Ojamjo Doremi Motto-Evil Pop?
This is my own plot for the sesion Motto dont steal


A young seven year old skipped to the Sweet House Maho Doh.She had short red hair and pink eyes.Her name? it was Pop Harukaze.Pop wore a puffy blue shirt and pink skirt.Pop was a Ojamajo,or a witch apprentance.Around pops sholders was a small pack.Inside was her magical tappu.On the side of her back pack was a red orb,inside was a small farie named FaFa."Konichiwa!"Pop said walking in "Konichiwa!"the Ojmajos greeted.There were six Ojamjaos Doremi,Hazuki,Aiko,Onpu,Momoko,and Paru(NOTE:Paru is my friend Fushis made up DONT STEAL! ) Just then a young eleven year old girl walked into the Maho Doh.She had long red hair and wore a light red shirt and jeans.Her name? it was Moonie (Moonie is the name of my friend Moonies made up Ojamajo DONT STEAL! ) "Konichiwa"Moonie said looking down at Pop."Konichiwa"Pop said.Moonie was a ojamajo herself but she didnt work at the Maho Doh,but she did work at a black magic shop."May I see you outside??"Moonie asked.Pop nodded as the two walked outside."Pop,I want you to have this."Moonie said handing Pop a black bell."Ummm...okay,but how do you know my name?"Pop asked."I just do"Moonie said with a sweetdrop."Now hand me the bell and I will break the seal"Moonie said.Pop handed Moonie the bell.Then Moonie broke the seal from the bell."By this spell I shall turn you evil till the brake of this bell! now turn Pop EVIL!!"Moonie yelled.A black fog surroned Pop as she trasformed into a dark Ojamajo.Her Carnaval uniform was all black." W-What am I!?"Pop asked shocked.But it was too late Moonie had leftl."Nani? were did she go??"Pop asked herself.She pressed some buttons on her tappu and her broom appered.Pop hopped on her broom as she followed Moonie.Pop finnaly reatched to were Moonie was.Pop landed infront of the black magic shop."K-Konichiwa??"Pop asked looking around."WHAT!?"Moonie asked tossing her papers in the air."A-Am I a dark Ojmajao??"Pop asked."Hai"Moonie said,"You can also turn other people evil but PLEASE DONT TURN ME EVIL!!!"Moonie pleeded."umm...I wont"Pop said with a confused look.Pop turned around and flew back to the Maho Doh."I cant belive it...Im now evil..."Pop said to herself landing.