Author's Notes: I've been reading a lot of stories with the odd pairings of Tifa and someone else, and I haven't found one involving Tifa X Rufus. I've seen Tifa/Sephiroth, Tifa/Cloud, Tifa/Vincent, Tifa/Cid, Tifa/Reno, Tifa/Barret, Tifa/Yuffie and even Tifa/Aeris, but I've never read one that had Tifa and Rufus. How could you leave out Rufus, he's soooooo cute! So, I decided to make one. This takes place before Tifa meets Cloud again at the train station before the whole game started, so he will not be here...yet....maybe.... o_O Enjoy!

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Behind the Name.

Chapter 1: Cherry eyes.

"They're headed out the main tunnel!!" the guard shouted while another held a radio and read the spots in which the criminals were escaping.

One man looking over the platform, informed two others, "Block the exits to Sectors 2 and 3. I'm sure they're heading to the nearby glitch there." The two soldiers saluted and hastily left to their assigned positions. The man watched them leave and furrowed his brows, "You will not escape this time Avalanche. At least not all of you."

- Shinra HQ -

A well suited man stood over a wall-size window, and looked down to his reign. He gave a sigh and placed a hand on his stomach, "I don't know what to do with you anymore, Rufus... You have proved you are ready as you say you are, but something tells me this isn't enough."

Rufus gave an exasperated sigh, "But father, I have trained over 18 years! I watched you ever since I was 5, and learned from what you have done since then. How can't this be enough proof that I could do this?!"

"It's not the years of your training, but your understanding on how the system and the economy work. I do agree that you're training has prepared you for dictatorship and political life, but, you still must learn the demands of the people and what you must do to keep them beneath you." President Shinra walked to his chair and sat down. He crossed his fingers together and looked at his son with seriousness written in his eyes, "You do know what kind of rule I put this city into, right? How the poor ones are not cared for, only the rich? This is how you mend a poor society into a strong one, I don't know if you've learned all this in your training."

Rufus understood the way his father ruled, and he thought it was a very disgusting way to 'mend' the city, "Of course, father. How could I have missed it...."

President Shinra gave a small chuckle, "Trust me, Rufus, it isn't the best way to get respect and control, but it sure as hell works! Getting people to be frightened of you sometimes is better than getting them to be your friends. At least then, you can tell them to do anything you want, without worrying about what they think."

Rufus had started to walk to the door. He didn't want to talk anymore, since his father would not trust him still. He turned his head before stepping out the automatic doors, "And because of that tip, millions of rebels out there are planning to decapitate you, and the whole world is falling into corruption." He heard his father laugh at this comment, and he turned away from him. Before he could continue to step outside, one mercenary soldier blocked his way, out of breath.

"President Shinra... (huff-huff)... we've caught one of them!" he hastily said,

President Shinra immediately stood up from his desk, "What?! Which one?"

The soldier rested a hand on the wall, "A female, the brunette, sir!"

The president's face began to lighten, "Wonderful!! This causes for a celebration! Tell your ordering officer and his team to meet me in the Conference Room later tonight! Right now, I would like to know where this young lady might be at this time."

The young soldier saluted, "She's down the hall at the interrogation office, sir!"

"Great, tell them I'll be down there in a minute." he let the soldier disperse with his message and walked to the doors.

Rufus still stood there, not knowing who and what his father and the soldier was talking about. Breaking the silence he turned to his father beside him, "Who have they captured?"

President Shinra placed a hand on his son's shoulder and grinned, "One of them rebels who wish to decapitate me, one from Avalanche."

- Interrogation Office -

"Damn it, keep it at her head!" one of the guards ordered.

The man holding the gun, angrily looked at him, "You try holding it to her head this close!"

"God, you're such a wuss!!"

"I am not! Besides, her feet are free, you know what happened to Karl when he came near her!" a look of terror masked his face.

Both soldiers were suddenly surprised as the entrance door released air and opened.

The man without the gun quickly saluted, "President, and Mr. Rufus."

"At ease." Rufus said. He looked around the room and spotted the rebel sitting on a nearby chair. It is a woman. She wore a white, tank top shirt and a black, leather skirt. The skirt was rather short, but was a great combination with her legs and her slim body. He noticed a black pillow case type bag, covering her face and head and revealing only the bottom half of her long dark mahogany hair. A string of rough rope kept her hands tied behind her. Rufus frowned as he noticed dried blood around her wrists.

President Shinra was also inspecting the girl and turned to the soldier holding the gun, "What the hell's this? Are we some kidnapper out for ransom or something? She is a guest!"

The man with the gun stammered, "Well, you see sir...."

The president held up his hand to brush away the excuse, "Remove the bag!"

Both soldiers turned to each other, they obviously didn't want to get any closer to the girl.

Rufus sighed, and pushed the two soldiers aside. He walked up to the woman.

