Rouge walked up to him, as more than an hour had passed by, breaking the silence.
"Well I'm going to take a bath" she said finishing with a yawn. She continued walking towards the hallway, then turned back to shadow "Don't even think about looking" Rouge warned shadow, to tease him.
Shadow's stare followed her; he lay back relaxing, not replying just yet, though a smirk stretched across his face.
"I wouldn't dare to" shadow replied.

",,hmm well behave yourself" Rouge put her hands on her hips and turned around, walking down the hallway, and up the stairs. Rouge took a dark purple towel and entered her private bathroom. Rouge kneeled by the bathtub, and twisted the knob for hot water to come out, however, nothing came out. "You have got to be kidding me" Rouge said to herself. She then tried the knob for cold water, but it didn't work as well. Rouge stood up looking at the shower nozzle. "I guess it's a shower for me" Rouge said to herself.

Shadow's ear twitched, as he could hear the sound of the shower running. He listened intently.

Rouge, after stripping of her clothing, entered the shower, one step at a time. "That's weird, the shower works just fine" she said, getting closer to the nozzle, to feel the water's penetration against her skin. She closed her eyes. "Hmm these shower's aren't half bad" rouge thought, whom was more used to taking baths. She took another step forward, and suddenly the water stopped. Rouge stared blankly at the nozzle, "What in the.." She put her hands on her hips "Is that all?" She got close up to the nozzle, seeing no signs of water passing through. She turned the cold-water knob, and observed it had no effect on the shower. She tried again, nothing. Rouge looked close at the nozzle again, and poked it. Two drops of water dripped from the nozzle, and to the surface of the bathtub. "Hmm?" rouge said in reaction, getting closer. A rush of water burst out of the nozzle, a rush of cold, really cold, water, straight into rouge's face and the rest of her body. Rouge screamed loud enough for shadow to hear her from downstairs.

Shadow jumped off the couch. "Rouge!" he shouted, thinking she was in trouble. He quickly raced to the bathroom and slammed open the door, standing two feet into the bathroom.
Rouge stared at him wide eyed, jumping quickly behind the shower curtains. She paused in embarrassment. "Get out! Ever heard of knocking?!" she yelled.
Shadow turned around, not looking at her. "I thought something had happened. I heard your scream as a distress."

He walked out, closing the door. Rouge sighed, letting go of the curtains, noticing the shower's water temperature became just right.

"It's about time" she muttered, "The nerve of him" she thought.

Shadow leaned against the door and fell to his knees, overwhelmed by what he had seen. It gave him a weird sensation, but it felt good, and spread throughout his whole body. He twitched getting back to his feet, and walked into his bedroom, still twitching, slowly getting onto his bed, he laid down. He couldn't blink; he was just in shock from what he had seen.

"Wow.." shadow whispered in amazement, still mesmerized.


Rouge, passed by shadow's room, noticing he was just laying in bed, staring at nothing.
"Are you ok?" she asked.
Shadow didn't reply.
"Ya look a little out of it" rouge remarked
Shadow still didn't reply.
"You didn't see anything, right?" rouge asked.
"Wow..." Shadow whispered, not even noticing rouge.
"All you men are alike! You just want some action and then you ignore us, hmph" Rouge crossed her arms and looked to the side, pouting.
Shadow still kept his blank stare at the ceiling. Rouge walked up to him and poked his shoulder, annoyed from his ignorance.
"Hey Sha--" rouge got cut off by shadow yelping, jerking away and falling out of his bed, onto the floor.
"Lets just forget this ever happened" rouge said hovering directly over shadow.
Shadow nodded at rouge, still on the floor, twitching.