Sasuke needed some Tenten.


He supposed it could have all started when Tenten started taking A-rank missions. She was gone for weeks at a time while he was left to the company of his team. Naruto and Sakura's bickering were really starting to wear him thin.

This was why he was running to the gates of Konoha, a blue blur to any untrained civilian eyes. He could see the guards now.

His brow furrowed.

"Not fast enough." Sasuke thought.

Sasuke was almost there.

The five guards stiffened. Wasn't that Uchiha? Oh no, he was at it again...

The apparent leader of the group trembled in his sandals. This was his first day commanding guard duty. What were the chances the Uchiha would attempt another breakout on the same day? It was a coincidence. It must have been a coincidence.

Or it was just fate screwing with him. Damn, now he was sounding like Hyuuga Neji.

He called the group into a formation they had practiced dozens of times before. Three of them rushing ahead to fight the enemy, himself bring up the brunt. The two weaker shinobi stood by the gate in battle ready positions.


Uncrossing his arms, he unleashed six kunai which went barreling toward Sasuke. Sasuke's agile body dodged every one of them.

The shocked look on the guards' faces sent a smug smirk to Sasuke's lips. Well, how could they not expect him to dodge the attack? He was training with Konoha's own unrivaled weapons mistress.


That attack was child's play compared to Tenten. God, Tenten…the thought of her only spurred him on faster.

This new determined aura around Sasuke made the remaining two guards flinch back. But that was all it took. One moment of hesitancy and Sasuke was beyond the gate. The two guards positioned at the gate were doubled over onto the ground.

Sasuke reached his arms out…

…and caught pink.

"Try to finish your missions faster, damn it."