"Uh.. sir? I wouldn't want to get a step closer." one of the soldiers said.

Rufus ignored them and was soon beside the unmasked rebel. He bent down, admiring his closer view of her body, then reached for the top of the cloth. He began to pull slowly, revealing a tired but beautiful face. He backed out a bit, surprised at face before him.

-Tifa P.O.V. -

I heard the one guard say something to someone who obviously walking near me... but I don't know where he's at right now.

Suddenly I hear breathing!! He was right beside me, to my right!! What's he doing? He's probably looking at me... what a perv!!

Then I felt the black cloth around my face slide upwards... what the hell?! I try to talk, but the cloth tied around my mouth kept me from arguing to what was he about to do.

A burst of light entered my eyes, stinging them a bit. I squinted and looked around. I turned to the guy who had taken off my mask. He was staring at me kind of awkward...

Who the hell's this?

His blue eyes clung to mine eerily, and his soft pale face flushed a little pink in the cheeks.

Ignoring his weird reaction from me, I scanned the area around him finding two stupid guards and a bastard. I furrowed my eyebrows to the other man standing near the door.

So President Shinra did pay a visit. Wow! I feel so special....

To my luck, the bastard walked over, placed a finger underneath my chin and tilting it up so I was looking up to him.

If I had this stupid bandana off my mouth, I swear I'd bite him!

"Well, well, a little Avalanche rat has finally been captured. One down, three to go." he sneered to me.

Try saying that to me when my hands aren't tied! I'll kick your sorry ass, bastard!

Instead, I could only muffle out something which sounded like, "My checking at to me hen my plans aunt died! I'll kiss or pass, custard!!" It was a pretty lame verbal counter when my mouth was covered so tight.

Finally he removed his fingers from my touch, and turned away to leave. I was sort of surprised though... wasn't he going to punish me? Wasn't he going to tell the guards to put me through hell or something? He suddenly stopped and turned around.

Why did I have to jinx it?!!

He turned to the guy beside me, and so I also turned to him. He was still there, looking at me... it was starting to get on my nerves.


I turned to the president, then to the man he called Rufus. So this was the president's only son? I don't see any resemblance whatsoever.... I mean President Shinra looks like a prune with ugly moles all over his face, and this guy.... this guy's kinda cute.

Finally ending his long gaze at me, he turned to his father.


"Since you will becoming president in the near future, you could start handling the process we undergo with our prisoners. Maybe you'll learn something." then the bastard left.

The Rufus guy returned his gaze at me again, this time looking a little confused and unsure to what he's supposed to do now. I couldn't help but groan. To tell you the truth, I would be happier getting handled by 'professional torturers' than 'the president's brat'. At least the professionals wouldn't give me such a scary look.

- Back to original view with Rufus -

Now she's upset about something.

Rufus had only heard her tired groan seconds ago, before she looked downward to the floor. He frowned, still not sure how his father actually 'handles' prisoners. He looked at the two guards who were still in the back of the room cowering, and ordered them to come over.

The two guards followed the wall until they reached the side Rufus was on, and slowly made their way up to him.

"Do you have any idea what I'm supposed to do?" he asked them.

The two looked at each other, "Well..... President Shinra usually locks prisoners in the prisons. Then tortures them the next day."

Rufus deepened his frown, he didn't really want to do that.

Just then one of the guards bent down to his ear and sheepishly whispered, "On some occasions, President Shinra also brings the lady prisoners up to his room for special interrogation.... if you know what I mean?"

Rufus felt a little angry, So what?! Do you think I'm like my father?! But he knew he had no choice. If he kept her in prison, before he would wake up the next morning, she would already be tortured. He felt an odd attraction to the cherry eyed girl, and didn't wish to see her hurt.

He cleared his throat, "Alright then, send her to my room."

He was a bit guilty when the girl looked up at him in disbelief. He could see a hint of fright in her eyes. Sweat began to appear on her forehead, and orbs of tears slowly filled her eyes.

He turned away before he could have done something irrational, and walked to the door. He motioned the guards to take her. He was hearing her loud protests and the rustles of her feet as she tried to fight off the two guards.

As soon as the guards were close enough behind, he immediately started off to the elevator across the hall.

As all four entered the elevator, Rufus pressed the button to the top level. He looked over to the girl. She had given up on her attempt to break free, and was now standing quietly between the two soldiers. A look of hopelessness dawned her face. As he caught a glimpse of her eyes to him, he gave a meek smile. She simply returned the favor with a look of sadness and darted her eyes back to the floor.

Disturbed by the look in her eyes, Rufus also changed his gaze to the floor, If only she understood that I'm actually helping her....

Soon the elevator bell gave a ding, informing the people inside that they had reached their requested destination.

Stepping out, Rufus led the way to his room.

Next Chapter: "Chapter 2: Ocean Mist"

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