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Chapter One: Intriguing Duo

Armana and Kina aren't related, but are closer than sisters. Vampires had killed Armana's mother when she was four. Kina's mother and father had died when she was a baby, nearly twenty-two years ago. Armana's father, Ben, had been friends with Kina's parents and took in the baby to raise with his own daughter.

Ben was from a line of hunters that stretched back all the way to the Middle Ages. His wife had been a hunter as well, which inevitably meant that Armana had hunters' blood in her veins from both of her parents. Ben taught his girls the art of hunting from a young age, teaching them how dangerous fear is and how to feel no sympathy for the things they hunt. Knowing nothing else, Armana and Kina embraced their adventurous lifestyle. They never mixed well with a normal crowd and tended to keep to themselves.

When Kina turned eighteen, Ben allowed his girls to go off on their own. Both were over overly excited about being able to get out into a world of their own. To help them on their crisscrossing-the-country trip, Ben gave them a black cherry 1969 Dodge Charger. It was a coup, had tan interior and a black RT stripe on the back end. A 449 Big Block sat under the hood, ready to help Armana and Kina on their journey. They said goodbye to Ben, promising to visit every so often.

And now we get to the real start of the story. Armana is now twenty-five. She's a party animal, loves men, her car, hunting and of course, Kina. She has wild shoulder length dark hair, full lips, light brown eyes and a belly button ring. She loves to dress in little bits of whatever's acceptable in public, and her favorite type of hunts are one with bloody endings.

Kina is twenty-two, has dark blonde hair and blue eyes. She isn't as assertive as Armana, but don't let her quietness fool you. Sometimes the quiet ones are the ones you have to look out for. She loves hunts maybe even more than Armana, and is even more skilled with guns than Ben himself.

And now we find our two main characters sitting at the bar of a completely deserted old saloon. Armana was dressed in skintight capris, black stiletto heels, and a shirt that barely covered anything and shouldn't even be able to be called a shirt. Kina was dressed a little more conservatively in a cute little grey blouse, a flowy knee-length skirt and matching blue cork wedge heels.

The bartender was an old man named Fred, who had no front teeth and a comb over. The only thing he did when the girls came in was get them two beers before sitting back down to watch his night time soap opera on TV.

Armana sipped her beer, crossing and recrossing her legs every minute. She had hoping that she could find a guy to spend the night with, but things didn't look too good on that subject.

Kina quietly drummed her fingers on the scratched bar top, lost in her thoughts. Or actually, Fred's thought. See, a month or so ago, she'd found out that she could read other people's minds. She had no idea how, but she knew she could. Anyway, she was looking through old Fred's thoughts. His wife, Rosemary, had died six years earlier. They had been married since high school and had seven kids together. This bar had been in his family for quite some time and his second youngest son, Henry, worked there along with some close neighbors. She was shaken from Fred's mind as the small bell attached to the bar door clanged. Both Armana and Kina turned to look as two attractive men entered the dusty bar.

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