I'm a lemming. You know, a pink creature with green hair, wearing a blue cloth. Yes, that's what I am. And I follow the cursor, who is our lemmings' God. We have to follow it no matter what. We do what the cursor makes us do. That is everything in our lives.

Or so it may seem.

Most of the lemmings do not have any life to begin with. They just follow the cursor blindly and don't think about anything else. But I have something else beside the cursor. I have her.

I walk after her all the time. I see how her beautiful green hair flows in the wind. Oh, what a stunning view! This sure is love!

We are in the middle of the line of lemmings so we hardly have to do anything else besides walking. But that's perfectly okay with me. We are hardly ever in any danger either, though a couple of times she has had to do different things. Once she had to dig a tunnel for us. I was so proud of her! She looked gorgeous as she worked and after she was done she just continued walking as if nothing happened. She sure is strong!

And once we both had to jump down the cliff with parachutes. Really, it was amazing! I flew with her all the way down to the ground and we survived it despite the considerable height. That had to have been the most exciting thing in my life so far. And I got to share that moment with her.


I haven't told her of my feelings. I have never had the time for that, although I have nothing but time in my life. We just never have the time to stop walking to have a talk. We have to follow the orders of the cursor. We can't stop and rest. We have to reach the goal. However, maybe one day we will reach it and then we can stop the walking and I can talk to her. Then I will confess my feelings. I just hope they will be reciprocated, that would make me the happiest lemming in the world.

Huh? What's going on?

Are… are those numbers above her head? Numbers! Numbers are bad!


No, cursor, please stop it!


I don't want to lose her!


I haven't told her that I love her!


Why must she die?! There doesn't seem to be any reason for it! Please, no!



And she exploded right in front of my eyes. The love of my life just went and died! It was all the cursors fault! It made her explode without any reason!

Curse you cursor!


Please, just make me explode too! My life doesn't have any meaning any more now that she's gone! Please, make me explode! Show some mercy!



But the cursor showed no mercy and so that poor little lemming kept on living all the way until the end of the game. Alone and miserable, unable to do anything about it. Never seeing her again.

Such was the life of a lemming under the control of the cursor.