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Chapter Twenty: Bigger Than They Thought

"Take cover!" Bobby and Ellen yelled. They all hid behind tombstones as the Gate swung open, letting out a hoard of demons. They all went forward to shut the gate and with the help of all of them, it was shut rather quickly. But a few hundred demons had still gotten out.

"Mmm...good job," a voice said suddenly. They all turned to see the Yellow-Eyed demon standing there. He pinned Ellen, Bobby, Sam and Kina back against trees and tombstones and flung Dean at one. The fight went on between the oldest Winchester and demon until John Winchester's spirit showed up and pulled the demon from it's host body and allowed Dean to get the gun.

There was a blood chilling silence as Dean pulled back the hammer and let fire. The demon flickered to death and all of them fell to the ground, released from their holds. They all met by the demon's dead body: Armana holding onto Dean, Kina holding onto Sam and Bobby and Ellen standing close. They watched as John Winchester's spirit suddenly glowed bright and then disappeared.

"It's over?" Kina said in a small voice.

"It's over," Sam said, in a stronger voice than her. It was strange to believe that this had happened this fast. Could they really be over?

"But a hell of a lot more demons got out," Bobby reminded them. "There's a war coming boys and girls, I hope you're all ready." Then the oldest hunters left the younger ones.

The girls let go of the Winchesters and stood facing them. "What did you do?" Sam and Kina asked at the same time.

"I don't know what you're talking about," Dean and Armana replied.

"Jake he..." Kina started.

"Looked like he saw ghosts when he saw us," Sam continued. "And I saw Kina die."

"We made deals alright?" Armana hissed out, much to Dean's annoyment.

"What?" the youngest hunters whispered out.

"Why? How could you do that?" Kina whispered to Armana, who just pulled her into a hug.

"How long did you get?" Sam asked Dean.

"Does it really matter, Sam?"

"Dean...how long did you get?"

It took Dean a while to respond. "A year."

"A year?" Sam and Kina both exclaimed at the same time, learning of the fates of Dean and Armana.

"I couldn't live without you," they both replied quietly.

"But Bobby..he said a war was coming," Kina replied. "What happens now?"

"There'll still be a war," Dean replied.

"So let's get started," Armana finished, a smile on her face.

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