Pirates of the Caribbean:


BY Marlonian Hayes

Chapter 1: Slipped Away

Silver droplets panged against the foggy window. Dark, grey clouds had engulfed the entire town. Boats rocked back and forth on the high waves, their lines tugging at the wooden post that kept them in the harbor.

A small house lay three blocks from the shore, and it had a thatched roof and dark wooden walls. Two windows peered out the front; while there was one on the right side, and three in the back. To the left, another house pressed itself against it.

In one of the front windows, there appeared a small fist. Its fingers pressed against the glass, and began to make a spot for a young face to peer out of.

Two dark eyes, encircled by locks of black hair, stared out into the misty streets. A red cloth, obviously too large for the young boy, was wrapped around his head and tied in the back. A smile was upon his soft features, and a glint of wonder shone in his eyes.

The clear spot in the window grew bigger, as a larger, delicate hand smeared some of the fog away. Two arms wrapped themselves around the waist of the boy, and a head with flowing brown hair kissed him on the cheek. This was his mother. The youngster simply looked up and smiled.

His soft child voice spoke to the young woman. "Mother, do you think father will return today? He promised me, you know?" With a sigh, Angela pulled her son closer to her body. Her eyes were a deep green, and her cheeks a rosy red. Angela had high cheek bones, and thin eyebrows.

She stared at her boy, and then looked out into the town. "I don't know Jack. Maybe not today, for the weather is bad." She pulled back some of the brown locks, and kissed Jack on the forehead. The boy did not look up this time. His eyes concentrated on the shore, and looked out to sea.

With a sigh, Angela moved away from her child. She sat in a small rocker by the fire. Picking up a basket, she began to sew the pants that her son had ripped. This had become her way of passing the time. It had been two weeks since her husband had left for Port Royal. The day was cold, the sea calm, but her heart was restless. Early morning light came rushing in the windows and her face was warmed.

Suddenly the woman's eyes fluttered open. Something was not right. Quickly pulling on a simple dress, and a shawl, Angela rushed out of her room. Luckily, she was out in time to see the man begin to walk down the street and towards the harbor.

Forgetting shoes, forgetting her son, forgetting the rest of the world, she chased after him. His boots clanked against the hard stone in the streets, as her soft feet thudded. The brown tangles of her hair swung from side to side.

He was already on the plank that lead to the ship, when her feet hit sand. "James!" Angela screamed with all of her might. Seeming not to hear her, the man kept on walking across the plank. Again she screamed his name, fear and anger was plainly heard in the young woman's voice.

This time, James did stop. Turning around, his deep brown eyes stared at his wife. Now she had reached the end of the plank, and paused to look up at him, her breath was heavy and quick.

Sand skidded down from where she had stopped, and into the turning water. Before her was the man she loved, the father of her child. In a hurt and confused voice, she asked him, "What are you doing?"

James averted his gaze at first. A sigh came from the young man as his eyes gazed over the vast ocean scenery. Small waves tumbled and turned on shore, and before him was a golden plain of water as the sun rose into the sky. Again, the woman asked, only in a more threatening tone.

"What are you doing?"

The young man had hair much like his son's, brown locks creating a perfect frame around his face. Deep brown pools looked into those of his wife's own jade ones. His features were rough, and yet smooth at the same time. A small beard shadowed his chin, with a thin mustache above his lips. The man's nose came to a point, his chin was square, and his eyebrows neatly streamed above his head. With broad shoulders, the man was nearly 6' 3".

He was put under much pressure to answer, for Angela's gaze was fierce and dared him to say he was departing. Finally, James turned to the young woman, and his voice was gruff compared to her angelic one. "I'm sorry, I have to go," a British accent heavily clung to each word, "I cannot take this life anymore."

"But you have good life!" Angela's eyes turned from anger to a pleading stare. Unshed tears brimmed behind her eyes, and she took a step closer to him, and found her feet touching wood. "Why leave? You live in a small town, surrounded by people who love you. Every night after a day's worth of work, you come home to good family, and a son who loves you more than anything! Not only that, but at least you can say you own your own house. Now, what is wrong with living peacefully?"

"Everything!" James dropped his pack onto the plank and walked quickly up to the woman. Taking her by the shoulders, he spoke in a soft voice now. "Everything is wrong about it. Can you not see, I want excitement. Life is too short to spend it making horseshoes and plows!"

"What about us!" Now the tears came willingly, and streamed down her cheeks to make small dots on the sand.

Taking the crying woman into a tight embrace, the man spoke soft words into her ear. "There will be no us if I stay here. I have to go-"

"If not for me, stay for Jack." The last words came out of her trembling mouth as an almost sob. That was the reason she had chased after him, for her son. He needed a father, and a friend. With James gone, that meant she would have to work all day and not be there for her son. Sure, there were other boys in the town, but none of them understood Jack. A small smile came to her face as remembered how the boys always played Pirates and Officers. Jack was always the first to volunteer to be a Pirate. In fact, he had asked her to call him Captain Jack Sparrow in front of the other children.

"What about Jack?" James' voice snapped Angela back from her reminiscing. The question he had presented confused the woman, and before she could answer, he spoke. "He has you, that is what he needs. Besides, I'm no good as a father. No, Jack does not need me, but you do."

Now anger boiled inside the woman. 'How can he just leave his own son behind?! That- that… Oh, I can't even think it is so horrible!' "You think I am asking you to stay for me?! Oh! Oh! I cannot believe I ever married such a man. Do you care nothing for that small boy at home? He looks up to you. Today is his seventh birthday; how do you think he will feel each year after this to know that his father left on this day? Do you ever think of anyone beside yourself! Maybe it is best if you go. Leave, I never want to see you again." She spat the last words, and her brow furrowed at the man. Rage and untamed anger flashed behind her eyes. It was all the woman could do to keep from striking the man.

'What the Hell,' SLAP! With that last gesture, Angela lifted her feet and raced off down the streets, leaving a confused man, holding his cheek as it turned bright red.

As the young woman ran back to her home, tears came even more, followed by sobs. Pausing for a moment in the street, she held her head in her hands, and fell to her knees crying. Someone ran past her and around the corner, but she did not see them, nor did she care. Right now, she was too engulfed in the grief and guilt about the leaving of her husband. Then the rain started, droplets falling onto her, soaking her already cold body.

They pattered against roofs, and made puddles on the ground. Horses raced by and carriage wheels sprayed water. Now, little tears would fall for the lost man. Her heart still ached, and the only thing that brought joy into her heart, was the small boy sitting before the window.


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