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Curses flew in every direction, deatheaters closed in on the small group of people. A ring had formed by four of the people to protect the fifth. The one in the centre was the one the deatheaters wanted, but these stupid people were loyal to him…to the boy in the centre. They wouldn't just give him up like they should…if they wished to survive!

Harry looked at the group around him, protecting him. Ron and Hermione took the front, while Ginny and Kara (his twin sister) were at his back. They formed a tight circle around him, protecting him. The deatheaters were relentless, throwing curse after curse at the group.

"Harry we need a way to get help!" said Ron as he deflected a curse away from the group and back to the original caster.

"How?" asked Harry, shifting from foot to foot annoyed that they wouldn't let him fight.

"Have you still got that mirror Sirius gave you? You could try calling him for help, he could contact the order who would definitely come to help us!" said Hermione quickly

"Genius 'Mione!" said Harry reaching into his pocket to fish out the mirror. "Sirius, Sirius, Are you there? Sirius? Please we need you Sirius!"

"Harry? What's wrong?" Sirius asked as his face appeared in the mirror.

"Thank God! We're under attack Sirius we need help fast, we're in Hogsmeade…" Harry was suddenly cut off by some very evil and completely insane laughter.

"Harry, HARRY!" Sirius shouted from the mirror

"He's here…you need to hurry …" started Harry in a suddenly deadly calm voice.


"JUST, just get us help Sirius!" yelled Harry at the mirror.

"Stay alive Harry, please…" pleaded Sirius as the mirror returned to its original state.

The deatheaters paused in their attack and stepped back allowing their master entry.

"Voldemort!" hissed Harry, a thousand emotions crashing into him as he watched the snake like man approach the group, eyes glowing red light. Harry faintly noticed that fear was not first emotion anymore. Though it was still there it no longer as strong.

"Harry Potter, the wizarding world's sssaviour." Said Voldemort in his snake like accent.

"What do you now Tom. Besides your usual of me dead and the world on a silver platter." Stated Harry using an emotionless voice. Pushing his way to the front of his friends Harry watched for the dark lord's reaction.

"DO NOT ADDRESS ME SO!!!" Voldemort nearly shouted. He raised his wand then (surprising Harry) lowered it. He smirked. "This is becoming tedious Potter" he waved a hand around to indicate the combatants to Harry. "I am bored with waiting for something which is already mine! I have been patient but no more … (he smirks) today I claim that which is mine once and for all! Today Potter... we end this!"

Harry wasn't shocked or surprised in the least, actually he'd been expecting something like this to happen since Dumbledore's death, though maybe not such a long winded speech before hand...although Tom always did have a flair for the dramatic.

"You're right Tom," Harry watched Voldemort jaw clench and hands flex. "It's getting tiresome; all those hit and run attacks of yours truly are bothersome!" Before Harry could remove himself from his group snaked out and grabbed his wrist.

"Harry," hissed Ron. "Are you sane? (Harry quickly shot Ron a look) obviously not! Do you want us to do anything apart from survive…which, by the way, you need to do as well!"

"No just stick together. Wait until help arrives then get out of here. And keep Kara away from everyone, I don't want her running off." Said Harry seriously, but finishing in a whisper. Harry removed his wrist from Ron's grip and turned to fight Voldemort in a duel, this time he was ready!

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"Kill the others, Potter is MINE!!!" instructed Voldemort of his deatheaters, he watched them jump to obey.

Harry and Voldemort's duel left a wide path of destruction. Neither one of them realising the battle around them had long since been won by the order of phoenix. Sirius, Kara, Ginny, Ron and Hermione waited anxiously along with various other member of the order, for Harry and Voldemort to finish their duel. Each one of them praying silently for both Harry's safety and his victory.

"Arrgh…" Harry's high pitched scream resounded through the late afternoon air. All the people waiting abandoned any thoughts of their own safety and ran to the site of the duel. They arrived in time to see Harry lying face down on the ground, still grasping his wand. Voldemort approached Harry's unmoving body and kicking it, flipped him onto his back.

"I want to watch the life drain out of your eyes Potter…What do you think of that?" said Voldemort menacingly.

"For the last ten minutes all you've talked about is how you're going to kill me, how much you'll enjoy it. Well Tom I think you should just kill someone not just talk about it!" said Harry pointing his wand at Voldemort. "Goodbye Tom…"


A flash of green light sped from Harry's wand and collided with Voldemort's chest, robbing him of his life. Before Harry could feel grateful it was all over. Before he could even acknowledge his friends presences beside him. Something strange occurred.
Ginny, Ron, Hermione, Kara and Sirius had rushed over to Harry's side. Ginny had Harry's head in her lap, Hermione held his hand, Kara and Sirius were resting right hands on his chest while supporting each other's weight. Ron who was at a loss of what else he could do rested a hand on Harry's lower leg. Everyone was silent, not seeing the light pulsing around their bodies.

The other members of the order watched in silent horror as the group as the kneeling around Harry pulsed with light and slowly faded away.

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