complained Princess Shinji. "Besides, we can't let anyone know I'm down here, we'll get in so much trouble from my father, King Kabaji."

"Right, I'll go get some punch." Said Tachibana. He left.

"Hello my dear." Greeted Shinji.

"G'day old bean." Responded the pauper.

"You're very pretty. Even if you look just like me. I'm not usually so conceited, but the world is such a lucky place, having two women as beautiful as us."

"Why, thank you!" Said the pauper.

"I'm Princess Shinji, as you probably already know, but, what is your name?"

"Oh, my name is Yukimura Seiichi. It truly is an honor to meet you like this!" Yukimura was very excited, but still couldn't help but notice a sad aura around the princess (Just because SHE's cool like that). "Far be it from me to meddle with someone else's personal life, but…is something troubling you? I would think that with the wedding coming up so soon that you would be a bit more cheerful."

Princess Shinji sighed. "But you see…it's exactly that." Yukimura looked confused, but Shinji felt there was no harm in sharing her true feelings with someone who had such a kind face. "I truly don't want to marry Prince Mizuki. He's so cruel and wicked, not to mention he's fruity, has a funny taste in clothing and he has a laugh that could make a small child cry."

"Oh my," Said Yukimura, very concerned for her new acquaintance. "I wish there was something I could do to help you, you poor thing."

Princess Shinji laughed slightly. "Don't worry, I believe you have cheered me up a little bit."

Before Princess Shinji and Yukimura the Commoner Horticulturist could continue their conversation, Tachibana returned and informed the two women that it was getting late and that King Kabaji thinks that his daughter is in the bathroom, and that it was awfully strange that she has been in their for so long.

"Thank you for taking me to the commoner's market, Tachibana." Said Princess Shinji.

"The things I do for you princess…"

Back at the palace…

"Father, you know I can't stand Prince Mizuki. Do I REALLY have to marry him?" Whined our poor distressed Princess.

"Usu" Replied King Kabaji.

"Actually my lord, there might me another way." Tachibana interjected, receiving a glare from King Kabaji. Commoners shouldn't speak when they aren't spoken to. "What about the noble Prince Oshitari, from the Kantou Region? I believe our beloved princess would like him better than the evil Prince Mizuki."

"Usu. The Princess Shinji shall wed Prince Oshitari instead of Prince Mizuki."

"Yay!" Cried the Princess. "I'm going to go tell that Horticulturist who looks like me the good news! I'm not sure why though. I just feel this strange thing inside, pulling me back to her. It's probably just something I ate. I wonder if I will be able to get the same carriage again. I like that one. However it did hurt whenever we went over a bump. Maybe I can bring some cushions. They will have to be red to match the curtains. And I think I will have to get a new harness for the horses, since the one already there is blue and that definitely doesn't match. However I like blue, so maybe…" And thus Princess Shinji made her way back to that same little flower shop, where she believed she would once again meet her look a like, all the while muttering about various things regarding carriages.

"Hello Your Highness, and welcome to Akira's Flower Shop. We're guaranteed to have everything to satisfy your gardening needs." Greeted the greeter. Who didn't look like Princess Shinji. Or the pauper Yukimura. Or was, for that matter, female.

Just then, Yukimura came out of the flower shop and spotted the princess.

"Oh, Princess Shinji! I can't believe you came back to see me! I'm so happy. By the way, this is my friend Kamio. He owns this nice little flower shop."

Princess Shinji couldn't help but notice that Kamio was undeniably, and extremely drop dead sexy.

Ahem…I mean…

Princess Shinji couldn't help but notice that Kamio was kind of cute. But she knew her duties and pushed her thoughts to the back of her head for once.

"A pleasure to meet you Kamio." Said the princess.

"The pleasure is all mine." Said Kamio giving a little bow of respect. "Now, what brings you to our poor little flower shop?"

"Actually, I wanted to talk to Yukimura, but I suppose it's okay if you heard too. I mean, it's good news, and I guess you will all hear about it soon, because it is big news. It makes me glad that I can share it with someone I think I enjoy spending time with, I only met you but I think we can be friends. I hope we can be friends."

"Ah…Princess? As nice as it is to hear that you want to be friends with us, could you tell us the good news?" Asked Kamio, who was more than happy to agree to be friends with Shinji.

"My father, the all great and powerful King Kabaji, has agreed to cancel my engagement to the evil Prince Mizuki. Isn't that great! I can't imagine what a horrible life I would have had, living with that cream puff. The draw back, however, is that now I have to marry Prince Oshitari. Apparently he's a nice guy. And very good looking. But I want to marry for love. Or at least lust. But preferably love. I wonder if Prince Oshitari likes cats. I have a cat."

"I LOVE CATS!!" Screamed Kamio. I have a feeling he likes cats…

Yukimura glared at Kamio. "Keep it in your pants."

"What?" Kamio asked, feeling totally lost.

"Oh never mind."

"Ahem. Anyway, I should be going now. Prince Oshitari is supposed to be coming over so that I can meet him. I don't really want to, but I suppose I must, seeing as how we are engaged and all." Sighed Princess Shinji.

Before the princess could get to far however, Kamio called "I hope to see you soon Princess."

Then they looked into each other's eyes, and fell madly in love.

Actually, they didn't.

Well, they were about to look into each other's eyes, but then Kamio sneezed, and Shinji figured she should get home before her father got angry.

Unbeknownst to them, the evil Queen Kirihara was scheming.