Lily and James Potter were enjoying a weekend off at Hogsmeade with eleven year old daughter Rose.

"Mum, mum, are you ok? MUM!" Rose almost shouted at Lily.

"Oh I'm sorry Rose, guess I sort of …fazed out." Replied Lily, finally snapping back to reality.

"It's ok mum." Rose passed Lily her drink. "Here you should take a break more often. Both of you."

"We're fine sweety, really" said James looking at his daughter earnestly.

"No your not I can sense it, you miss them. You miss Harry and Kara. You wanted company so you got Prof. Dumbledore to give me the day off, to spend family time together." Said Rose sympathetically. "I never knew either of them, but I still understand! You don't have to constantly protect me. I can handle it."

"Well Rose, if you really feel you need to know…" James watched his daughter for a reaction while hugging Lily close, Rose just nodded her head determinedly. "Your mother and I have been having this feeling for couple of days now, and frankly it's a more than unsettling. So in an effort to calm our fears we decided to come visit. To see if you were still safe, with our own eyes."

"Ok, but you do realise there's no safer place than Hogwarts…Hagrid is always saying that!" said Rose in an attempt to cheer up her parents. Lily laughed lightly.

"We know honey, but nothing compares to seeing that you're safe with our own eyes."

"And with all the recent disappearances, we just needed to you were alright." Added James, his face assuming a grave expression.

"I have an idea, how about after we finish our drinks we visit Honeyduke's and get some special sweets for your friends." Said Lily smiling at her daughter.

Half an hour later Lily, James and Rose left Honeyduke's sweet shop. Rose held a fairly large bag which was bulging with sweets for all her friends. Lily had some chocolate frogs and James had some Bertie Botts every flavour beans.

"Yuck, dad how can you eat those?" asked Rose pulling a face, she stuck her tongue out in disgust at the candy.

"They're really nice actually. You just have to be careful." Replied James watching his daughter's reaction with amusement as he popped another on into his mouth. "Mmm…chocolate pudding!"

Rose rolled her eyes at her father's antics. Lily just laughed. The family slowly started to head back towards Hogwarts as it would be dark soon, and Rose had to be home in time for tea.

James, Lily and Rose were about half-way through the town when they noticed something was wrong. Suddenly it seemed as if the world had gone cold, the suns warm rays seemed to loose heat, and everything went pitch black. James stepped up in front of Lily and Rose hoping to be able to protect them. All three drew their wands unsure of what was happening and feeling a little vulnerable because of it. A sudden flare of bright blue/green light made Rose cry out, Lily gripped her in a tight hug trying to calm her. James grit his teeth and closed his eyes down to slits, minimizing the pain of the light flare, and the damage.

"Harry…Harry please wake up!" called a female voice

"Harry Please…come on…"another voice male this time

James signalled silently to Lily. They quietly moved forward towards the voices,

"I'm fine…Just damn tired!" growled another male voice.

"We all are…" The previous male voice replied

Sirius' eyelids were getting heavy. Harry and the others had long since fallen asleep or unconscious. Kara was leaning against his chest, though Sirius wasn't surprised at that she barely even trusted Harry anymore, he was the only one left she would talk too…it pained him that her own brother rejected her. He slowly laid down placing an arm across Harry's chest protectively and drawing Kara in tighter with the other hand. His eyelids grew heavier still and he decided to just let the darkness swallow him, everyone was safe now. The Order would clean up the scene. The fight was finally over!

James, Lily and Rose carefully rounded the corner. James sank to his knees in the dirt, Rose and Lily gasped at the site in front of them. Before them lay five students and a fully grown man. A man they knew very, very well. A man they had thought dead for seventeen years.

Sirius Black, a brother and best friend to James and godfather to their long past twins, lay right in front of them. He was unconscious, with one arm draped protectively over the boy beside him, his other arm was around the girl who was leaning on his chest, it was almost possessive in its style, and his hand clutched the shoulder of her robes and drew her to him, protective yet claiming. From what James and Lily could see there were five teenagers close to adulthood, and Sirius.

"James, what if it's a trick?" asked Lily quietly
"What if it's not?" James questioned back.
"People don't just come back from the dead James!"