Be My Escape

By: Ceriadara

Kai Hiwatari is an eighteenth-century aristocrat shrouded in mystery. Rei Kon is a foreign, exotic slave who happens to be Kai's birthday present. Yuri Ivanov and Boris Kuznetsov are just troublemakes. KaRe, YuBo Yaoi
"I can't take it anymore!"

Redheaded Yuri Ivanov, third son of the Ivanov family, leaned against a magnificent marble pillar, watching his best friend's frenzied antics as he strode back and forth furiously, shouting at the top of his lungs. He sighed - and here he was, thinking that he was supposed to be the hot-headed one.

"I mean, I do everything exactly the way they demand it of me, and then - THEN, yes, there's MORE! - they have the nerve to say that I have thoughts of disloyalty to the family?!"

"He's at it again, hm?" asked a sultry, quiet voice from behind Yuri. Gentle, strong, warm arms wrapped almost tenderly around his slender waist, tugging the redhead away from the pillar and onto something just as firm and slightly softer. Yuri smiled slightly, reaching a hand up to play with a platinum bang.

"Isn't he always, Borya?"

"Hm," agreed the platinum-haired man, green eyes sparkling with faint amusement at his friend.

Yuri looked up as the last teen's frantic pacing slowed to a halt. The slender frame crumpled to the floor.

"What the hell do I need to do to make them happy?"

Yuri gently removed himself from the taller boy's arms and made his way over to his friend, where he sat down and took the other's head into his lap, stroking his hair gently.

"Give up all self-will and independant thought," he suggested teasingly, tugging on the dual-toned tips. A lazy hand came up to lap at him half-heartedly.

"Idiot," he huffed. Yuri laughed.

"You're the idiot," he said, poking his cheek, "idiot."

"Yu-uri-i..." he whined, wine-colored eyes turning up to glare into icy blue ones.

"Ka-ai-i..." Yuri replied. Kai sighed.

"I know I should hate them..."


"But I can't because they're my family."

"So they say," Boris inserted, strolling languidly over to stand next to his two friends. "Personally? I think you're illegitimate."

Kai swatted at his friend's legs while Yuri laughed. "Be nice, Borya," he said, wagging a finger at the tall man, who merely laughed.

"Yes, Mama."

Kai sighed, pushing himself up into a standing position. He stretched back, moaning. "Grandfather wanted to see me privately for something."

"I'm sorry, but your grandfather is the weirdest person in your family."

"And you've got a damn strange family."

"Shut up," Kai said, choking back a smile.

"Well, go get dressed nicely now. Wouldn't do for the young Lord Hiwatari to be late."

Taking one last playful swing at his friends, Kai turned and made his way up the marble staircase.

"I worry about him," Yuri sighed as soon as he was out of earshot. "He needs someone in his life...not like us, someone who he can..."

"Someone who he can love?" Boris suggested, draping his arms over Yuri's more slender, smaller frame.

"Yes," Yuri agreed, smiling slightly. He turned his face up expectantly, and Boris did not disappoint, devouring the redhead's lips with his own.

Someone he can love.

Lord Voltaire Hiwatari was sitting behind his impressively intimidating oak-wood desk, watching the roaring fire in the hearth, when the large door to his study creaked slowly open. Without turning in his high-backed armchair, he extended a hand in the general direction of another chair closer to the fire. "Please, have a seat."

"Thank you, Grandfather."

The head of the family watched the youngest heir walk to the indicated chair and sit down. Lord Hiwatari ran an eye over every aspect of the boy - his rimrod-straight posture, his confident bearing, his respectful yet commanding eyes, his well-groomed appearence. He nodded, apparently pleased with what he saw.

"I understand it that your birthday celebrations were held last week?"

"Yes, Grandfather."

His answers were concise and brief; as they should be when answering to a person of higher status. Voltaire inwardly smiled - his grandson was well on his way to great things.

"The festivities were...acceptable?"

"They were excellent, Grandfather."

"Very well. I find, however, that I have neglected to give you a gift."

Kai said nothing.

"However, to make up for the unseemly delay, I have imported something of great expense that will be yours to keep, should you want it."

Kai raised an eyebrow.

"I trust that you will take excellent care of it," Voltaire said, reaching over and pulling lightly on a golden tassle. The large study door creaked open again and two guards, bearing the phoenix crest of the Hiwatari family, entered, bearing between them a slender robed figure. Kai raised another eyebrow.

Voltaire caught this gesture and smiled. "Kai, this is your present. It is entirely dedicated to you and you alone - your first personal servant, imported directly from a small village somewhere in China. We've made sure to teach it all the Russian that it will need to know here. Do what you will with it."

"Yes...Grandfather," Kai said, staring intensely at the dark figure situated in between the two guards.

He had a strange forboding. This creature would bring something different. Just what, however, no one could predict.

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I dislike this story to the point of hate, and yet I write it. Am I the only one that sees the insanity in this? O-o I'm a strange child.

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