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"And after the spanking, the oral sex!" "Well, I guess I could stay a bit longer…"

And thus, the Tale of Sir Galahad came to an end. Lancelot rescued Galahad. But how in the world did Lancelot find out about Galahad's predicament? And what if he hadn't? I have decided to show you my theory (s).

Lancelot took off, and Concorde (is that how it's spelled?) found himself alone. It was a long trip to Swamp Castle, and it started to rain. Concorde was beginning to die of boredom, until a man appeared! Not just any man but Sir Galahad! "Hello Galahad!" "Hello Concorde! What's with the arrow through your chest?" "Nothing, really." "Oh, okay. Hey, a swallow! It appears to be carrying a coconut!" "Must be an African swallow." "Nah, it looks more like a European swallow." "Well that can't be very well possible now can it, Galahad?" "Why don't you ask Sir Bedevere?" "I've got a CENSORED arrow through my chest, CENSORED!"


"What was that?" "Must've been the author." "Where'd that swallow go, anyway?" "It went towards that castle over there." "In that case, I'm off to follow it! Wish me luck, Concorde!" And with that, Galahad left for the mysterious castle. "Wait, what did you say?" I didn't say anything, Concorde. "Yes you did! You mentioned… a mysterious… castle… gasp HE'S HEADED FOR CASTLE ANTHRAX!" By this time, Galahad had reached the castle, the rain had cleared up, and Lancelot had returned from rescuing Prince Herbert. "What did you say, Concorde?" "Galahad has entered Castle Anthrax!" "Good Lord! He'll never make it out alive"-DUN DUN DUN-"or at least make it out and have remained a virgin! I'm off to rescue him! Wait here!" "Not again…"

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